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  1. If all this construction falls into place, then we have hopefully a promising attraction on our hands. Unless this work is for reasons we aren't yet aware of, they are presumably putting maze walls inside all of the Logger's station.
  2. Absolutely and entirely agreed with Baron. Platform 15 holds the potential to be perhaps the greatest Thorpe-designed, original scare maze to date; it was in my humble opinion, entirely deserving of the ScareCON nomination. However, it has failed to achieve its potential for numerous reasons. At the beginning, cramped photo opportunities plonked adjacent to bins is no way to establish the required grandeur of such an attraction. It would instead, if possible, have benefited from accepting the area in its current state, decrepit flume, overgrown exterior, crumbling wooden cottage. Following this with what became, to all intents and purposes, a fumbled comedy show, sandwiched between a public, green fenced footpath, and abundantly obvious, newly installed metal walls, which for me immediately destroyed any suspension of disbelief. On recent inspection, Thorpe have gathered along the far-side, staff access road, a decent collection of raw materials: chippings, logs, damaged fencing. It would, even in time for this year, be an immense improvement to place, in labyrinth style, these materials along the stone pathway, then pump this gauntlet with smoke effects, even if only up to the signal tower. From then, if the attraction is to become a staple, foliage is needed, drawing guests towards the Sleeper Express. Apart from this, although not taken aback by Thorpe's pyrotechnic performance, I know of nobody who was not impressed or pleased with this addition. Set pieces should be applied throughout. When passing over the bridge, low level fog so that guests cannot see where they're stepping, a trust walk so to speak, would heighten senses and instill a wide range of desired reactions, from fear of falling, to enjoyment at the novelty. This intermediary section within the woods was not overly disappointing, due to a combination of a short length, and most actors congregating here during my run-throughs. It would of course benefit from rockwork, further props, and paintwork on all new fences or CCTV towers. Last year's TTSP Scaremazing Event revealed that they were planning on crafting Platform 15 in two investment blocks: firstly, purchase the tunnel, re-purpose the train and tracks, build a usable bridge, install pyrotechnics; this would then in the subsequent year be enhanced with proper set design. It is a sad truth, FRIGHT NIGHTS sells itself. I do not for one minute wish ill upon the park, I would far prefer to see healthy annual growth, but this ability to sell a product regardless has cost the soul of theme parks. We were informed that, and it is beyond true, if the theming is present, the public will rightly acknowledge it, but if it isn't, then it is only the enthusiast community who'll raise this in the slightest, (this community who management are fully aware will be present through thick and thin). Just as suggested by Baron, the tunnel could easily be amplified with ensuring absolute darkness, adding strings, cloth, and other such hanging ceiling drapes to brush against. Changing up the flooring is also an exceptional idea to target guest senses. Absolutely anything would create a better finale than sock puppetry and chaotic oujia carnage. Brighter strobes, intense smoke, water effects, and a carefully crafted audio jumpscare would be perfect. Prior to Sanctum's installation, I had speculated that one improvement would be the addition of these containers across the attraction, themed either side as train tunnels, providing the illusion of trekking an abandoned railway line to compensate for the track removal. My greatest disappointment from Platform 15 wasn't the lack of scares, consistent breakdowns, jovial opening, or (if I'm quoting correctly) '500 metres' bin bag stroll, but the lack of realisation between Creative and product. Thorpe yet again, much like The Big Top, conjured a terrifying premise, perfectly fitting the setting, but didn't end up with what was required. I remain, perhaps foolishly, optimistic. Only time will tell. FRIGHT NIGHTS dominates my year, it is the highlight of our collective calendar, long may it prosper. Happy Thorping y'all!
  3. Mind the profanity in this clip folks, but for those with three minutes to spare, and a desire to not spend this Halloween scratching their heads, here ya go! Only objection to the whole video is Michonne being called out as the best, but I'll leave that debate there, wrong forum for that... Also of note, your friendly service remainder that with today being the 29th of July, we have exactly two months to wait before FRIGHT NIGHTS commences!
  4. Update from 2nd October! Queue lines were going up an hour at a time, Old Town was finished in by 17:00. Platform 15 audio testing in the final hour of the day. Exteriors are yet to be completed, for example The Big Top, CITW, Containment and Blair Witch are all to have their signage put in place. Lighting was also under testing, but apart from this everything else seems overly calm.
  5. The wonderfully mysterious Platform 15 audio! Ghost Tours soon to be full steam ahead! IMG_0640.mov
  6. The Big Top's posters are making their return, plenty of plywood walls are ready to be installed later today also. The Wheel Of Misfortune was also unveiled by five Creative Team members, they appeared to be in deep discussion regarding it for a good while, presumably due to the new mazes and VIP packages. Prevention of filming has been tightened too. Cabin's sign remains unmoved inside the entrance.
  7. All photos taken from Fright Nights Creative Instagram pages.
  8. Hey all! Been around ages but here's my first post! I've visited Thorpe several times over the past few days, and have taken a stroll down our infamous Monk's Walk, so I'm taking a guess from what I've gathered as to the route of Fright Night's upcoming PLATFORM 15. Excuse the shoddy Word edited photo, it was just a rough guide. Alongside this, I can certify dearest Miles' previous comment regarding the selection of roamers for this year's event. It will be done similarly to 2013's choice for CITW, that is, voting for given options via Facebook. A more detailed photo of the board by King Pig's Wild Dodgems is here. New advertising was put up both within and out the park I'm assuming on Wednesday night. A banner now hangs where the recruitment poster used to outside. Without spoiling anything of much importance, I believe that the original advertised theme for P15 will be the premise of the maze: venturing down the rail tracks, through the forest, over Logger's lake, encountering the Sleeper Express, and being chased along the trail by it's menacing inhabitants. Although at present being unable to confirm or deny this fact, I believe from the position of the train outside, there will not be an inside section within the maintenance bay. The Big Top continues to have work done, with yellow foam protectors much like last year being placed around the tent support poles. From what can be currently seen, it appears black cladding will again be used to wall the interior. A question I cannot answer yet is why the wooden ramps, used last year to walk over the beach's rock lining and down into the soothsayer's tent, were delivered around Thursday 25th. My only presumption being the possible erection of a final, or further tent. The space is there, although as of Thursday 1st, is currently filled with construction materials. Happy Thorping everyone!
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