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  1. Fair play to Thorpe, it's literally a themed tent.
  2. Closest mazes I have done to this is Experiment 10 (not really) and Thirteen Seance. The first few minutes was just walking down a pitch black corridor towards a door. It was scarier than it sounds.
  3. It has a corkscrew and the new restraints, what more do you want? Is it an inline I don't even know it looks great.
  4. This happened 2 years ago: http://forum.maniahub.com/topic/8726-member-expectations-within-the-community/page-2?hl=female#entry160122
  5. It's not really that strange when you see the gender ratio at meets.
  6. Is this a normal sale for Six Flags? https://www.sixflags.com/newengland/store/season-passes $50 for a 15 month pass for all Six Flags parks. What.
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    If someone is freely telling you insider info, they lying or misinformed.
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    And now the face of the world's best dumbo knockoff is going to mock everyone until Doctor Who opens. I also find it weird the park still tell seasonals this stuff considering previous issues they have had.
  9. It's a far more interesting conversation than where MBV is being placed. 1. Experiment 10 2011 2. Se7en 2010 3. The Curse 2012
  10. How good /scary/funny is EP Halloween?
  11. Forgot to mention this earlier and it's very ~ambiguous~ but when I was at Scarefest last year I was sat on a table in Woodcutters next to Andrew Porter who has created Slasher and some other mazes. He was talking to Towers staff about their 2014 lineup. I didn't really catch much except him saying they were the best traditional mazes he'd been through. These 2 new mazes line up with his thoughts...
  12. Congrats you made the grass joke of 2015.
  13. The Sanctuary was great but I have my doubts about a blindfold maze. Can't be worse than The Passing I guess
  14. This is so anti capitalism that the tickets went on resale in the middle of a work day
  15. I could understand Dean's opinion until he said shooting dark rides are good.
  16. Extreme Benining. Mr Toad's Wild Ride
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