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  1. You can buy as many as you need as far as I can remember, but each person will need a annual pass on the day. ?
  2. Well I’m going up Sunday so hopefully it will still be there then.
  3. Anyone on park today? Know what this is all about?
  4. No it was the standard one, I had another look and the prices range from £5, £10 & £15 on different days, I wonder if its the ones that are selling well? Yeah I agree scare zones would be a perfect addition, they don't have to be scary just immersive, kinda like how universal orlando do for HHN.
  5. Just been on to check if fasttracks were available and noticed it's now £10 for annual pass reservations, glad I got mine nice and early now.
  6. How busy is the park likely to be on Easter Sunday?
  7. Hmm that top secret location looks suspiciously like a certain upcharge attraction...
  8. Can someone pm me their experience, either this year or previous. I'm not doing it this year but would like to find out more about it.
  9. and the blue one still gets you 75p refills? if so, I'll just bring that one with me.
  10. Are the annual passholder refill cups still a thing? I've jst found my old one in the attic & I'm picking up my new annual pass on sunday so wondered if I would get a new cup or should I take my old one.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's and hour each side of the opening times ?
  12. Thanks, do you know if it's a wristband like the ride fastrack, basically there's 3 of going, I'll go on everything 1 will just do the rides & 1 will just do the mazes so will they be able to split the fastrack between them or should I get an ultimate one & then 1 ultimate ride & 1 maze.
  13. Hi, I'm going next sunday (16th) & was looking to get fastrack for both the rides and mazes, just seen that there is a new fastrack for £99 which is all mazes and rides, does anyone know if this is unlimited or timeslots? also would it be a wristband or tickets, I know the unlimited rides is a wristband but wasn't sure about the mazes?
  14. Got this email from Thorpe this morning, still nothing on their Twitter of Facebook though. View in browser. Thrillseeker, experience a world first: Derren Brown's Ghost Train is NOW OPEN! A one-of-a-kind experience like you have never seen before has arrived at THORPE PARK Resort. Re-invented for the 21st century, this ghost train will blow your mind! Book now from £27.99 Mind blowing attraction, created by the master of illusions, DERREN BROWN, himself Victorian train carriage, SUSPENDED 3m in the air
  15. For me personally I would've stayed away from spoilers if it opened in May as I was there the end of May, so could've stayed away. Now there's a very slight chance I might be able to go on Sunday other than that I'm not going to the park until fright nights, and it would be impossible for me to stay away from spoilers for that long [emoji85] It's not going to dampen my experience of the ride though as whenever I finally get to ride it it will still be my experience, I can read about the VR as much as I want but it's not the same as actually seeing it.
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