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  1. Oh, that's a shame, I have always said that spring probably means the end of May in the parks mind, but was hoping I might be able to go on it before my exams. I guess they have only been working on the ride for about 4/5 months (I think I cant remeber when they started the work) so it's best they take their time so the attraction is the best it possibly can be.
  2. Do we have anymore updates on how the park are getting on with Ghost Train? I really want to try get down to the park when it opens but I have exams in May and June and probably cannot get to thorpe in that period, does anyone think it will be open before then?
  3. I thnk that the park have kinda messed up making it a first come, first served system, they are setting themselves up for massive queues for the spa. I know there was probably no other way to do it, but I really feel the spa just doesn't fit in the park and I have no clue why thorpe though it was a necessary addition. The park are probably going through another identity crisis, cause a spa definitly doesn't satisfy the teenage thrillseeker demographic they used to push for so much.
  4. I don't think anyone knows when it's going to be completed to be honest. The park and Taziker both seem to be having issues unfortunatly, casuing delays to the retrack.
  5. I think the problem Thorpe had was they couldn't risk having Colossus closed for a whole season due to the hit it would have on capacity. With Intamin only offering to do it over a season they couldn't risk the park falling apart in the summer months when the park is packed due to them having one of their biggest coasters closed. I think in theory they chose the best all round option (even if I don't agree with this decision) so the park could continue to run as normally as possible in the busiest periods while still improving Colossus. If it ever reopens of course (the website says opening spring, but from what were seeing from ghost train too, spring probably means the 31st May in the parks mind). About Taziker, I've expressed my concerns about them doing the Colossus retrack earlier, but there's not much we can do now the park have already made their decision. Just hopefully they get their act together and don't mess it up too much. I think the park could have adresses the whole situation a bit better and here is my opinion on what they could have done (I know it's already started and they won't change a thing) regarding retracking Colossus (I am no expert on this topic so please feel free to totally slander my ideas if it is needed): 1) For the 2023 season get in new trains. If they were so desparate try and fix Colossus that they couldn't wait for all they construction/stress around exodus to calm down, why didn't they get new trains as a temporary fix. 2) When the 2023 season ends, begin the whole retrack of Colossus (this depends entirely on exodus opening at the start of the 2024 season). As the majority of the guests for the 2024 season will want to ride exodus and just the fact that the park have a new coaster, there will be less stress on the park, meaning they have the time to close Colossus entirely. 3) Get in Intamin to retrack the ride throughout the 2024 season, resulting in a good quality version of Colossus that can use the new trains they should have brought for the 2023, resulting in the ride feeling brand new. 4) If, as I've heard, Intamin would only do the retrack if the park would also build an Intamin coaster next, that would only bring positives. Intamin have stepped up their game recently and if they were already working with Thorpe for the retrack I'm sure relations between the two would be good, meaning the park could probably negotiate a good deal on a new coaster too. This would be good especially considering what the park are saying about how they want to develop in the future. Sorry I've literally dumped all my thoughts into one post but I really am conserned/confused about the parks decisions on this one.
  6. I know it’s odd with Colossus, there was new track on it at passholders day and there was definitely some train wear on the new track, implying the ride had tested at least once. I’m just now very confused why they have taken it off again.
  7. I think the nemesis retrack kinda has the same problem, by most of the gp it will be an unnoticed change, making it a large investment without much of a gain. Although, it does seem that towers are going to change the colour of the track and update the theming, possibly giving them a way to advertise the ride as a different/new experience.
  8. That is true, the problem with retracking a ride is that it’s only really going to interest an enthusiast and the average person will not notice. A new ride however will do wonders for both communities and the park itself. I guess the park are still recovering from covid and expecting a massive investment for the retrack while they are building an entire new coaster is too much to ask (even without covid that would still be a massive investment). I’m definitely glad they are planning for the future though and I really really hope this is a turn for the better from the park
  9. I do genuinley think that the park are trying to do the correct thing with Colossus, they have identified that the ride is beginning to come towards the end of its life cycle and have decided to fix the track over multiple closed seasons so it doesn't have to have a prolonged period of downtime so the ride can still opperate, so the capacity of the park doesn't take a hit. However, I do have some issues with the way thorpe are going about this retrack though. Firstly, I do believe that the better investment for Colossus would be some new trains. The ones they have currently are outdated and very, very uncomfartable (considering I'm 6 foot 4 it is almost unbearable sitting on the breakrun after the ride is over) and I'm sure many would agree with me that new trains with lap bars would definitly change the ride experience for the better. Also, I'm not fully convinced on Taziker doing the retrack. I know that they are a respected company in the retracking buisness considering they were the company that did The Big One retrack but I do feel thorpe may have cheaped out slightly going with them as the retracking company. Considering that Arrow Dynamics is closed down, the only option blackpool had with The Big One was to get an external company in to do the retrack, however, Intamin is a major player in the industry and still even offer the multi-inversion coaster as a model they sell, so I am slightly confuded on why thorpe haven't got Intamin in to do the retracking like towers are doing getting B&M to do the Nemesis retrack. I know there may be a number of factors for why thorpe have chosen Taziker over Intamin (price, ride downtime, etc.) but I do feel like it would have been the better option to get the original manafacture in to at least cosider a retrack of the ride, but then I guess maybe thorpe have done that already and I just don't know about it. About the area feeling run down, definitly. I think the whole of the Colossus area needs some 'thorpe loving care' as they call it. It just feels like the ride has been neglected for years. I do hope this is a step in the right direction for the park with them definitly having a bigger focus on repairing and tidying up the park at the moment, although with thorpe's history anything could happen.
  10. Aight fairs, what would be the best location of the batching point for SAW in your opinnion then?
  11. I defo had issues with the single rider queue at SAW, I didn't have to wait in the enterance corridor, but instead was waiting on the stairs and in the station for a good 45 mins before I got on the ride. Considering single rider was meant to reduce queue times having queued for 45 mins when the advertised queue for the regular queue was 20 mins I was very dissapointed. I don't really know how the single rider system works, but the person operating the queue only let a single rider through when a group of 3 from the main queue went onto the ride, causing a huge backlog in the single rider queue, instead of occasionally letting 2 from the single rider queue through when a group of 2 went from the main queue to try and reduce the number of people in the single rider (but then maybe that not how single rider works, I've never used one before)
  12. I do think that the amity beach needs to be replaced sooner rather than later, I’ve haven’t seen it being used in years (but then I haven’t rly been spending much time in the middle of the day in that area). I think they could defo get a couple of new flats in that area or even a small scale coaster that could interact with the area well as an entrance feature, I’m probably way to ambitious here but a smaller version of gatekeeper (ofc not a wing coaster) with some kinda stall element that you walk under right after you come out of the dome would be awesome. ik this is way to ambitious and would never happen at thorpe but it’s just an idea of what that could do with all the space the beach takes up
  13. I wonder if the same is going to happen with the KFC eventually, would be a shame to see its theme go, but then the amity cove area is mess so it doesn't seem too far of a strech for them to give up on the theming in the area due to their current record and the park wanting to get rid of the distinct areas.
  14. I am not a fan at all of that dobble theming on the teacups, the purple just doesn't seem right. Idk why thorpe have gone with another IP for the theming on such a small ride tbh, I feel like it would ruin the feeling of the area making it into another cash grab. Glad they are doing the repainting of many of the areas though, the park had started to decome run down and it defo needed some tlc.
  15. I totally agree with that, the entrance just doesn’t seem very special. It feels like there’s something grand missing to pull everything together. Also don’t get me started on the amity beach after the dome, I think that needs to go tbh, it ruins everything as soon as you get into the park imo.
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