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  1. That wasn't the trailer. There was behind the scenes footage from the trailer of green screens and actors in motion-capture suits,. I think it's going to be a fun experience, but the website that leaked the details stated that its going to have an age restriction. Pretty sure that Thorpe decided they were a family friendly destination not too long ago?
  2. The theming we originally saw in the plans was a disused Victorian warehouse, so there is hope we may not see that theme recycled.
  3. Plenty of family attractions have an element of violence, nothing graphic obviously, but in Jack The Ripper there is potential to craft a perilous journey of some sort. Let's say they have selected a (family) IP, maybe Doctor Who, with the Doctor on a mission to prevent the Ripper murders from taking place then it can work for families, especially if the Ripper happens to be an alien. You can plonk this character in any situation in any major event in history and there can be a pretty good story in that, it's what the makers of that drama do an awful lot. Not that Doctor Who is going to be
  4. Isn't the 'Turning Room' the spinning tunnel? Because we did not pass through anything else that spun.
  5. Well it was filmed in a studio but the sets resembled the theming in the Dungeon. One of the managers came out with his tablet when we were taking pictures of the exterior on Sunday, we were shown the advert and were asked to fill out a survey afterwards. I was with the owner of theme park guide and he has written a summary of the advert. http://www.themeparkguide.biz/news-page/19th-february-2013-exclusive-look-at-the-new-dungeons-advert
  6. Project RR - launching soon!

  7. ^ Thanks for the plug But they originated from this website. http://now-here-this.timeout.com/2013/02/19/in-pictures-london-dungeon/ It really is looking fantastic. After standing outside County Hall a couple of days ago, the dungeon does fit in so well with its new location. The atmosphere is great, the music was playing quite loud and resulted in a lot of interest from the crowds walking past. Having also seen the television advert, it was essentially an animation showing off the sets and characters. Extremis also appears at the end.
  8. Cedar Point have released the official animated POV...looks amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9fLbdwq8_k
  9. We spotted the Studios North van behind the swarm, so I can only assume they are creating a new theming feature as there is no room on that island for another ride.
  10. Voted excellent.The Swarm is the most beautiful coaster to open in the United Kingdom for a very long time, and what a ride she is!It is smooth, graceful, well themed and surprisingly forceful in parts. When all the effects are working it should be even better !:DThe ride's audio is great and I love the story! The island is quite immersive (although it could do with a bit more theming) and the station building is very well themed!Top class ride! Welcome back B&M!
  11. Glad to hear that John Murphy is the composer. His soundtracks for Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later are pretty good, they are very ambient tracks which is the sort of thing I've been expecting for Swarm.
  12. Hi all, haven't posted in here for a while/In order for Roller Coaster XTREME to truly stand out we will be focusing on theme park related media from now on which will include documentaries (short durations from five-ten minutes to begin with), podcasts, reviews, POV's, photography, general theme park videos, magazines and much more! We will stick by the projects we have been planning for a while which include the theme park education area and hopefully (I say this very often lol) that coaster comparison tool we've been wanting for so long, but we will be focusing mainly on the media side of t
  13. They have Hannukah lights.. Disney must be turning in his grave .Cute display though!
  14. Yeah true, was meant to be a jokey post really .In regards to the latest updates, I can't believe how gargantuan this thing looks even though it's only 27ft higher than SAW - The ride !
  15. Can you really judge two rides that haven't opened yet? It really doesn't look as though Dolly's wing coaster will be themed that well. I reckon Thorpe Park will come out on top with their wing coaster... but that's just my opinion .
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