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  1. hey can I be put as a maybe now please, as I'm going away with my boyfriends family one weekend and I'm not sure but it might be this one, will let you know sooner the time- so I'm a maybe thanks x
  2. If I'm not asked to work I'm defo there so I'm a maybe at the moment x
  3. Well to be honest mark- even if I didnt work on it I would still like the themeing as I think the themeing for Wild Asia is one of the best in the park.
  4. Themeing is pretty awesome as I must say so myself as I work on this ride
  5. loves working for Chessington! Diego! <3

  6. as keith said I'm also 99% sure I can come , I cant wait to go in saw alive
  7. Dont think I can go really short on cash. have fun though guys x
  8. Jezzerz


    myself and keith have an interview for Chessington & zoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Ohhhh Yeah ;)

    Love You Too Bubba ;) xx

  10. I wish I could go <_<Its my 3rd cousins wedding who ive never met and my mum only has just met them about a year ago, so I have no choice
  11. I wont be able to tell you if I can go by the end of the week I need to get the cash and my mums permission.
  12. Can you put me on the maybe list please? as I'm very interested
  13. Can you please put me as a no for both please? as I cant do either now <_<I have dance rehersals on the 5th and on the 6th I'm going to a wedding
  14. I'm really obsessed with Saw:The Ride <_<24 times this year, and thats alot for me
  15. okay babe :) talk on there! xxx

  16. I'm on more now than I used to be :)

    I'm good baby hows you? I love that joke u just sent me :P

    ily x

  17. well no suprise there lol
  18. Went on Detenator for the first time in 3years on the 18th october and loved it such a great ride!
  19. Sounds good!I might not be able to do the saturday 5th because I have dance rehersals for my show on the 19th ... but I can do the 6th
  20. I might do depends on how cold it is :(I wanna have atleast one go
  21. Jezzerz

    This Or That

    Jacuzzi :)Sex or money?
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