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  1. I can’t comment; a lot of their reasoning on rejections amongst what I’ve heard have been that they’ve allegedly got a “high rate of returners” - which we all know isn’t the case. That said, I know Revolution for example is the same ride team as the last few years.
  2. I’m one of the few enthusiasts whom didn’t visit this weekend. I was debating the Sunday and decided not to after the Saturday reviews. As others have said the park is a total mess. Being from Blackpool, I’ve seen and heard legitimate people being turned down for work this year, even with theme park experience and having worked for the park previously; yet I also have a friend who finished around May last year who got phoned on Thursday asking if he’d like to work for them again as ‘they are short’. Allegedly certain rides (Skyforce for example) didn’t open simply due to lack of st
  3. Taken from TowersTimes Confirmation Dungeons will be/utilize the existing boat ride, and be merely five show scenes. I say this in comparison to say Blackpool Tower Dungeon which is a ten 'shows' format; or Warwick's '50 minute experience'. I rather expect this will be somewhat shorter; at maybe a thirty minute experience which would make an up-charge rather questionable in terms of value.
  4. I recon its quite easy to do as MattyMoo has said. The keys will be branded to the car; walk up and down and you'll find it. There's no indication still as to if the car was valuable etc so it could have been a bigger target. The bigger concern should be that bag rooms consistently lose wristbands and so forth, and such an occurrence is frequently happening (wrong belongings handed out). I kind of agree with the removal of bag rooms they're just not needed and I hope SAW, Stealth and Swarm follow suit to Towers as soon as a logical solution is found for SAW and Stealth.
  5. Agreed. Vulcan felt hit and miss with actor locations which was a shame but where there was actors it was very hands on. I had an actor grabbing onto my ankle, and kept ahold whilst I kept trying to walk forward. I still, have never had a run through Platform that makes me like it. Whereas on the other hand I still found SAW one of the strongest mazes of the night for the second time this year. At one point I turned around and saw that four actors from the first room, electric room and a pig mask had joined the conga line; and then they started trying to break the back of the group
  6. Don’t see all the hate for Vulcan. I quite enjoyed it. Felt like Moth hitting lämp the amount of walls I walked into. But genuinely, quite enjoyed it. Safety briefing: “If you find it becomes too much, remove your hood-“ Maze audio: “Keep moving, do not remove your hood!” Was a very fast moving story. ?
  7. Debatable. Am I still the only person on this forum who does not rate Icon at all? I have no problem with anyone who does I just feel like I’m missing something that everyone else sees? And I still can’t help the feeling that it’s all well-and-good praising them for Icon, but the park is still a bit of a shamble. The whole of FY4 now it’s been chopped to bits looks ridiculous and repulsive, especially when it’s your main route to a brand new ride. Operations are always hit and miss. Valhalla never seems to work, and Christ it went under a refurb a few years back to simplify its eff
  8. Still confused how Terror at Amity High can’t be a scarezone when it’s just actors even without theming; when Towers tan Freak Show and the one in Forbidden Valley - which was literally just people with chainsaws - and continue to advertise Ancestors and this new Galactica AIRways thing as attractions when they are, oh, just actors. I also see other people’s points this year was quantity driven. Don’t think they were as bad as some are saying but yes, even compared to Scarefest it lacks; and nothing is coming close to Big Top etc.
  9. We had a carnation of Negan at start of Living S**tmare too on the previews; albeit I did make comment that he looked more like Rylan (and thus, scarier - sorry!) For me I found SAW far out the strongest, and had the two best runs through SAW ever. I love the free flow of the maze now they’ve ditched the shoulder-holding, and I hope it stays this way. Platform just didn’t do anything for me as per, nor did LN; likewise it didn’t in summer. For both I just find the old school grunt and click approach doesn’t phase me. I second thoughts on Dead Creek and Blair
  10. As others have touched upon; there is no reference of TWD:DOD on the image, despite confirming it; and two more are covered up. The text saying about an outbreak in dockyard makes me think there could be roamers, and the biohazard is completely unknown as yet. However the marquee curtains have been drawn for a while now, and SWARM could cater a biohazard story alongside it. Aside from this, the image clearly is ‘Page 12’ in the corner which, seems random, and awkwardly suggestive of 12 attractions, as surely it’d have made more sense to call it ‘Page 10’ otherwise. As it stands tho
  11. I still find it completely, random, that Blair Witch could possibly return. I understand it’s looking likely; but with Timber Tug in its entrance, and the fact it’s a Lionsgate IP maze it doesn’t make logical sense. I was never a fan of the Lionsgate mazes. For me, BW I never had a good / exciting run; likewise with MBV; and Cabin, I just felt was a bizarre take on an awful film and it never particularly enthralled me. But then I was always an advocate for Big Top and Studio’s one year (never did Asylum / pre Studio days). In honesty, I don’t care for Platform either. So without BT
  12. I would also love to know who deemed the selling point of Icon as the UK’s first double launch when Blackpool’s own website highlights the Revolution as launching twice... * Credit to Ryan Nixon and his podcast for highlighting the Rev webpage for the clarification on that.
  13. It really doesn’t fly around. I love BPB. Grew up with it. Supported it from near and far and worked there over three departments. Icon for me is disappointing. It’s the UKs slowest launch coaster and feels it, and the two pops of airtime and one turn with force for me doesn’t make up for a meandering lacklustre ride with a station that reminds me of a Wetherspoons bathroom. Wild Mouse was as others have said a H&S nightmare. And if these murmurs are true about future Mack projects being booked in, I could easily see a Mack Dipper going into that and Trauma’s space. Whilst I very m
  14. For a Pleasure Beach enthusiast I’d expect you to be more factual. Parking traditionally has fluctuated as stated based on car park and time of season, amidst the five they actually own; North. Watson Rd (Bowladrome). Arena. South. And the rear car park behind Grand National. £15 to park is ridiculous especially in Blackpool when the Yeadon Way car parks are a short walk away and significantly cheaper. It’s always been my big hatred element of Pleasure Beach; they charge extortionate prices for the additional facilities, and so on, which puts a massive price tag on a day out - not
  15. TH0RPE PARK have also dropped this. Look closely.
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