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  1. In all honesty what they really need to do it apply KISS principle - "keep it simple stupid". DBGT was a classic example of trying to do too much, became way to complicated, unreliable and expensive. They would be far better off just putting in something solid without any stupid gimmick. Even something like RMC Raptor which is small footprint and they have now built enough of to find any faults. I know they love having "worlds first" - but take a leaf out of the automotive world - you don't buy the first cars off the line as this where all the faults are found! Just build a credible ride which has proven history of pleasing the public. You don't need to throw millions at developing something completely new.
  2. Cernuschi

    2020 Season

    Sad to read but I can definitely relate to this. I have followed Thorpe and the forum for many years (often just a reader) - but I really feel the park just has nothing left to offer for me. Maybe I have grown out of it, but then again this shouldn't be the case for a "thrill" park, plus I love going to many other family parks, Disney, Europa, Alton to name a few. I just feel the park now has very little to offer compared to most others. It looks run down, the rides are in general ok but nothing outstanding, and I feel my money is better spent elsewhere. Yes I now have the money and freedom to travel wherever I want, but Thorpe as a business should be still trying to draw me in as a person who loves themeparks. You have to spend money to make money, and whilst they may be short of it at the moment, the money they have spent over the last few years may as well have been thrown down the drain. Poor management and poor decision have led to the park becoming what it is today, a shadow of what it once was. Even with "average rides" the look and feel of the place can make a huge difference, and all I see is poor maintenance, rapidly deteriorating quality, and a "that will do" attitude. As James May would say, it just doesn't give me "the fizz". I will still follow this forum and the park, and I do hope it can turn things around, but changes in its management and direction are clearly needed.
  3. Well its now come out that most businesses insurance won't cover them anyway, and the few ones that do - what has been said by the government already is enough. Typical insurance really, thinking you are safe when you have it, to soon be told your not covered on this occasion. Honestly you can't believe anything nowadays - medias looking for quick story to make the situation sound even worse. I do feel for so many of these businesses now going into the unknown.
  4. Ignore the commentary but look how great the new area is shaping up. Oh how I wish Paulton's made a sister adult orientated park - or I just need to have kids some time soon 🤣
  5. So it may not be Paramount (may need a topic re-name), but this park looks to still be alive after ITV (and a number of others) have signed a deal to be involved with the park. Very interesting to see if this does happen, how it will turn out. Merlin will be following this closely - it may give them the kick they need! https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/apr/29/ready-for-the-corrie-coaster-itv-signs-up-to-uks-disneyland
  6. Went on it today, German efficiency at its best I must say. Queue moved so quickly, only queued for 10 minutes including paying which for a Saturday night I thought was brilliant! The ride was awesome, faster than I expected. Really please I got to tick this one off my list!
  7. From some of the images it still looks like there is a round turntable next to the lift hill (the lift hill drops slightly at the end of the incline) but I could be wrong. Mainly going off the images on our favourite news website and there is also a video showing the lift working: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3869782/Tragedy-Australian-theme-park-four-people-CRUSHED-death-Thunder-River-Rapids-water-ride-flips-over.html
  8. To me it looks like the turntable may have stopped but the lift kept on going forcing one of the boats to rise up on the other. Sensor failure possibly. Very sad for everyone involved.
  9. The Daily Mail are at it again. It is just laughable! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3569610/Horrifying-moment-riders-heard-screaming-stuck-upside-half-hour-new-Alton-Towers-rollercoaster.html
  10. I have been to the one in Europa park a couple of times and have enjoyed it as an experience. The food is ok, nothing special for the price they were charging and with the ordering system and just wanting to see more items come down the rails you loose track of how much you have ordered, always struggle to stop myself ordering more!!! I'm sure it will be a hit and it's nice to see one in the UK!
  11. Didn't get to spend as much time at the fair as I had hoped so only have a few photo's. The event was a large as always however there seemed to be more duplicate rides this year than previously (2 boosters, 2 waltzers, 2 dogems, 2 twisters to name a few). For the first time I can remember there wasn't a Top Spin and the Wild Mouse coaster was also absent. This may because the fair was late this year due to roadworks on the high-street and the rides are booked elsewhere. New this year was a great Starflyer which attracted a lot of attention and prices were pretty consistent at £5 for the bigger rides. It was a great fair once again and would recommend it to anyone who is able to get there next year!
  12. Had a look round the fair at Milton Keynes but didn't have the time to go on anything. The prices seem very reasonably priced I must admit and they had some decent rides. Glad you had a good time! The annual fair in Loughborough starts on Wednesday and runs through Saturday. If anyone goes Friday and Saturday they bump up the prices heavily (up to £6 for many of the larger rides including the Wildmouse coaster, Top-Scan and Star-Flyer. The rides change most years so I have no idea what to expect but every year I have been so far its been fantastic, so many rides there you could spend a fair amount of money to do them all. Will try and get some pictures for you guys this weekend!
  13. Just for future reference on the subject of traveller days I was there on Sunday. After all I had read on the subject I was a bit worried about it and how it would affect our day but I must admit they really weren't any trouble at all and we had a great day. Yes they may look intimidating and congregate in large groups around the towers but if you just get on with your day it won't be affected. The park had clearly prepared well, security was absolutely everywhere around the towers and ride entrances so you felt perfectly safe regardless. Now I've experienced it I couldn't care less whether it was a travellers day or not, we may have been lucky not to see any trouble but we had such a good time anyway that I would happily go to scarefest on the same day next year!
  14. Just booked tickets for Scarefest with the maze combi ticket. Never been before and was wondering how strict they are with the maze ticket times. When booking I had to chose a 15 minute slot which seems strange considering there are two mazes. Thanks.
  15. God I feel old, my childhood coaster was the runaway train which the stinger replaced
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