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  1. SkySkream


    I thought you put that there Sidders, seeing as my profile was changed...
  2. SkySkream


    +1 For Nero only.
  3. Right....*Goes To Random Picture Thread.*
  4. SkySkream


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRm01IruyWA&feature=player_embedded#!I need to see this.Now.
  5. Wikipedia - "So far in the United Kingdom 2 people have been arrested for trolling"Right... So I can get arrested for this?
  6. I like the way you think...*Strokes Fake Beard*
  7. Nobody knows I'm on here, except my family of course but EVERYONE knows I'm a fanboy at A LOT of things but tbh, no one cares because when their with me, they don't really see me as one because well, I don't act like one but... MEH.Oh and as its rant... Chicken And Bacon Pasta Tastes Like Poop!
  8. No, I meant I don't have facebook so could somebody post them on here...
  9. SkySkream


    ^^^+1 for psychologeh.
  10. SkySkream

    Youtube Videos

    I love it how the white women sticks up for all them people in the end even though she's the same nationality as that racist bastard / druggy.Anyway I think its bad that its on the front page of youtube where little kids can view it, my brother was on it laughing because she swore...Right over his head...
  11. Its Rock Profile ;)Probably doesn't know what Rock Profile is.
  12. Could someone maybe post these videos on here, please?
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