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    Because it's the latest fad, or next big thing and Merlin won't want to miss out, just like live action attractions were all the rage a couple of years ago, hopefully it's a fad that'll last about as long as 3DTV's did but you're right, the only rides it is any good on are the ones that are slow enough to allow you to appreciate the effects.
  2. I don't think Chessington management could make up their minds about themes, its like they tossed a coin to decide which area was which...
  3. Thanks, now just to work out when there are no train strikes, looks like Friday may be our best shot.
  4. Somebody tell her the best way to boil an egg is to stick it in your nicely cleaned microwave for 5 minutes.
  5. Thanks, considering going up Wednesday during the day to ride OL but don't want to be in a queue all afternoon with an impatient tit bending my ear (teenager in training).
  6. Just out of interest, how long was the queue for OL over the weekend? roughly?
  7. Page 3, bottom paragraph: https://altontowers.blob.core.windows.net/media/2494/2016-additional-needs-guide.pdf "Ride Access Passes are not automatically offered to guests who have a hearing or visual impairment unless they are in receipt of the higher rate DLA, enhanced PIP or they have a letter from their consultant." Simply rocking up with a white stick will not get you the pass, you have to take your DLA Awards letter (assuming you get higher rate), or a letter from your consultant. I have seen this enforced as well, and I've also seen a staff member take the common sense approach and issue a RAP without evidence (because the person was quiet clearly disabled), as I said, don't assume, perhaps this was the same mistake this family made. Similarly producing a blue badge at the entrance will get one person in free (a helper) at Merlin Parks, I say Merlin Parks because the policy is different at others, at BPB and Paultons the helper has to pay (or had to pay, may change now), but you must produce the Blue Badge, they will not let a helper in free without it, you can blame the kid who rocked up at Thorpe Park with crutches pretending to be disabled so he got free fast track and then bragging about it on twitter for this policy. Thorpe used to say something similar "no automatic entitlement for blind, death or wheelchair bound" but they've taken that particular line off their site now and it's similar to Alton, whichever way you look at it, you still need to take the documentation along to prove it, they won't simply accept your word for it now, there are also two different requirements for qualification, for free helper entry it's produce blue badge, for ride access pass it's produce blue badge plus letter (or HRDLA letter), for example if you receive the lower rate DLA and have a blue badge, you'll be able to get a helper in free, but not use the Ride Access System, for that you'll need a consultants letter. I should probably say I cannot fault Merlin, Paultons or BPB for their policies, if anything I'd say Paultons is best because it cannot be fiddled, and the staff at one particular Merlin attraction went out of their way to help my nephew who is severely mentally disabled by letting in his both his parents free (instead of just one), but you do need to go prepared and understand each system, simply rocking up without any preparation won't get you anything. So next time you get pissed at that person in the disabled queue who looks "fine", spare a thought for the grief they may have had to go through to be there and don't assume they just got handed the pass for saying some magic word at the entrance (or should have got said pass just because you think they should). I have no idea of Drayton's policy but when I researched it earlier this year it was similar to Alton's one.
  8. None of us are condemning them for enforcing the rules (yes even me), I'm just saying they could have handled it differently and as much as we wear rose tinted glasses regarding parks, we all know there was likely more truth than lie in that article about their staff's attitude.
  9. I sugest you read the respective Ride Access Pass policy for some parks then, instead of assuming. ..and we all know Parks have their fair share of staff who could ruin your day in a heartbeat by saying something wrong rude or insensitive, so lets not kid ourselves they are populated entirely by nice people either.
  10. Not necessarily, I've seen several people lifted straight from their wheelchairs to the ride without their feet touching the ground. Also being in a wheelchair or blind doesn't make you eligible for the disabled access scheme in itself, all the parks have this policy, they all follow BALPPA guidelines in this respect.
  11. To play devils advocate there is more than one way to measure someone's height if they cannot stand up, there's this old device called a tape measure that we used in the last century, they're small enough to fit in your pocket too. Having said that had that been me my first visit would have been to client services in the morning to get measured, and I would have taken my trusty tape measure with me. But, if even half the things reported that the staff said are true, those people need to be sent on a public relations course quick, there is always a different way to put a point across without being a **** about it.
  12. Ian-S

    The Blade

    First time I went there it was nothing but flat rides, oh how times have changed.
  13. Hmm Kamal's been a busy boy, you know Mer, that angry scuffle might not have been a scuffle at all...
  14. Ian-S


    LOL you made it sound like a real one, carry on....
  15. Ian-S


    I agree, and from the other side of thge pond Westworld is just as good.
  16. Ian-S


    A sword? A real sword? Do schools not realise that even professional multi million pound film and TV productions use fake items made of rubber because the risk is considered just far too high to use real ones? Jesus H ****ing Christ if they gave you a real one I'd be talking to solicitor because that's a serious failure in duty of care.
  17. My Nan used to say "God sends us these tests, to test your faith" whenever a young naive me would ask if God was so great why does he allow cancer and war, she was mega religious, went to Church every Sunday, belted her daughters for dressing inappropriately, you know all the things a God fearing deciple does. Then her son died of cancer, he youngest daughter had a heart attack, and eventually her eldest daughter (my Mum) died of cancer too, you don't mention God whenever you're in her presence now if you know what's good for you. But whatever floats your boat, like a persons sexuality, I don't care what you do or what you believe in so long as you respect my choices and don't try to sell me what you're drinking (by you I meant generally, not anybody here), my Aunt on my wife's side is an ordained minister, she knows my views and I hers and we get on just fine because she doesn't try to convert me and I don't diss her God in her presence. Having said that, I never miss an opportunity to wind up the local Jehovah's Witness whenever they come knocking.
  18. Atheist for the same reasons Whatever stated, I really dislike the "prime directive" type excuses various religions come up with to justify the horrible things that go on, you're being punished for the sins of your father, God observes he doesn't interfere, all infidels must convert or be cast out etc etc. That's not a nice message to send, and I don't need a pretend benevolent "god" to tell me to be nice to people, and let's not forget we'd be a lot further along technology wise had the Church not banned scientific study.
  19. Be interesting to know if they still have this rule, it's understandable if you're working any of the fairground stalls or shops, but not back room staff, I seem to remember ASDA paid off someone in a similar situation because they didn't want the legalities of such a ruled tested in court.
  20. Do you pay at the ride or do you buy tokens like a regular fair?
  21. It would be good but I think you've got more chance of seeing a flying pig pass you on the tophat of Stealth than the park being cleaned up.
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