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  1. You guys got to be a bit more realistic. In hard economic times is Merlin really gonna wanna spend a load of money on repainting an attraction or are they going to be thinking they'll put that money towards a new attraction. A new attraction brings visitors / returning custom. Repainting won't have a fifth of the effect and it may need doing for cosmetic reasons but as an engineer myself if the track NEEDED to be repainted / cleaned for operational / serviceability reasons then then it would have.
  2. Martin


    I'm still in the Royal Air Force as a Mechanical Engineer! Good luck with your job searching though guys
  3. Hey guys,Nice to see how the forums are progressing and looking great since when I joined TPM 6 years ago! I hope Everyone is good and drop me a message if you fancy any trips later in the year (directed at the old timers on tpm) Love Martin x
  4. Martin


    I haven't been on here for 7 months! I miss u all! (older members) The RAF has taken me from you all and plonked me up north about 45 mins from Alton Towers as apose to being 20 mins from Thorpe where my House is! How are you all doing?! I dont get to come on here often so I wanna see how you're all doing xxx
  5. Martin


    Haha, well u cant get these anywhere. I got these ordered myself from china 100% Silicone.If u want one I got 3 left. Dont worry Andrew I found a 4th one. so I've put you'rs aside xD
  6. Martin


    Hey guys, just found these in my drawer! I sold them at my school 2 years ago for £6 each hahaI got 3 left. £4 each incl. p&p if anyone wants one?
  7. Martin


    It's taken me 16 months of tests to get it, and I still have my final interview next friday its pretty hard. I'm gonan miss u guys
  8. Martin


    Hi Guys, I'd just lioke to say I've had a great time on TPM since I joined back in 2006, even though I hevent been active very much over the last 8 months I've been very busy with my RAF applications.I'm pleased to say I'll be joining the Royal Air Force on the 17th February to train as an Fighter Jet Engineer.I will miss you all very much and will come on here when I'm allowed home and keep u posted of my progress Lav ya!
  9. I've ridden Saw 63 times now
  10. Martin


    Weekly Visitor + Ultimate Fastrack = Muppet
  11. Ive heard the 2 for 1 yorkies offer is gonna be on all season :/
  12. Thorpe had a medium sized ferris wheel before it was removed to build Rush. Highly doubt a second one will be brought in.
  13. Thats enough. Back on topic please.
  14. Martin

    Logger's Leap

    If you follow the rules like no standing up you will be fine. Obviously if you muck around and start standing up and getting out of your seat then theres a chance you might hurt yourself. Same for Rumba Rapids you could freely jump out if you wanted but if you follow instructions you wont. A bit of a silly post to be honest.Its not possible for the boat to fall back down as there are ratchets all the was up the hill which spring back when the boat passes through it so if the lift was to stop it would be completely safe. Thats what the clicking noise is when you travel up the lift. It's the same principal for Rollercoaster lift hills.EDIT: Paul and James beat me to it
  15. This may be a good question to ask THORPE PARK in the ask THORPE PARK thread.
  16. I didn't ignore you're post. Its only two members of staff, guests being spoken to rudely when they didn't say or do anything. I can understand if you get moaning guests but these guests were just being normal.I wont name names but then work on Saw, probably not helpful seen as staff seem to be all over the park now. Hmm Thrills East and West was so much easier, especially when trying to find staff.
  17. Fastrack is 100% profit for Thorpe they're not gonna stop selling it
  18. The main things Thorpe should be compllimented on is their staff (even though there are a couple of R&A staff who I have seen be plain rude to customers while batching) and their extreme rides. Trying to think of something else, but there's so much that needs sorting out in my opinion.
  19. Theres not anything else Thorpe can do. Apart from seriously improve ride availability.
  20. I didn't see any fastrack tickets. However there were loads of priority passes. The whole of the saw queue were given priority passes that were only valid for Saw. I beleive Stealth's queue were given priority passes earlier in the morning.
  21. Saw is brilliant, It is intense, people tend to say it's 'boring' after they've been on it 5 or 6 times, if you go by first rides, it's intense
  22. It was shown on the show a few days before the upload to youtube. I watched it
  23. Went on twice today and it seemed no different. =]
  24. I really agree. The warehouse is themed very well. But the plaza seems bare.
  25. I have to say the body looks much better now that it's lit up. The water seemed to actually get all riders now where as only the middle riders got a trickle on their hair, it seems to be more powerfull too.
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