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  1. Didn’t quite know what thread to ask this in, but does anyone know if the chessington Christmas event is free for premium pass holders?
  2. After a revisit I can confirm that wastelands is now the best attraction at tulleys and is also probably one of the best all-time tulleys attractions. As much as it doesn’t scare me, chop shop was filled with actors which was great and made it a lot more enjoyable. Everything else was much the same. The event is really, REALLY strong this year
  3. It’s pi**ing down in Crawley right now! It won’t ruin the fun, just wear old shoes and be prepared to get wet
  4. A VERY clear top 3 for me this year which were all many tiers above the rest on my visit: 3 - The Cellar. As much as that strobe room doesn’t fit the maze (even more so now we have wastelands) the cellar was packed full of crazy actors who provided plenty of great scares throughout to compliment the beautifully themed maze. The cellar has been a top maze for years now and I still can’t see it going anytime soon as it is still consistently one of my favourites. 2 - wastelands. This maze was brilliant. Just brilliant. If there were a few more actors it would easily be the tulleys number 1, but even without a lot of them the maze still comes in at a very close 2nd. 1 - twisted. This was amazing this year, full of actors who all make an effort to interact with you and make you laugh and cry at the same time. At one point there were 5 actors in one room with us at the same time. Whilst it may not be the scariest, it is easily the most enjoyable experience at tulleys this year without a doubt. creepy cottage and the hayride are always good but I’ve never really rated them as highly as everyone else does (especially the hayride). The wreckoning is just a less-scary version of the colony imo and shouldn’t have been returned as I much prefer its predecessor. The worst maze by far this year was VIXI which really needs to be scrapped. Coven and chop shop are still both solid mazes but I feel they are starting to get very stale and could maybe do with rethemes or replacements in the coming few years.
  5. Short Review from Saturday: Creek freak was very short imo. Great acting and theming nonetheless, definitely better to get sent down the crawling tunnel first as you get a more isolated experience being in a smaller group. Great maze and definitely the best at this years FNs. Do or die was great but purely because I was alone from the first container. I only had one run thru and can see why some people weren’t rating it as groups were very large. living nightmare was decent like usual and shortens the other Qs blair was great and provided consistently effective jump scares. Not sure how it’ll cope on busier days though. Ummm... let’s not talk about platform this year.
  6. Anybody got the link to the live updates?
  7. Hopefully the new platform ending is actually scary. All 3 previous versions of the finale have been pretty boring imo.
  8. Anybody else have problems posting photos to the forums? I tried 3 times and every time I got chucked off the site. I have some I took of the farm today and wanted to share on here
  9. Anyone going to press night on Thursday gonna be doing live updates?
  10. Detonator is the best non-coaster ride in the UK
  11. Tuesday should see the final part of the ‘trailer’ (unless they decide to drag it out more), however the first 2 haven’t really given much away so I’m not getting my hopes up. I’d love to see it be a multi-route (cabin/sub-species) style maze as I reckon tulleys could execute one pretty well, but I really have no clue what’s in store.
  12. Experiment 10 was better. Big top (2017) was better. I’d even argue that Studio 13 was better. Asylum was a great maze but way too overhyped, just like cabin.
  13. New sign was up today for creek freak massacre. Picture came out terrible so not even gonna bother posting it but it looked pretty good. There was also lots of work going on with a few doors open allowing us to see inside. Silkstone was doing his best work so I’m sure we’ll be able to tune in to a ‘sick’ vid soon to ‘gas us up’ for it.
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