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  1. Emma.

    Thunder Looper

    Thunder Loper really did sound like a good ride. I really wish I had the chance to ride it.
  2. I went to the Sea life centre in chessie and I thought it was great. They even take a group photo when you walk in, I just came off rameses so in the picture I was soaked. but yeah it is really good, and it seems busy when I go.
  3. I love Vampire. everytime I go it's open.. Lucky Me!! I think the ride is a little bumpy though, it sometimes hurts my back.. but hey!
  4. I love Rameses Revenge soo much! My favourite ride at Chessington. I make sure get at least one go when I go there. I really do wish though that they put it on a better cycle all the time, it just makes it soo much more fun
  5. I agree with you ther T Wells is a lot better! they have a shopping centre Tonbridge has nothing. haha. I spend most my time in Twells. :P

  6. I love Dragon Falls, its one of them fun, wet rides when you have a great chance of getting a decent photo because you have had time to pose Lol. well me anyway I have soo many fridge magnets of me on Dragon Falls and in each one there is a different expression on my face.
  7. Hey! erm I actually go to Hillview.. not the best Lol. what school you go to? :)

  8. I love the sound of Colossus after the chain lift hill when its at the top. I also love the sound of Det. before it drops and the sounds of rush! It gets me in the mood to ride them
  9. Emma.

    Bad Injuries!

    Ok, I think my worst injury was when I was playing netball in primary school and as I went to catch the ball, I bent my middle finger back further than it should go. Not a very exciting story, I really dont get injured that often.. ok you just wait I'm gonna break a bone now saying that sorry for boring you lol, but I just thought I'd share it with ya.
  10. Emma.

    SAW - The Films

    For some reason I have watched 3 Saw films. but I hate them. it is just soo sick. SAW: The ride is going to be interesting for me, I'm not sure if I will go on it but I will just have to wait and see.
  11. My longest Que I have ever waited in was for Colossus for 2 and a half hours, this was a couple of years ago and it was my first time riding it. I was so scared and waiting that long gave me really bad butterflies, but the ride turned out to be great and I would Que that long to ride Colossus anyday
  12. Tom

    Welcome to TPM! You are the 600th Member :o GO YOU!! x

  13. I Love the Dodgems! I also think they are very funfair-ish, but hey! But the ride is way too short but when your in the Que waiting it always seems like the rides are really long. The music and Theming is great! I always make sure I get at least one go on them and that makes me happy.
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