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  1. I went In the isolation booth my self in do or die because I knew exactly where they where by rememberence of the videos I have seen me and my mate went straight ahead down the corridor where the booths where if your going to do this inform just shout to an actor saying your in there. I had to wait 2 minutes even that it would of not had the actor at the entrance to the first container he did the interaction with my mate first he was just breathing on him when I got my interaction it held me off from my friend and I was ganged. up by the one with the clever and the one that was at the entrance to the container I said I will definitely find the food and then they said no your not your going get out of here I am going to give u 6 seconds to get out of here before I use the hook and clever on u.
  2. They had added padding now in the crawl tunnel of creek freak when I did it Monday night on my first run through I was taken the normal route 2nd go and third go took the crawl tunnel I went slowly both times what I moved my hands around to find the nail and it was fine I did not cut my knee I did get dust on my clothes though.
  3. Good review my ones up above yours did try my best. Even that I put a negative in my review.
  4. Here is my review about yesterday I will try my best and excuse how bad my grammar is got there at 10 was not too bad to get in through security bag check nearly forgot to give my note to my carer to get a solo fast track managed to stay behind a little to find her to give one minute to give my note we got 2 solo fast track tickets for Blair witch. From 10 till 3 managed to get on all roller coasters except Colossus because I wanted to do that in the dark At lunch got my fast tracks handed to me did the rapids and headed on to my first maze out of the indoor attractions I give ratings to the mazes by the way Creek freak massacre I give that a 10/10 got an outstanding run through got put against the wall with a hatchet in the buzz saw I did not get wet and it was not on the next corner after that got in to contact with my first chainsaw he had me against the wall with the fumes wafting to my nose. When I got to the strobe maze it was very disoriented as people have said a fight nearly outbreaked with the guy behind me when turned around and her thought I turned around he thought I did it to scare him but I held dead end 5 times got out the strobe section and was outrunned before going to one in the finally chased by the the final chainsaw that lead you out the maze I was screaming so much I managed get around the same guy he had ago at me again but just went our separate ways I was lucky it did not completely go in to a full punch up inside the strobe section I would not punch back and for u guys hearing this part of my review I was nearly worrying he would of book the same slot of me in containment . Twd living nightmare I give 3/10 My run through was average but only minimal scares that did not even scare me but the theming for this maze is well themed. Warning big major spoiler Containment 5/10 first 2 rooms changed no mathamatic sum to solve as previous years but there is multiple different numbers on the wall and u have to solve and encryption of the numbers there is high number and low numbers spaced out u can guess with the 3 spaced out numbers anyway room 2 is holes the actor. Will really help u out with on the incriptions on the pipes just listen to the actor very carefully this room is dead easy he will help u count the holes on the stones. Room 2 dentist dead easy as well teeth diagram is in the the box in the middle the code is there just the encryption is switched backwards Room 3 the patient u just move around as we says colder wamer and all that to finding the key I won't say where is because it will spoil the challenge even in the intro the scientist squirted us with a water pistol acting like it's decontamination. Twd do or die part 1 it was an hour till my fast track for Blair witch waited the actual 45 minutes we got on the actual bus then there was a technical fault in actual maze so me and my mate pulled out I explained the host who was dealing with fast track queue saying that I got on the bus and ybee technical fault happened will u let me use the fast track queue later to let us go on and she said no she was so rude I got to Blair witch and I explained to the senior host what happened and he organized for me to skip the queue for platform. Blair Witch got to our fast track on time at 8:00 I give Blair Witch 8/10 Got an outstanding run through I act got impacted quite well even that other people have said it's not that scary but my opinion I think it's better this year with getting a dead end on the first bit Platform 15 9/10 Got a very good impact in the first bit where the train is he pinned me against the wall and gave me a direct contact face scare all I will say now is the ending got no conductor but a sleeper attack the other tour guide on the window they where busy arguing before they attacked the woman behind the window. Now time for my official review of twd do or die waited 35 minutes as the queue died down a little got an outstanding run through 10/10 and got the isolation booth even that the actor did not put me in there my mate went in the next booth I informed the actors I was there and he said wait there then I got that interact with the actor asked me a few questions then he told me to go get out before I kill u I did not get many impacts but I actually enjoyed it. For the rest of the night I did re runs on my favourite 3 platform Blair witch and creek freak there is nothing much else j can say about my reruns because I was expecting what was going to happen except in creek freak this is my review enjoyed the event more than last year and the amity vampires where on the bridge as I was leaving the resort and as a bonus I got a 40th anniversary pop badge the wicked witches haunt one they let me have it even that it was just for annual and season pass customers and I got a 40th anniversary t shirt as tbe price was dropped they did not have any mediums in of the fright nights 2019 t-shirt as they did not have that size instock.
  5. No wonder why big top does not come back because there using the structure supports for there tent.
  6. Did u guys read my tweets to this person of my suggestions u would of seen I am mrduncansvlogs
  7. @CocoDo u get put on your knees in the scene where the trough is I have to be careful I have injured it recently and it really hurts and I don't want to avoid disappointment at the beginning when I have the opportunity to turn back unless it's all really changed since press night I will be able to go through crawl sections ok in Blair platform and creek freak I thinking to put a knee pad on so I don't bash it against anything.
  8. I have took note effects will not be working most of the time last year when j did platform the smoke stack went with its effect but the windows did not I have noticed in videos the stack is not working properly. I am not going to get that impact if it's expected to go off after the light shuts off will this be likely to happen and has it worked the passed few nights the windows and the stack going off because I really want them to happen on my next run through last thing I will say is the circler is going to be on a 50/50 if it's working or not working on creek freak because I have found it very cool effect in the videos I have seen plus if there not working I will just enjoy my evening when it happens.
  9. I have a YouTube channel and I am trying to build up my popularity to be like him if when I grow up I would not be counting my self as a puppet.
  10. @JoshC. What's different in containment room 1 and 2 I am getting my booking through next week for the 21st
  11. I have no intentions to film I seriously don't want mine broke @Glitch and I don't want to be band from the park lime ally law
  12. I am going to have to get a solo fast track as soon as I arrive during opening in the morning I will try and get the fast track for dark as possible
  13. I am going to start off is the conductor on the ceiling like on the first year for platform.
  14. I only know about blair to be honest as I know an actor from that maze and 2 from do or die and one from platform
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