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  1. Do people still find chainsaws scary? I feel they are a bit overused in these events and I’ve become a bit immune to it. Just wondering whether it still has the scare factor like it used to when the asylum was one of the only ones who used chainsaws
  2. I don’t think the Fanta thing was the original thing that was hidden behind the leaves. The logo looks different
  3. What time does the event actually start tonight
  4. Interestingly they have removed the fast track section from the website
  5. This is my 13th year going to fright nights and they have definitely ****ed it up for people this year. I’m not buying them I’ve decided. I always have before but it’s not worth the money. It works out at over £9 per maze
  6. Annoying this is Blair witch isn’t even included in any of them so even is I brought both packages I’ll still need to queue up to do them all
  7. Complete **** if you ask me. Blair witch isn’t included on any of the packages. Be good just to have one package for all mazes. This is gonna cost me £60 nearly pp last year ot was £30 for 5 mazes. Why couldn’t they just do £40 for 7 mazes. This is very disappointing
  8. I’m still concerned with the lack of fright night fast track packages ?
  9. Do you reckon we will get the last attraction reveal soon?
  10. I just had a heart sinking feeling. As there are so many mazes do you reckon the actors are going to be spread out too much or do you reckon Thorpe Park actually employed more actors to cover all spots. From what I can remember from last year it wasn’t greatly staffed with actors and that’s with half the mazes and attractions we have this year
  11. They are really cutting it to the wire this year with releasing the line up and fast track packages. What does everyone reckon the last thing will be to be revealed? Swarm island is untouched this year so maybe something there?
  12. I wish they would release the fast track packages already. When do you think these will be available ?
  13. I wonder when they will reveal those last 2 things on the line up thing?
  14. Maybe he covered up things are like restaurants or something. Just thinking about other stuff what it could be. Or the D that you can see might be just like walking dead the ride dead inside or something
  15. I want to know what’s still covered up in the picture by the leaves ?
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