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  1. Apparently when AT tried 8pm closing in the summer years ago it wasn't that popular and most people still left at 6pm. I think the issue is that 6pm is dinner time and you have the option of leaving the park, then eating on the way home or at home if close enough. Or if the park is open later you need to pay to eat in the park and there needs to be an incentive to stay after dinner. At Scarefest there are rides in the dark and then at Fireworks weekend, there are fireworks in the evening (and rides in the dark) this keeps people in later. Look at Disney parks, they are still busy in the evenings because they offer fireworks every night meaning people eat dinner in the park and stick around. The only Disney park in Florida that doesn't currently have an evening show is Animal Kingdom and that normally closes 5pm - 7pm with many guests leaving before that time anyway. It would be amazing if Alton Towers invested in something that could keep people in the park later, but I don't see it happening, plus they would also have to improve table service dining in the park even more, Woddcutters and Towers St grill are good but not great. Although with the FoodLoop restaurant in Forbidden Valley coming soon, I think we might see this area of the park open later into the evening, especially as it already has access directly to the car parks.
  2. The new ThomasLand expansion at Drayton Manor might be beating both of those!
  3. Sounds like what they should have done is build two rooms (or more) for each task so multiple groups can go through at once.
  4. I've always thought that they only turn some of them on in the summer, as people don't want to go through a shower in March.
  5. I was sort of thinking this too, the staffing level is an issue, plus the ride is not as good without it being full of guests, so it is pointless running unless you have at least 20 in each batching. But if it is closed all morning it may mean guests are going to ride Nemesis & Air and not return to the area. Its a shame as it is the sort of highly themed direction AT should be heading in. They could run with slightly fewer staff possibly, bags, batching two on ride, one on exit, but I'm not sure on how many are needed for safety as well as good show. As others have said, the other issue is that it isn't great for repeat riding.
  6. They have been using the Fungle area for access into the arena for clearance to build the new dark ride.
  7. Although previous half terms they have had to close due to reaching capacity. I think they have done better this year to make sure people knew its a limited selection of rides.
  8. I've found the rules to be the same in all parks, 20% off everything that is full price. No discount on sale or otherwise reduced items. 10% on Lego. Just as it says here http://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/perks.aspx The only one I got really annoyed at was the kiosk in the Saw queue a few years ago. No discount as they didn't have a proper till. I know what you mean about the half term thing, but again it does list about a booking fee at special events at Thorpe Park.
  9. Seems weird that they have gone for outdoor style tables at an indoor restaurant
  10. The terms on the annual pass site seem quite simple to me. standard pass has restrictions on entry dates (mainly London in August & fright nights plus a few other dates), premium has free parking and no restrictions. The wording of standard and premium is less confusing that Disneyland California where the deluxe pass blacks out most Saturdays and the premium pass has no blackout dates (they also offer local resident passes with more blackouts) I agree there isn't enough with a 1.2m height restriction but Thorpe won't open any "kiddie" rides, they aren't aiming for that market at all. If you have kids under 1.1m tall then go to Legoland or Chessington. What Thorpe needs to add is family thrill attractions with a 1m to 1.4m height restriction, more of things like X, dodgems, teacups etc. The new dark ride for 2016 will help a lot too.
  11. I think if Chessington were to do something similar then I guess it would feature live animals, similar to the show in front of Hocus Pocus Hall. Something where they "dare" children to hold a spider or have a snake around their neck would be a lot of fun and would be a small cheap show to put on.
  12. Too thrilling for Chessington though? Chessington is aiming at under 12s, who shouldn't be watching a post-watershed show. Thorpe is aiming for over 12s, who although might not have watched the whole thing are at least a more suitable age group.
  13. I agree with this The new attraction sounds like it will be a show based around I'm a Celebrity. Looking at the videos here https://vine.co/u/1101927947234926592 First Vine charade - Snake Rock Second charade - Bush (sounds like push) Tucker Third charade - Celebrity Cyclone
  14. It's possible that Thorpe made an agreement with BBC Worldwide a year before Paramount made any agreements.
  15. Alton Towers had vitual queue on mobile phone about 10-12 years ago. It was big news on Midlands Today!
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