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    Well of my true loyalty would be thorpe park favourite event fright nights and as u have guessed it true supporter to platform15 maze

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  1. I did not notice through the fence of fabric when I was experiencing dead creek woods I was busy focus on my experience of the intro scene from the scientist about the infection. When I am focused on one thing I don't take notice of my surroundings.
  2. If dead creek is back that means 3 mazes in the old town plaza that's a very small area of the then u have got living nightmare just outside the plaza I hope the area can take it. Last year I was trying to find the signage for dead creek entrance and these so and so's would not move so I could read the sign what they maze contained. We could be seeing 2 mazes this year in old town like last year they might not have dead creek woods this year last thing I am going to say is something so happening in Blair witch there giving the route a zig zag route as saw in Jack silkstones video last night.
  3. It looks like a Texas chainsaw massacre maze is happening that's lions gate IP the 3D movie was back in 2013 that was distributed by Lionsgate thorpes surely still got its Lionsgate IP last year as I thought that ended as saw alive is not operating this fright nights.
  4. Another tease has came in on twitter
  5. I have not been in previous prior to FN 2017 so FN 2018 was my first time, I attended the event and big top showtime was not my cup of tea is a scare zone/show it is the maze, I am most excited for if it back I have not had the chance maze for. A free flow maze than being on one route like platform etc, I also heard about cabin how mad that was in it's day Vulcan peak was the worst maze of last fright nights Plus I wanted the challenge as I like challenging things for it to be hooded which I have been waiting for I was not expecting any of the jumps I did scream so much that I had to rest and recover from the maze in old town lucky enough I was not walking, to where saw was which I did plan to go on as there were clowns on jumpsuits chasing guests in to old town, just outside the old town burger king where I was resting opposite near the gents. I did have a very bad cold the day I went as I just caught it from someone the day before but managed to make it through the day, not let my mate down as we booked the tickets hopefully this year's fright nights I hope to experience it when I am feeling 100% without being it was nasty for me after saw the ride because I was nearly about to be sick on the floor on the coaster train.
  6. Ok, I will try my best to do that I have just got an app on my phone called Grammarly this may help me with my punctuation, can get it right I will just take my time to get my sentences right and just hope. It can help I have informed a moderator that I am autistic I will update my profile so it informs people and to be aware about it.
  7. I agree with u there I am going to get my pin starter Thorpe park one in October and my mate said he will buy 2 extra pins frighy nights pins for me for my lanyard u guys will understand I like platform 15 so much he said he will buy that pin if it's there I was meant to be going to Alton towers this year but I am not now as my mate wants to settle in his job so next year will be going and I will get the Alton towers starter pin set aswell I can't wait to see what pins are going to be available at fright nights the fright nights march is well worth buying I bought one item last year which I will show my fright nights t shirt
  8. It's going to be a pop badge apperently as it's the 40th year
  9. I according to what I have seen on social media there is scaffolding around the loggers station I am now seeing hints on people now thinking it's staying because merlin has been bought out by another company I don't see that happening because they won't be able to clean that down by 2020 I am going with the original post that was put on the TP blog post on there blog page we will wait and see it's been closed 5 years so to me it's going we will wait and see on the maze line up aswell if platform is returning one more season but we might not get it atall as there doing work around the station unless they lay out the cattle pen a different way this year so we can experience platform
  10. The hand is hinting to derren browns demon to me I have seen that hand on the poster to the ghost train
  11. I am having high hopes for the big top
  12. Hi I am a new member here I need to see the guide lines I have been banned from a comic con forum for spamming and repeated content can moderators take my request in place please I put my content on moderated and u can look at it before it's even become public I am just going to log on once every October and just do my review and thoughts to share of fright nights 2019 when it comes up please understand everyone and moderators I am autistic I will appear online through thee months till October but not post any content till I do my review every October
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