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  1. quote from themeparkmad profile

    Your signature, "Waiting time is 0 minutes" does that actually happen? Would be great luck to have such a big ride with no queue!

    There must be a designated time of the day/year for that to happen?

    it can happen ive seen it before and it has happend to me

  2. I think it dose have a future because it is such a popular ride with adults, teens and chilldren always has big queues
  3. OMG Vampire is out of chessington ride game



      its an amazing ride

    2. Ryan


      This is such a shame.

    3. Ryan


      oh wait, you're banned. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  4. Vampire is Epic, Dragons Fury is not


    Doctor Who

    Did anyone go to Doctor Who Live at Wembley Arena? I did it was epic four daleks on one stage which was awesome then to rapit up they had the supream dalek (white) floating it gave the impresion it was elevating which was a great wow moment in the show
  6. I'm not that sure that the lift hill is slower than what it used to be but this coaster is one of my favourite at chessington cant wait to ride it next season
  7. Thank you Benin and also shreak is also a diying brand so why are alton making a shreak 4D attraction becasue they have just done the final film
  8. Ok but they dont have many 1.4 rides like TP and alton Agreed fairgrounds are verry different to amusement parks

    Doctor Who

    I belive we will find out in the first episode of the next series which will be a two part storyalso the next series will be split into two parts with episode seven and eight being a two part story but there will be a breackat episode seven for the summer then it will return in september, my opinion on the elventh doctor is he is good but I dont thinkhe will be as good as David Tennant but he was always going to be a though act to follow
  10. Hub bot are you a member of the mania hub team or are you just a member



    turkey and roast potatoes tonight
  12. I think these rides are good and wood fit in well with chessie
  13. I mean white water west makes other versions of the type pleasefollow the link bellow to there websitehttp://www.whitewaterwest.com/spinning_rapids.htmlI was thinking of adding SK-61 or SK-60 not SK-75 which is storm surges class
  14. Agreed Vampire is amazing in the dark but its still amazing every time I ride it is the best coaster at chessington breath taking, outstanding at nightI love this ride


    today I had chicken burgurs and chips yum I have not had it for along time
  16. well I think with the next film comming out next year or the year after I dont think it is dying brand and chessington is a child low teen theme park not like Tp and when I ment a ride like storm surge I a meant a differnt type
  17. I mean a maze like saw but not a scare maze.
  18. The Ice Age land will have a twister type ride, a maze like saw but bassed around the ice age films and a water dingy ride like storm surge then the coaster in 2012The Ice Age land will be be in a new section of land in the park maybee in one of the grass car park areas close to wild asia then I will add a muli floor car park in the grass car park


    I did not know this topic existed too!I like a mix of food too
  20. here is my chessington ten year plan2011: Add an Ice Age themed land and a re vamp on the rattlesnake train cars2012: Add another ride to the Ice Age land but this time a rollercoaster called Frost Bite2013: Give Vampire some TLC in the closed season2014: Install a rapid type ride at the back of wild asia2015: Add new ride to mexicana where the rodeo pit is near runnaway train2016: Open the park fully for christmas2017: Expand on the zoo with more animals for the people who come for the animals2018: An extension to mystic east with another flat ride2019: A minature railway from vampire in transelvania to wild asia and mecicana2020: Install a mack twist and splash ride for pirates cove and start construction for new coaster for 20212021: A mack mega coaster opens on the big grass field near land of the dragons and pirates cove.
  21. I re pilied to your post on your thorpe park

  22. because stealth dose not go upside down and saw the contract with lionsgate runs out and I dont renew it so we have to removeall saw stuff from the park
  23. I have decided to put more years of running TP because I was bored and I did not do ten years so heres what I said in my first post2011: Storm Surge opens with another all year round horror maze called The Freezer but updated2012: New Mack Mega Coaster called olympica for the 2012 olympics and opens up the park for christmas coaster mayhem this event will carry on until 20212013: New Fright Night maze situated around stealth and submission type ride near Colossus and Saw Alive2014: Tidal wave gets a re- paint and canda creek also gets a re paint2015: Gives Colossus a re paint and puts a ramesis revenge type ride next to depth charge and flying fish2016: Adds new land with two new rollercoasters a B&M flying coaster like Manta and an Intamin LSM Launch Coaster: Blitz X:\ no way out gets removed for ultimate rollercoaster in 20172017: Adds two new coaster from S&S power coaster el loco and free fly in a new land and removes Rushextended section2018: Adds a new flat ride2019: Removes the Saw Island in september to make a new coaster where saw the ride was for 2020 then when the park shuts in october slammer will get removed for the new ride in 2021 2020: A backwords launch coaster proto-type Stealth gets remove for another launch coaster from mack launch coaster for 20222021: The final instalment is a Maurer Sohne s coaster non inverted loop and an X Train near Stealth
  24. Agreed it wood be better if they did have individual lap bars I think that wood make it more fun oh and change theseats to bucket seats they are more nice to sit on than the curent cars but if you did that it wood be amazing.
  25. its avalible in america I dont understand why though
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