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  1. It’s sad that my most anticipated attraction for this year is the amity high scare zone
  2. I know they’re completely irrelevant, but the website now has scare ratings up. It looks as if Blair witch will be open before dusk as well this year which will be interesting.
  3. I’m actually a little disappointed they haven’t announced a more extreme version of TWDTR yet
  4. Watch a YouTube vid of the carnival of carnage at HHN, and then cry as you realise Thorpe will never produce anything remotely close to it
  5. I also just noticed how the amity high scare zone is described as ‘behind the old speedway’. Does this mean it will be in the sunken garden behind stealth? if so I’ll have to find a new quiet spot to eat my lunch!
  6. I’m just listening to what other people have suggested, it’s all just rumours and speculation. I’m definitely hoping it is a scare zone!
  7. I'm interested to see what they do with it too... I’m not quite sure how they pull off an entirely hooded maze when there’s tunnels, slides and big squeezes all in the I’m a celeb building. I also think it would be better without the hoods as they would have a decently themed maze and would be able to use things such as the solitary shower cubicle things to create some cool scares. As I said it’s all very interesting, and unless only part of it is in I’m a celeb I’m not quite sure how they’ll make it: 1. long enough, without the interaction from I’m a celeb actors you could walk through within 2-3 minutes And 2. Have a good finale, how will they make a frantic and safe finale when the only way out of the normal I’m a celeb building is via a slide.
  8. I also noticed this, maybe it was planned to be a scare zone but they decided a show would be easier to prepare last minute...
  9. I thought it was going to be a scare zone which I think would’ve worked really well, but I guess a show isn’t too bad if they manage to actually execute it well...
  10. Imagine the entire dome, inside and out, was turned into a huge circus tent ( I know it won’t as this is Thorpe we’re talking about but...) THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!
  11. Sounds to me as if do or die is just sanctum but now you actually go inside a container or two
  12. YOU CURSED IT!!! Lol
  13. Just got this email, scare zones confirmed!
  14. If there’s another new maze alongside Blair witch, it’ll probably just be a walk down the zombie hunt path with more actors and no guns