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  1. https://www.redbubble.com/people/themeparkmerchh/works/35938809-repaint-Colossus?asc=u&p=classic-tee&rel=carousel this wins hands down!
  2. https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/9424421a-ab52-4e9a-b429-08331c9a88cd
  3. I'm really surprised and disappointed that they didn't take this opportunity to change Saw - The ride and upgrade it to Jigsaw - The Ride. Jigsaw has grossed over 100 million now and Saw - The ride was Merlins biggest success at that point so feel like they are missing out not doing this to be honest it would also have been a great to upgrade Saw Alive to Jigsaw Alive to soak up the queues off Jigsaw would of made perfect sense to me damn you Thorpe park
  4. Me too of course I just meant things about the ride
  5. Also does anyone know if they were still using the strobe light in the indoor section or was it turned off on my visit it was pitch black and was better that way!
  6. Change of subject here but what do you guys miss about the smiler? I miss hearing the soundtrack as I walked into x sector it seems so dead now
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