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  1. Sigh. At least the Burger King's not been replaced by a Merlin "Burger Kitchen" - yet. Weird how Thorpe's still got that and the KFC. That photo of Dobble tea cups with Angry Birds pictures stuck to the cinema wall behind it and the clinical Burger King to the right sums the park up very nicely. But then you think that they've put in a brand new train themed coffee shop which probably has some of the best theming in the park at this point, so it's super inconsistent?!
  2. Yep, would love to see what the team who've been turning around Chessington these past couple of years would do at Thorpe. They've been doing a great job when you consider the rot they had to work with!
  3. The whole ride and scenery/landscape really needs to be closed for a year like Nemesis and totally refurbished, it really looks awful. I hope the shop isn't still in this state in 2 weeks time - the steel work's now totally exposed on the left side. Photo from https://themeparkguide.co.uk/news-page/Loggers-Leap-Removal-Continues-and-2023-Season-Preparations-Continue
  4. On the subject of them ditching the areas, is it just me or does the excuse of the park being too small/rides close together and no entrance portals seem a bit rubbish? Chessington manages it very well these days. I've gone to the trouble of putting a map together (it's frankly way more interesting than what I'm meant to be doing right now!). A lot of these areas have existed for over 20 years, seems pretty easy to see where you'd stick an entrance arch (yellow box) or entrance feature (pink blob) like the existing Amity Cove sign. This is all with the expectation Angry Birds Land (which coincidentally currently has THREE entrance portals!) gets returned to Amity soon - didn't someone see Angry Birds theming being ripped out this winter? I refuse to accept Samurai ever not being a Lost City ride so I've put it back where it belongs 😉 I'd even separate the beach/Depth Charge away from Amity again and take the Fish with it (it was originally planned to give it the same design as Depth Charge with the Altantis style columns when it was relocated)
  5. Comments on this Reddit post suggesting Thorpe having been testing a new logo on the website. I mean, it can’t be… can it?!? It looks like a school project!
  6. Visited yesterday for first time in ages. Super fun day although sad that all the music was in such a mess! No music at all at the entrance, bridge, dome, around Tidal Wave, Colossus, Inferno’s station, SAW queue, Detonator… all in total silence. The few places that were playing music just had the same 80s style Fright Nights track playing, which got really irritating! The park music was one of the things the park used to do really well, especially with Fright Nights overlays, so it’s a big shame. It really does make a big difference to the atmosphere
  7. So glad the original Colossus music is finally back! Such an iconic soundtrack for Thorpe Park
  8. 2 more additions to Amity this year, an ever expanding area loosely clinging onto the original Tidal Wave! Now awaiting the inevitable absorption of the dodgems and the cinema - may as well do the whole park while they’re at it. Amity Giant Swing. Amity Super Looper. Just messing, it’s a good theme, one of the better things Thorpe has going for it.
  9. Haha oh yes every medication imaginable.
  10. Here's an interesting question, not that I'd expect anyone to actually ever know the answer to it (!), I'm visiting with a friend on Friday who I last visited Thorpe with last August who suffers from migraines. On our last visit, she had a severe migraine come on around half way through the day and had to go home. At the start of the day we'd managed TWD, Stealth, Swarm and Vortex. Around halfway through the day, we rode Saw, Rush and then Zodiac in very quick succession. I suspect Zodiac may have pushed her over the edge. We're giving it another shot this Friday, I've been thinking what order we could do the rides in to go from least-migraine inducing to the worst at the end of the day. Suffice to say the queues were all around 30/40 mins in the summer, and will be non-existent on Friday so we might only last an hour or two!! So, how would we all plan a day round the park before hitting the migraine threshold?! Obviously there's no scientific answer but thought it might be fun to see what everyone thinks!
  11. Been one of them "lurkers" on here since 2006 (!) but wanted to say, love the new park music. Sounded great on park, love the CD. BUT... the removal of the Colossus music is a big loss to the park. Truly iconic, its replacement is far too wishy-washy. Felt it didn't work on park - any intimidation and drama the original had has gone. Works perfectly well as area music around the flat rides but not strong enough as the coaster's theme track. Strange decision..! I just hope the track isn't extended to Vortex which was still using its modified Colossus theme it's been using since 2002. Fits Vortex as perfectly as it does Colossus. Really hope the park listens and reverts the Colossus theme back, while utilising the new version as part of the wider Lost City area music as the majority seem to suggest, but we'll see! The new Nemesis Inferno track on the other hand is very good! It's essentially the same but extended/embellished. The original track was great, but was always far too short for the queue line.
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