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  1. this is what we need during fright nights a full moon this is what I just took a picture of I did it from my mobile phone it will probably look very good the evening during fright nights on full moon because it will look good when the smoke is in air of the park
  2. The actors have had their induction yesterday and they have been sorted to there mazes today I only know a few I can't wait now they will be doing rehearsals all next week and be ready for annual pass preview and press/media night week after next then be n full swing over the coming weeks of October. I know a few actors that's how I knew.
  3. Plus that last container is too smoggy in there that bit towards the right where the actor hides before u even exit the attraction I could not see a thing and I nearly touched the actor I would of had a lot explaining to do with the staff if that happened plus other attractions. I kept my hands on my own shoulders so I don't touch a single actor because of my mood swings when I get scared that's why I did it it's not long now only 17 days left. Also is any of u excited for creek freak massacre because I am very excited for that going to be having that hill billy family chasing us with chainsaws I guess.
  4. Yep I was right do or die was going back in its same original location from last year big tops old location do or die is going to have the same layout.
  5. I am going off subject is there anything different in Derren Brown I went on it in its original incarnation in 2016 when it was just called Darren Brown I have not experienced it's rise of the demon storyline yet is there anything different 2017 present. I was going for it after lunch last year at 1:00 pm but I was having no chance of getting on it last year during 2018 fright nights after my lunch I checked the app of the queue waiting time and it said 15 minutes I got to gate and the operator said if your at the back of its 60 minutes. I am in plans go on flats then go straight for it once it opens what time does it open exactly because the app says it opens at 10:00 am but I know that it's wrong and I have forgotten the time it did say it on the app weeks ago will this work what I am planning don't do the coasters just yet and do the flats in lost city then do Darren brown.
  6. I have been thinking a few days if big top comes back sometime in the future and they go with a 3D version of it like twisted clowns would it work I am doing tulleys for a change after attending fright nights next year I know they charge for rides but I understand the event is more about the mazes than rides I know they charge u for. The booster and the frog hopper ride lastly I will say lets see how creek freaks goes I am calling it that for short if u all understand what I am talking about I understand in the middle of the platform 15 maze the house is there's that belong to the family who runs the creek woods sawmill as we saw it in the trailer.
  7. Yes true at least that is the last survivor of the lion's gate mazes I bet this one is going to be good with the new layout be surprised if they make us go around in circles. I did not find Blair witch that scary at least there is good interaction with the actors.
  8. I am not in plans for inferno in the dark this year I am in plans for Colossus this year I am sure that's very good going over the cobra role in the dark. The swarm in the dark last year so good front row right-hand side I did I like how that side goes up first plus I pretty good view of the park plus I did front row this year I will do front row Colossus right hand seat I bet that's got a good view of the park at night as well. Inferno will be on my next visit in the dark I bet that's good going through the tunnel at night.
  9. Wow that's a good experience I have heard yes my sister will not even do a thing like this atleast I got my friend now to do it with me he is always behind me though I will make sure he is in front of me this year I was at the front of all mazes last year.
  10. Yes true my mate used to like the curse so much my sister would not take me atall to fright nights she is not in to this sort of thing and she woul definitely 100% avoid a scare zone even last year's amity high vampires she would avoid that.
  11. Does anyone remember experiencing my bloody Valentine I eventually got the blue ray I did of the 2009 remake the movie is based on does anyone remember vaguely if it was a good maze or scary because I seriously liked the movie and I wish the maze came back plus I have read reviews from total thorpe park page and from jack silkstone video. That fright nights 2013 was the best FN with the lion's gate Take over plus I understand that year thorpe was trying to be like Halloween horror nights in Orlando plus I have had a thought thorpe should do an icon of a character each year this may work to get the popularity of the event again as I have read the event has gone downhill plus Thorpe if they went this direction don't use the same character icons as Halloween horror nights. Lastly, I am going to say just let's hope this year is better than last year, I am not happy that terror at amity high is back but at least they get there show this year I understand big top showtime was trying to be like the circus show at tulleys in a way plus I am going next year if big top does not make its return I will just go to tulleys next October plus I am pretty sure their circus 3D maze is good.
  12. I have seen one maze from scream park it's got the interior of the curse Thorpe/merlin would of sold that maze on
  13. I am mainly going for the mazes I will be going from when the park opens like last year and do the full 12 hours I know its long but it is worth it I do rides till 3:00 then do. My first 3 attractions that are indoors creek freak massacre living nightmare and containment I do containment at half-past 5 then do one-night ride I am doing Colossus this year for the dark I did swarm this challenge will probably make the night rides busy though I only queued 3 minutes for the swarm last year.
  14. I am going to be really really terrified in creek freak massacre I will be doing tulleys next year to compare it
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