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  1. Incredible 👏 I bet the view on SAW is going to be insane too. I can't wait!
  2. I really don’t know how to feel about it… on one hand - having a café at the park is a really good shout and I’m all for another food outlet for a wider array of food choice (especially if it allows MAP discount!), but on the other hand I think the vibe of the café really ruins the aesthetic. It’s too modern. Nothing about the café screams “Ghost Train” to me. The Ghost Train Shop was at least well themed to look like a dark, dingy shop - it fitted the aesthetic! The exterior of the building is an abandoned train depot, walk though the doors of the Last Call Café aaaaaand… it’s a bright, vibrant café.
  3. Turns out my question has already been answered! Over a year's planning is a substantial amount of planning for an attraction to be honest when you think that the ride system and exterior building are already in place anyway, so it's just the storyline and new interior you have to actually plan! I really do have faith in this new attraction... don't let me down, Thorpe!
  4. I'd like to think that they going to really take this one seriously to try to make a success out of it after a lacklustre launch period in 2016/17. On one hand I am concerned that there has been absolutely zero official pre-warning about this retheme unlike Duel which makes me question the amount of pre-planning that's gone into this attraction... but on the other hand, like I said, I am hopeful that the park (and probably the execs in Merlin) have finally accepted the technical financial failure that was DBGT and are going to do everything in their power to turn it around. I guess they were probably limited on things that they could've done with the attraction with Derren's brand associated with it as they didn't want to stray too far from his original ideas, probably for legal reasons. No longer having his IP associated with the attraction might hopefully let them spread their wings a bit more and make something totally brand new. Wonder what's gonna happen with the pre-show room... I actually really liked the pepper's ghost effect. That was really well done.
  5. I’d probably say the potential for this to be re-rideable is probably going to be less than the original. At least the original had various different VR scenarios you could experience, but how do they make a predominantly actor-led attraction re-rideable? Will be interesting to see! Perhaps they could bring the fake shop back but have various different endings. Maybe different characters, sometimes bypassing it completely, not sure. I’m sure there’s SOMETHING they could do to it to make it less predictable.
  6. Officially confirmed to be a Merlin Magic Making project and not Thorpe doing it themselves! This project just gets more and more exciting…
  7. (Moving the discussion from the 2023 Thorpe Park topic into a place slightly more relevant) Actually, speaking of the costume it might not be as expensive as I originally thought... If you remember back to the 2021 20 Years of Fear Thorpe Park teaser trailers they put out (see below for a reminder), they pretty much already have a costume that basically exactly resembles the ghostly figure on the Ghost Train promotional material. The hooded figure, long gross fingernails... they literally already own a costume that almost fully resembles the figure on the promo material. They could easily just repurpose this costume for the fake shop ending. (Man I hope they keep the fake shop ending) Here's another gander at the new Ghost Train branding for reference:
  8. As Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon has been rethemed, I thought it'd be a good idea to start a new thread on the new iteration just to make things easier for archival sake. Discuss away!
  9. I very much think the ride system will be pretty much exactly as it were - but I do think they would have gone with what the general public have been saying for years and that's adding screens to the train. They can do it super cost effective now that they have the likes of Jack and Kieran on board - no need to pay thousands and thousands to get a professional movie studio to create the visuals when you can give it to a couple of talented enthusiasts to do at a fraction of the cost. The mention of 'multisensory effects' does get me excited because as far as I can recall there wasn't really any on the original DBGT other than the motion platform the train sat on. I'm pretty sure the ride vehicle was fitted with leg ticklers right from the offset in 2016, but were never utilised for one reason or another. I wonder if they've programmed those in finally. A smoke machine would be really good, but wonder how they would do the whole live actor thing inside the train without it getting awkward being sat there for prolonged periods of time? Just good timing I guess as they'll need to reprogram the amount of time spent on the motion platform etc to fit the new visuals anyway. I'm just really glad that the attraction is finally getting some attention since 2017. It's been in a dire state for years and to see some loving coming to the attraction is really warming. I really hope they keep the fake shop ending though, that was the best part of the attraction. Providing that this 'Ghost' on the Ghost Train building is the antagonist for this ride, I would love to see a costume made for him for the fake ending... but I suppose that all depends on the budget for the attraction as it definitely wouldn't be at a small cost that's for sure.
  10. Super excited at the confirmation of no virtual reality too! Really intrigued to find out what they've done inside. Spring 2023 opening, so will it be ready for opening day I wonder? 🤔
  11. The promo video looks pretty sick, ngl
  12. Thorpe Park Passholder Group! Announcement is imminent 👀
  13. A reveal of some sort will be made at 10am today… what’s everyone’s predictions?
  14. The theme is definitely going to be Platform 15 isn’t it…
  15. To be fair it could've been renamed that a long time ago...
  16. Without a doubt - but if they've managed to pull off a total retheme in March without any prior announcement or teasing from the park (other than now) I will be majorly impressed. I suppose everybody had their sights fixed on Exodus that they didn't give a second thought to DBGTROTD. Exciting!
  17. Forgot about this! Really, really interesting stuff. I really do wonder what they're planning to do with that place, because it really does seem pretty linear to me unless you're gutting the entire place out (but I highly doubt they have the budget for something like that!), so whatever they chose to theme it around has to: Explain why you're getting into a victorian train and then entering a tube train Utilise a tube station when getting off/back on the train again Follow the same linear on-foot routing So, again, if they're not planning on gutting the entire building out it's just going to be DBGT 3.0, without Derren Brown in it.
  18. I think there's been a few rumours circulating that silkstone & co have something to do with refurbing it. Sounds like complete utter bogus to me, but then again this is Thorpe Park we're talking about... 👀 In all seriousness though, Thorpe did reveal in the Passholder group that they had been intentionally messing about with everybody by changing the imagery and toggling it on/off on the app, but they also (probably a freudian slip if anything) said "So, c’mon what are everyone's predictions for our spooky dark ride?! 🤔" so pretty much all but explicitly confirm that something is happening to it.
  19. Alright let's not get ahead of ourselves... let's remember when you was adament that Rocky Express would definitely be returning elsewhere in the park (and even possibly moved to another park!) 😂
  20. Interestingly, just before it was removed from the app, it looked like they had renamed it back to just 'Ghost Train' again. Does make me wonder if the park thought that legal negotiations were finished before they actually were, so they added it back to the app, but it turns out that they're actually not and so have removed it again. Maybe that or Derren's party have decided to pull out of renewing the IP. Who knows. One thing is for sure - the 2023 season is for sure going to be an interesting one.
  21. I've got to second this, I'd absolutely love to have a nosey around the full building outside of show mode. I've been working on a history of Derren Brown's Ghost Train documentary-style video for about a year now, but not actually gotten around to producing it yet. I'd love to go in and film it all before its inevitable demise in the future. Maybe it's worth an email to the park, idk. Still in two minds about it 😂
  22. Has anyone checked in with @Theme park Fanantic to see how he's doing following this news? My guy must be all up in his feels rn.
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