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  1. Yes! Its almost as good as the flying fish ride although you do have to pay extra for the bus if you want to go round twice
  2. My Dad is CEO of The Smiler shop and managed to leak some exclusive new merch for the 2021 season. He also managed to tell me that they are adding on ride DVD's! This will be a thrilling addition to the ride imo and something I would really very much enjoy watching at home with a nice big cup of Tetley Tea (who sponser the tea cup ride at the Thorpe Park Resort in Stains accsed by the 446 bus from the train station) and a few caramel hobnobs.
  3. such a shame ive never owned one
  4. front row you dont have to queue for it on most days sometimes you can just ask in the station. its more thrilling with the wind in your face:)
  5. I thought id mention that I'm sure everyone knows that the DVD cameras had been taken away for some time when I went yesterday some of the cars had them screwed on. But not working. They might of always been there on the car I rode on but I'm not sure
  6. I wents to thorpe yesterday and videos were not working all day neither were ride photos. later on though only the right side camaras were working.
  7. I agree with not liking the intteruptions. I'm going tommorrow to check the DVDS out properly hopfully il buy one (if there working:/)
  8. Here is the video on you tube of the ride DVDs I don't own the video
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