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  1. It says new for 2016 though?? Plus it doesn't actually say that this mazes are returning in the description.
  2. Is there anything anywhere that actually says that big top, platform and saw are returning because the website has old information on ?
  3. I'm so excited for this year. Even more than usual. I have good feelings about 2017.
  4. Hello. I'm looking for little fright nights merchandise that people want to sell. Let me know if you guys have anything. I'm looking for all years, not clothing though x thanks
  5. Do you have a pic?
  6. Hello. I was wondering if anyone has any fright nights merchandise they want to sell I'm looking for all different things and from all years. Thank you
  7. I'm already so excited for this years event. Especially after seeing the spruce up the park has had since the new boss man has been employed. Fingers crossed for the best year yet. Found this little grid on Wikipedia to put it all in perspective, proud to say I have been in all of them. Yay ips I wouldn't mind seeing - resident evil, silent hill, a nightmare on elm street and Friday 13th
  8. The fright night page on website has been slightly updated. It doesn't mention lions gate or any of the old mazes and it says that 2017 the island is changing so maybe a new deal or something???
  9. If anyone is still wondering what the 2018 project at paultons is. See picture below. This was taken from the official peppa pig world website.
  10. Lol. I was tired. Hehe. Decent
  11. I found this years fright nights much better than a couple of previous ones. Though walking around in the crowds I just kept thinking to myself, this event needs to expand massively to meet the demand. For an event this big I think the park needs to invest in; 7 descent mazes 2 walk through scarezones live entertainment Ride reliability was an issue on my visit. Lots of rides broke down and also I was on nemesis and something dropped down and hit my face, it felt like I had been cut open so much pain it lasted more than 24 hours, I went to see a staff member immediately after but was told there was nothing they could do.
  12. Hello, strange question. Has anyone got the 2006 and 2007 fright night leaflet/map they wouldn't mind parting with as I seem to have misplaced mine and I'm devastated. Thanks
  13. about the roaming actors if you look closely on the map there are red footsteps going from the port base around the map up to nemesis and round by saw. And on the key it says that the footsteps are the route that the roaming actors are going to take
  14. Link below to a brand new scare event in Hampshire. It's the first year this event is happening and it would be good for all lovers of frights for Halloween to go along. Go to their Facebook page like the page and please go along if you can to support it. The link below gives more details on the event plus booking tickets. It's only £7.
  15. Was on park today and the grass area behind peppa pig world, next to meerkats was fenced off with two diggers inside the area. The trees in this area have been demolished. So I don't think it's something for next year but maybe 2018 as said on previous pages. Who knows the park may surprise us with a new ride or attraction next year. Sorry did did not get pictures, I'm going again in couple weeks before the Christmas event starts so will get some pics then