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    Whose Meme is it Anyway?

    What the f***ity f***ing f*** is this.
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    Think how good the physical theming could be if the money squandered on virtual reality was spent on actual reality instead. Could have turned it into something truly spectacular. With the insurmountable impracticalities of VR being slapped over an existing attraction like this the result was bloody obvious and called out as such by anyone with any clue before it even opened. What a huge waste of money at a park already being strangled by lack of funding.
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    Happy 25th to the UK's most well loved and admired rollercoaster. To think on this day in 1994 a coaster that would come to define a generation of fans was opening for the first time. And in all this time, for me at least, nothing built since can match this iconic ride.
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    Feedback of the Forums

    Stop moaning.
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    Of course they should get preferential treatment though, surely? I'd be naturally livid if I'd booked a ticket for a day and paid for that specific day, to be turned away because people who could visit any day of the year decided to rock up that day. If the AP holders are so determined to visit that day they should book with the tiny fee, and this is coming from an AP holder.
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