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  1. Jack

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Did anyone actually do the Fanta twisted circus?
  2. Jack

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I agree, Vulcan wasn’t too bad last night, we went through in a 4 and there was at least 3 actors, one of which followed us the entire way through. They really do utilise the touch scares, I was being grabbed everywhere, but I don’t really get the megaphone thing. I feel they could do something with an actor in the last little non hooded section too. I did Platform 3 times last night, two run throughs were just average platform runs, but one was awesome! There was no less than 10 actors in the tunnel and every single one of them touched us, threw us and split us up which was terrifying. Does Anybody else know about Wilson?😜
  3. Can anyone give a brief overview of how queues are looking tonight? Only 4 are showing up on the app for me and many people are saying they are completely off. Just intrigued to know so I can decide the order I do them in tomorrow.
  4. Well then families should read the website and see that fright night days are not recommended for under 13s
  5. Who’s doing live updates tonight?
  6. Probably another crappy VR experience! Where did you find this?
  7. James will you be doing the usual live updates tomorrow night? If so can you give us the link please
  8. I’m going Saturday the 13th if others are up to meet?
  9. Yes post them please, I didn’t go over to stealth today so I’m interested to see
  10. Just come off walking dead the ride and wow! I think I counted 8 actors just in the exit corridor. It must be in prep for FN as both the pre show and corridor leading up to the station were different too, but I won’t ruin it for y’all.
  11. Is anyone actually going on Saturday?
  12. Where exactly was this confirmed?
  13. When is the annual pass thing?
  14. Aha! My point was that It was great though, it also gives the actors a chance to get used to it in a less busy environment... but yeah I suppose you’re right
  15. I’m not quite sure why they took away the extra weekend in September that they did last year, it was so quiet on those 3 days