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  1. Shhhhh you weren’t meant to see that bit…
  2. Shame to hear she’s having some issues. So glad I got down yesterday even if I did queue for like 6 hours, it’s truly an amazing ride. Goes straight to the top of my albeit rather lacking list of ridden coasters! Also to echo what people have been saying on here, the queue system was insanely well organised, no pushing, people were good natured, cool mist being sprayed in the queue and the staff being super friendly and well drilled for when you needed to go to the toilet. Congrats to thorpe on the front, brilliant system!
  3. They really are cutting it fine aren’t they!
  4. Don't think the fake shop scene has been in use for a while, haven't been into that scene in my last 4 rides on Ghost Train (last time probably being July last year). I do think it's a shame if they've stopped using it, it always used to catch my mates who had never done the ride before off guard after I'd convinced them that we we're going to get their photos.
  5. I really like the ad, think it gets to the point quickly and doesn't overdo it too much.
  6. We're a bit late for that... Still nice to hope though
  7. I think the lack of theming with Hyperia was always to be expected though, it’s rather difficult to theme something 236ft tall. However, that said, I do agree Thorpe could have done more with the stylising of the coaster, maybe some rock work or stand out theming pieces where the ride swoops close to the ground. We’ve had the debate about it being an old era Merlin project taken over by the new team before, and I think this has definitely had an impact on the theme. So it’s not entirely a complete reflection on the future of the park, but it also doesn’t pain a good impression on visitors; Thorpe’s newest coaster is a gold box with an incoherent theme about flying or something.
  8. It’s the starting section of the film and the bit with the race where they figure out they have to drive backwards to win. It’s not especially long and rather underwhelming in my opinion. The effects don’t seem thoroughly thought out, it’s a lot of there’s this action so play the same effect we did last time, if that makes sense…
  9. tactic

    what next?

    I think I've mentioned this before but I would love them to get rid of all the beach area and Storm Surge and build a new coaster in this place. Have it so when you walk out of the dome you pass under a zero-g roll or something like that; Gatekeeper style. I know it's a total Planet Coaster feeling idea but I think it would be great 😂
  10. What is Merlin’s new obsession with 7ft high fencing for the queue lines now? I’ve just been watching JS latest construction update where he showed park of the queue and to be honest it just looks stupid. The rides meant to partly be about floating and feeling free, what a great way to start that experience, ramming the rider into a metre wide queue with a fence taller than you… I know there’s probably something to do with Heath and safely that’s influenced this decision, but how come like 90% of the other rides on park don’t have fencing higher than like chest height?
  11. I went on Tuesday. All of the right hand side can be used by both pass holders and normal ticket users, while the left hand side is only for normal ticket holders.
  12. Oop, double post… oh well. Got a quick question about stealth from today. Ride launched like normal then randomly aborted on the launch track with the break fins coming up about half a second after the ride started launching. The train then stopped dead on the break fins, without leaving the launch section of the track and going up the top hat. The train then slowly rolled backwards to just outside the station and stealth promptly closed. I’m slightly confused on why this happened as it wasn’t a block section issue as the 2nd train was in the unloading station. My only thoughts could be an operator e-stopped the ride or there was an issue with the computer system that caused the ride to abort the launch, but I don’t really get it. Could someone with slightly more knowledge on this maybe explain why this happened as it seemed quite odd.
  13. It's Thorpe and Merlin we're talking about here guys, don't be silly. Of course they're always going to be accurate and reliable about when they're new rides are going to open. Why would you guys assume otherwise not like it's a common trend or anything... Of coure not....
  14. Does seem a bit optimistic but oh well. Does anyone know how fast the annual pass tickets will go as I can’t book it until I get home later and don’t want them all to go…
  15. To be fair, I do quite like the logo on the app; the colours look great. They do need to fix the way it fits though, that’s what annoys me most.
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