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  1. Does anybody know why winter’s tale is a paid event for premium pass holders? Or if I’m being stupid... how can I go about pre-booking free of charge.
  2. If he doesn’t get in on a full day ticket, all pass holders can get in from 2 o’clock onwards. He will just have to pre book.
  3. Considering they opened it for the last few days of last season I wouldn’t rule it out Until next year, but I must admit it isn’t looking hopeful. It had queues of up to 50/60 mins this summer which is absolutely crazy! Even though the cycle was a lot tamer this season, I really hope quantum is back up and running ASAP
  4. After doing it, I honestly can’t see a good reason why creek couldn’t have opened this year with some adjustments. Creepy caves has just as just smoke and much narrower corridors and still manages to be both safe and terrifying at the same time.
  5. This evening was truly horrible. It was almost as if everybody else on park was constantly on edge and allowing ‘them’ to do whatever the hell they wanted to make life easier. It was as if everybody was aware and subconsciously thinking the same things, but nobody said or did anything about it because they come in such large groups. it’s always the second Sunday... and I was a complete fool to think COVID would stop them. Queue jumping is the least of staff worries, I witnessed two fights tonight. One of which lead to a dad, who had been queuing for no less than 90 minutes f
  6. Did creepy caves twice today, it’s incredible. There’s around 10 actors in there and the maze is so compact that you’re constantly being terrorised by at least 2/3 of them. Without spoiling it the first scene is great, and if it was done without COVID being a thing could possibly be made into one of the scariest moments Merlin has ever created in a maze (think start of subspecies mixed with E10). The main portion of the maze is awesome, with great lighting, audio and multiple other effects throughout. It is such a loud maze. Actors use the theming and surroundings to their advanta
  7. Didn’t quite know what thread to ask this in, but does anyone know if the chessington Christmas event is free for premium pass holders?
  8. After a revisit I can confirm that wastelands is now the best attraction at tulleys and is also probably one of the best all-time tulleys attractions. As much as it doesn’t scare me, chop shop was filled with actors which was great and made it a lot more enjoyable. Everything else was much the same. The event is really, REALLY strong this year
  9. It’s pi**ing down in Crawley right now! It won’t ruin the fun, just wear old shoes and be prepared to get wet
  10. A VERY clear top 3 for me this year which were all many tiers above the rest on my visit: 3 - The Cellar. As much as that strobe room doesn’t fit the maze (even more so now we have wastelands) the cellar was packed full of crazy actors who provided plenty of great scares throughout to compliment the beautifully themed maze. The cellar has been a top maze for years now and I still can’t see it going anytime soon as it is still consistently one of my favourites. 2 - wastelands. This maze was brilliant. Just brilliant. If there were a few more actors it would easily be the
  11. Short Review from Saturday: Creek freak was very short imo. Great acting and theming nonetheless, definitely better to get sent down the crawling tunnel first as you get a more isolated experience being in a smaller group. Great maze and definitely the best at this years FNs. Do or die was great but purely because I was alone from the first container. I only had one run thru and can see why some people weren’t rating it as groups were very large. living nightmare was decent like usual and shortens the other Qs blair was great and provided consist
  12. Anybody got the link to the live updates?
  13. Hopefully the new platform ending is actually scary. All 3 previous versions of the finale have been pretty boring imo.
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