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  1. I think they clarified that they are staying as Thorpe Park in the comments so no major name alternations. I think the main branding is going to move away from island theme to a feel good vibe, also straying away from extreme thrills marketing. In terms of the logo, I think anything is possible really. I feel like they may use lots of vibrant pastel colours to represent the relaxed, feel good vibe and maybe implement a piece of coaster track into the logo. In all honesty I have no idea what they could do, I was personally a fan of the island theme as it made the park unique and felt like it didn’t need changing. As they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But regardless it is good to see that thorpe park are taking care in the future of their brand and identity.
  2. I do love it when we glid across the lake!
  3. Big Easy Boulevard is announced to take over angry birds land next season. More concept photos on Thorpe park’s instagram now
  4. What’s the point of painting it again if part of it’s gonna be retracked anytime soon? Surely this means that they’ve given up on the retrack completely or are not gonna retrack all of the track for a while?
  5. Lots of fancy photos! I need a trip down monks walk soon!
  6. Thats true I guess, the transition will look good at the start but then begin to fade as it is exposed to the elements. Can Mack not make a support colour that fades and just ship that to thorpe or is this not possible?
  7. Thorpe park have stated that it is a 'stylistic choice' to not have the colours fade on their annual pass facebook group. They also went on to say that it wasn't due to budget cuts, making it seem more obvious that they truely think that the decision to fade the colours it the correct one. Of cource they could by lying about that, but either way in my opinnion it's not the right decision. Regardless of if its due to budget cuts or not I think it will look cheap and a bit out of place without the fade.
  8. Cool photos! Seems like they’re still getting on with it quickly. Still annoyed about the choice to not blend the 2 colours into each other though. In my opinion it will just make they ride seem like it’s cheaper.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/968596764375367/permalink/1032895311278845/?app=fbl Passholders group has more photos, seems they’ve got going fairly quickly.
  10. Do we know if thorpe park are going to blend the 2 colours of the track/supports on hyperia like they did on stealth using paint? Watching the official pov with yesterday’s announcement, the stark difference between the white and gold track just looks really out of place.
  11. That catchphrase just doesn’t seem to make sense grammatically to me. Hyperia isn’t an awful name though, I could probably get my head round it in a bit. Will definitely still call it exodus for a while though…
  12. Am I going to come back tomorrow and see this post say the 4th when construction inevitably doesn't start then... 😂
  13. I’m still not sure about thorpes approach to Colossus. Yes it’s good to see they are taking care of it with the retracking and this new possible change to the restraints but surly it would have just been easier to get now trains. I don’t even think we need lap bars, just something other than the restrictive OTSRs with no leg room that we have now.
  14. Weather seems to have settled down a bit more in the past few days. Since JS said that construction that would start mid September surly (even with delays) construction is starting now or very, very soon. Last time I was on park (over a week ago) there were loads of supports on the island behind the swarm and the footers looked pretty much complete, so I'm slightly confused on why the supports haven't started going in yet.
  15. tactic


    Considering the track could be completed any day now(unless the rumours that the last bit of track was sent back to Ohio are true) testing could start very soon I think . But regardless, I would assume it would open with the park on opening day next season; unless there’s some big delay I don’t see it opening any later.
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