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  1. SkySkream


    I thought you put that there Sidders, seeing as my profile was changed...
  2. SkySkream


    +1 For Nero only.
  3. Right....*Goes To Random Picture Thread.*
  4. SkySkream


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRm01IruyWA&feature=player_embedded#!I need to see this.Now.
  5. Wikipedia - "So far in the United Kingdom 2 people have been arrested for trolling"Right... So I can get arrested for this?
  6. Yup, tumblr just annoys me. All these "Meaningful" quotes and shiz.
  7. I have tumblr, but the pictures annoyed me.I log on for a few seconds, see one of those stupid quote pictures...And log off.
  8. I like the way you think...*Strokes Fake Beard*
  9. Nobody knows I'm on here, except my family of course but EVERYONE knows I'm a fanboy at A LOT of things but tbh, no one cares because when their with me, they don't really see me as one because well, I don't act like one but... MEH.Oh and as its rant... Chicken And Bacon Pasta Tastes Like Poop!
  10. No, I meant I don't have facebook so could somebody post them on here...
  11. SkySkream


    ^^^+1 for psychologeh.
  12. SkySkream

    Youtube Videos

    I love it how the white women sticks up for all them people in the end even though she's the same nationality as that racist bastard / druggy.Anyway I think its bad that its on the front page of youtube where little kids can view it, my brother was on it laughing because she swore...Right over his head...
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