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  1. MTDP

    I’d be intrigued to know if a new ride could be inclusive of a tracked or rollercoaster ride; as it converts to approximately 80ft (just over) - so if you reflect that; rollercoasters such as Spinball, Fury, everything at Paultons Park; looking further afield Mine Bender at Funspot (the launched woodie); even rides like Mystery Mine (85ft and I know eueofighter, just a height comparison) all fall under that 80ft marker... so actually; if this does cover rollercoasters and so forth; there is quite a lot they could do without saying too much... The only thing that based on that article would prevent it being ‘secretive’ for a ride is the ride stations / buildings / theming as that height envelope is 16ft for buildings... enough for a kiosk etc. but not much else, really.
  2. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    On preview night there was images of ‘fancy’ lights around Amity projecting onto KFC and things; as well as some around the DBGT neither of which seemed to be present on sunday night; with the one opposite KFC obviously collapsed down as if ready to be removed again. There just off the top of my head; potentially being fixed or whatever but seemed a shame as there was so much shown on press night and a defiant amount less on Sunday.
  3. SAW: Alive

    SAW Alive will be under a separate contract to the Lionsgate one that ran through Fright Nights. I would imagine it’s either contracted to match that of the ride, or is on a infinite licensing where they pay a set amount per annum to hold it. The way I view it is the day SA goes will be the day the boat is scrapped. Personally I don’t see this buzz for a refurb idea. Sure they could redo it and probably make it even more immersive but there’s no issues with the scenes as they’re all relevant and the acting is strong and on brand. Why fix something that isn’t broken; there’s plenty of other areas of the park which could have money and budget spent to redevelop and improve before I’d touch Alive.
  4. SAW: Alive

    I thought it was doing that on its own?
  5. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    So, having experienced them all; I stand by my point last night. I’ll try and do a quick and polite summary. Big Top 6/10 For me it has been better in the previous years. The whole set up of the maze for me just wasn’t working. You have a really strong start with the strobes; but it felt lacking of actors. Then you venture through into the mirror maze which; just; why. It doesn’t achieve anything (sorry) but when it was on the beach it worked. This is LITERALLY a mirror maze with an actor in clear view ahead. Likewise with the doors. I managed to experience 1 and 2. And aside from the Jack in the Box; again it felt like it was a lacklustre scene and IMO not worth removing other aspects from last year for. Equally the ‘clown wash’ didn’t have an actor in at all; which left quite a long stretch with no interaction. However; the energy the actors were proving was great. I just felt the maze set up doesn’t give them the playground of what it was last year. Platform 15 4/10 OK so I agree it’s improved a lot. The first walk with the audio and train effect really brought something good to the table; and the village was great. But I kind of don’t understand what’s going on? I don’t really understand why it’s relevant to trains either anymore now the conductor is gone, and yet, referenced in the walking script? And again I just find the end tunnel has no effect much like last year; and without the finale to make you run out the door for me the maze really finishes when you enter the tunnel. SAW: Alive 4/10 Ive come to accept I have a soft spot for SAW Alive. The experience is consistent; it’s always very on brand; and it does what it’s meant to do. To me it’s more of a visual experience as there once again doesn’t seem to be the jump scare, or touching aspects of the others; but I do feel it’s had weaker seasons. Was great to see pig masks and a lot of interaction across the group from all actors; with some even breaking people apart which I’ve not experience before in SAW.. but as above it’s not a maze that for me is designed to jump scare you it’s much more a beautiful visual, creepy experience. Sanctum 5/10 Okay so this again sits as second for me but simply a second from a lacklustre bunch IMO. I’ve not seen TWD so I’m not going to moan about the sets themselves; as I don’t know or understand how genuine they are to the shows. What I did find with it through two runs (day and night) was a lot of consistent; thought out; acting. This isn’t a jump scare maze. I’d call it a horror walkthrough; and it’s so common to find this kind of attraction filled with actors that grunt at people and click their tongues. Sanctum is much more. It’s contact-heavy; focussing hard on interaction; and they’ve really tried to make something out of (really) very little. It’s a short experience but the actors really do go for it. And it was nice to see actors interacting heavily in queue / safety speech / exit walkway with actors banging and clambering fences as you walked back down past the attraction. It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s not the scares I look for (same as SAW isn’t) but I’m throwing this one a gold star as it really is quite enjoyable as an experience IMO. And finally! The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare -rating at the end- So much like SAW and Sanctum, it’s not a jump scare maze. But for me; it just wasn’t really anything. The tactics and enthusiasm was there from the actors but it just, it didn’t phase me or anybody in my maze group I’m afraid (maze group as in, the whole group not who I was with). It’s not jump scares, but there’s also no hiding positions; or any real positions that seemed to be recreating anything? With SAW I can accept the “I’m in a trap” and Sanctum I can actually see a purpose for each character (ie cook; walker; being gorged on whilst lying on a car) but with this it just didn’t seem to have that? Again maybe I’m missing something as I’m not clued up on TWD; but yeah I just felt completely out of touch in it. Even now I’m still confused by what was supposed to be scary, and what was even going on if I’m honest (answers in a quote below, thanks). And for that reason it gets a 2/10 for me solely for its set design and actors actually seeming to be enthralled with their work; albeit if it wasn’t paying off. Didnt see any roamers; and seems a lot of the fancy lights from media preview have gone already. Someone else mentioned about Big Top audio; I only noticed it in the strobe maze after that, don’t recall hearing it so if it’s meant to be there I’m at a loss. There’s also no audio in the queue area around the maze? As a whole on park tbh I just didn’t get that Fright Nights feel like I used to; it didn’t seem to have the blaring Halloween tracks, or the theming aspects or anything like that which I’ve seen/noticed in recent years. And whilst I prefer the director to the ringleader, again I agree it doesn’t seem quite the right fit this year for me. For those who really like it this year, fantastic. We all have different views. For me it isn’t up there whatsoever; and I do put more or less all of it down to the way the mazes are built and the effects they’re going for.
  6. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    So I'm gonna be trying them out tomorrow so I guess then I can give a true opinion of them... One thing that I am finding so far this year, as I just don't care for spoilers etc. so I've seen pictures and videos and reviews; is they're all very very hit and miss. Generally it seems The Walking Dead isn't what anybody was hoping for with short mazes and low-scares (but, I guess a lot of budget may have gone into the theming? And seriously how scary can you make zombies nowadays they're such a done thing really. I mean is the TV show even scary? Moan moan, yep still huffy it's not AHS ok moving on). One thing I am hearing though is the acting aspect in Sanctum is really strong; despite the maze actually being a very simple scare zone (or walkthrough I guess). I'm trying to keep open-minded for my visit and runs; but I'm not holding much hope out. From what I've read, heard, and seen of Big Top I think I'm going to have preferred last years' experience - although I'll put my cards on the table and say I preferred last years interiors; with the first year's three tent set up as for me it felt more like a Circus with the three tents. I just think it's a great shame that these Walking Dead attractions are short and seemingly quite controlled in how they're scaring; and I equally think it's a shame that they fiddled with Big Top after it had such a highly-regarded year; when attractions like SAW which should be a bit of a limelight attraction this year with Jigsaw coming out next month is left to just 'exist'. Having said that; I didn't rate any last year but Big Top as the overall experiences were fairly tame; especially compared with Towers' (although I still begrudge paying for their attractions and still don't think they're worth the cost). And moreso now having done Horror in Texas (apparently its been redone since last year) at PortAventura the other week - now that to me was a clever maze. Great length, and great usage of actors... a LOT of actors, holy hell. And now I just don't think Thorpe's going to cut the grade. Too much focus has come onto 'IP mazes' over quality IMO. 2014 was my first visit. Studio 13 was my outright favourite maze. And then the Big Top has been since. IP mazes just don't cut it. AND to just finalise my rant; even an American Horror Story maze, probably, almost indefinitely, wouldn't have been fantastic.
  7. Colossus

    The latter. I'm sure there are people who've worked on it more recently than I have but aims to my memory were around 850-900pph and it often achieved 950-975pph.
  8. Fright Nights 2017

    We don't know the reasons behind that decision though to be fair. They've trademarked the name of one maze and not the other, for example; and for all we know there could have been a second IP or concept planned along with potentially even a scarezone which may have fallen through or been cut for this year. It does seem odd we were told scarezones etc. and then end up with two identical IP mazes. To be fair they could have just given it a complete new identity, and kept the concept. I never did Asylum as back then I refused to venture into mazes; and then when I did we had Studio 😭 I'm glad we have the strobe maze in Big Top but they could have/should have/could still revive a full strobe maze with a different identity.
  9. Fright Nights 2017

    Might wanna wipe your nose, there's something brown on it. You're never going to please everyone all the time. But on this one I agree with Benin; slapping an IP out there isn't always the best way when Towers etc. are doing perfectly fine and delivering higher quality mazes. Do I care it's an IP? No. Am I bothered it's The Walking Dead? No. It isn't MY thing, and like Benin said some zombies don't scream Fright Nights to me. There's a reason it's not a major thing for Universal anymore and small-parks like Moviepark have it. It's gonna pull in the crowds; and okay cool it's being considered a big Fright Nights awesome. Still feels like it's been overhyped and under delivered. Benin and Baron have hit it on the head.
  10. Fright Nights 2017

    Not disputing it should be a big year with such a large IP onboard; and I only hope that it paves the way for continual refresh and similar events moving forward (I.e. A large IP being involved) - it just isn't for me. But that's me! I'm sure if it was *ahem* American Horror Story the tables would turn; I'd be queuing from tomorrow morning and other people would be sighing. It doesn't. It seems unlikely they're going to announce anything further now; unless Thorpe have another IP up their sleeve that they think will have big impact and/or are waiting to tie it in with something (such as a new season starting) - but I very highly doubt it now. Although in my mind I am a little sceptical and I am wondering what is going behind Swarm and what is (if anything) going along Blair Witch as fencing I believe is being set up in both locations? I'm also a bit sceptic in the sense I'm wondering if something else did actually fall through as short notice hence having a trademarked TWD attraction, and a, outdoor scarezone.
  11. General Discussion

    Oh don't worry I'm not questioning S&S whatsoever. Rush, Slammer, Ice Blast, Cliffhanger... Christ I could go on with rides that just don't run as intended. I just think your comments towards Mark9's opinion were a little unthought; as to be honest, Fabbri kind of are awful.
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    I am with you on this sadly; I was really hoping for something else alongside TWD, and I feel that this has almost too much presence now to a degree that as I haven't seen it, or care for zombies etc. that I feel a little alienated as the other three just aren't really making me itch for Fright Nights. I'd like to believe this to be true; as I still feel REGARDLESS of what it was suggesting, the teaser images running up to today and the props image pointed at more than what's been announced. However a good friend who's in on the project who didn't discuss details; claims that it's fully announced (alas only The Walking Dead).
  13. General Discussion

    Quantum. Fabbri. Made so badly it's themig fell off. The end. Sorry but Fabbri are pretty crap. Granted Detonator is OK to ride but it's still a pretty poor design ride. The fact they had to uncover its motors to protect it from overheating says a lot about that; and the fact it leans slightly...
  14. Scarefest

    Completely understood. To follow that up it was tried in 2007 and 2008; Haunted Hollow Live. Which was pretty much dropped in favour of Duel: Live after its trial in 2008 (eventually becoming Skelvin's). I believe they also tried Hex: Live at one point (?) none of which really stuck. Which is a shame, as my first Scarefest was in 2010 and I really enjoyed Duel: Live/Skelvin's I understand that the current Freak Show Scare Zone didn't fit last year; but; I kind of loved it? I really like the new set-up they've got with the scarezones in that they're just there on the path. I just wish there was more personally!
  15. Pin Badges

    Isn't that in effect what they do with Pop Badges though, especially nowadays? I'm pretty sure the questionable adults on the pop swap pages whom hold thousands of them complained that staff wouldn't swap their personal badges from outside the resort / charity badges that they purchased. Plus even I recall how much of a painful experience it was and that was a few years ago. I remember having a parent hold up the entire operation of an AIR station because she refused to do a badge swap at the exit gate exclaiming that if I left her I'd walk away and she wouldn't get her swap. I also remember being shouted at for refusing pin swaps of pins like my Allstars badge at Thorpe and Merlin Way badges - which were earned and personal for me and in no way under a policy to be swapped. Whilst I'd love it to be like Disney; I just think it's got a long way to go before that happens, both on what the park supply to staff; and how parents adults people guests interact to get them.