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  1. Fair enough it spins; but it spins slowly, it's just a chicane and a small drop to use up the rest of the gravity really.Well for me anyway.Spinball has a number of elements at the end that I find much better, just my opinion really.Oh we had 2 on one side and none on the other on both rides by the way.
  2. Really?!I found it to be and look quite steep, from the top, and although I didn't scream I can see why people would/do, with the blades and everything!Plus screaming/shouting is all the fun of it, not really screaming because it's scary!I found going up far worse however, the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced on a roller coaster.
  3. Yeah, and more, I think that the photo makes it look worse than it is though.Although I don't think that is a recent photo though because the track just going into the tunnel does not look stained white.Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.
  4. Pretty much anything Stealth does:The sound of the train from underneath in the queue,Brakes lowering,Train stopping,3-2-1 Go Go Go WWTP Radios, "dudaling" (if that makes sense, so "WWTP Radio-(Noise) )I guess the Saw shotguns and Rumba's soundtrack also
  5. I'm gonna go against the crowd and say that I prefer Spinball to Dragons Fury, I found the first bit of fury was very good, but after the second lift, it was well shocking, slow and boring, it just spun at low speeds. Spinball was brilliant! It seems more compact, faster the queue is better for me, and there was never a dull moment from the end of the lift to the breaks.Spinball also spun far, far more for me (we had the same people in the same seats) as we rode them only a few days apart.I can see why you would prefer Fury though, it's far more of a main coaster at Chesington, it's longer and I preferred it to vampire, it hurt my back!
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    1) Depends on what you like, I prefer the back, but some people like to see the headchoppers and where they are going.2) Speed Probably3) Nope, more thrilling though.4) Errm... Hydro Opens late
  7. stealthtp


    Well said. It's not a fact, it's an opinion.I'm willing to argue.Back on topic; I'm presuming Slammer needs some parts?
  8. Someone at Thorpe seriously needs to drive 30 mins up the road to see how they do things!Great start to the season!
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    I swear it would be so much easier and less expensive in the long run, just to buy another Sky Swat, re-name it something that doesn't begin with 's'. And most importantly, let S&S deal with it when it breaks down instead of trying, and failing to fix it, in the process making it worse.
  10. Haha, Yeah the catch car is unbolting it's self as we speak.
  11. I think they should reverse it so, you go slowly up the more than vertical bit, and straight down Stealth seems to be having less downtime of late, Slammer letting the park down
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    There is that option, has it ever 'windmilled' at Thorpe?Back to Slammer, does anyone know what seems to generaly be the problem with it? E.g. is it air pressure? Is it not locking corectly?
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    Oh Believe me, fairground top scan's are a far greater experiece, than well anything.Even the Chessington Samuari, is a better experience than Inferno.(For the record I rate Inferno as the worst of Thorpe's large coasters)
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    Neither would I , there are far better flat rides at the park.Here is a idea, get rid of Slammer, and Run Samurai Properly?
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    Slammer's a good ride, but the reliability is a joke.It is getting to the point now, where the park (I think) should be thinking of replacing it.
  16. I'm pretty sure that bit of the ride was red before downtime; because I remember going on opening day and in April and noticing oil stains on them bits.
  17. Oh, it's just someone said above Stealth couldn't be launched faster beacause of aero-dynamics and restraint design.
  18. So if I’ve interpreted you right (which I doubt I have) because of all kinds of G-Force, the speed the ride is launched has to correspond with the height, (e.g. 80 MPH to 205 foot and 128 MPH (I think) To 4?? Ft) as the train goes over the top at a speed that does not produce harmful amounts of G's?So really to go faster we have to just have straight flat rides (Like ring racer) or add yet more height onto a top hat.Two Questions I have.One, what is the difference between KK and Stealth's restraints? As, the pictures I've looked at don't show any difference to me.And, does anyone have any idea of which launch mechanism (Intamin hydraulic or S&S compressed air) has the theoretical capability to reach greater speeds?
  19. Surley they could just add a few extra MPH to get the record, could the amount of tanks it has now handle that?Also I can see about the aerodynamics side of it compared to say, KK, but how are the restraints different?
  20. I think they worked overnight to resolve the problem, instead of closing in the day.Rightly so to, seeing as it is there fault. (Gerstlauer that is)
  21. Many Times, Out of all the Intamin accelerators, Stealth seems to roll back the most.Does anyone have any idea, if theoreticly, intamin could re-gain the worlds fastest ride title from S&S, with their hydraulic lanch system? Does it have the Capacity to do so?
  22. This isn't a crime investigation, I’m not trying to find anyone guilty, I'm making a point, that not everything done at Thorpe is bad.Obviously it's "Pants" no one spending their free time on a Theme Park forum is going to want to burn down a park, I would have thought that obvious.When I originally posted I pretty angry, because of something else, and Mark's constantly criticizing post have been irritating me for a while, not bad enough admitidly to make me say that however, something unrelated caused that (why I vent out anger on a theme park forum is beyond me however)Neifever, to be totally honest I haven't posted any of this because I’m conscious of Thorpe Park watching, or to 'Get into their good books' I’m not that interested in Theme Parks, and I'm not naïve enough to think Thorpe will be intrested in me. I just commented as a member of the community. Which I thought would have some Thorpe fans as it is linked to a website based entirely on the park.I'll just be going now.
  23. I know, I don't go through all his posts and quote them. I was exagerating a bit I guess, but he never has a a good thing to say about Thorpe, even when they deseve praise, and if he thinks it evreyone else knows he is thinking it with little comments like, "yes, yes we do"I think to come on to a board which is Directly linked to Thorpe Park Mania, an official site of Thorpe Park, and completly hate and slate it is going to piss a few people off, like me.EDIT- In response to all the post's above yes Thorpe has problems that's obvious, far worse problems than any park's that come to mind, but not everything they do is a problem, and if you read Mark's posts you would come to believe absoloutly evreything they do is shocking! And the post about Saw, that's your opinion, seems to have worked doesn’t it, enthusiasts are very small minority of Theme parks target audience.
  24. Yeah, but your just being Pathetic, if it's beloved Alton Towers Or Chesington World Of Adventure and Zoo you shower them with praise, but if Thorpe do something your instant reaction is it's crap.Thorpe builds a very well themed 13.5 million pound ride- its crap it can't hold a candle to any other ride in the UK.Alton Towers re theme the skyride, in plain unimaginative colours- OH MY GOD IT'S AMAZING!Rush isn't in Sync- Bloody Thorpe Park, they can't do anything right look at skyhawk,Rush is closed momentarily to maybe improve the problem- OMG Thorpe Park are crap, burn the place down, NOW!What the hell can Thorpe do about a power line being cut, it's not their fault, they re-opened doing the best they could didn't they?Oh wait no it's only open for a hour, who has the Bulldozer?!
  25. Rattlesnake- goes through a few tunnels; Saw goes through Saws, what about the top bit of Rattlesnake, completely bare and boring.Runaway train- It barley even has a station! Saw has the huge warehouse. And again all it does is go through a tunnel.Dragon Falls- This ride is horrid, bits peeling away everywhere. The dragon is tacky and garish. And in most parts meandering around the course it isn't themed.Nemesis- It's Landscaped not themed it has a river of blood (Saw has a river too next to the lift) and a monster, other than that it's just painted red/pink. And the stupidly long story isn't played in the queue any more either, so that's a bit pointless, plus Saw has one, it just doesn’t take 20 mins to read.Valhalla-They change the temperature in the rooms a bit, it doesn’t drop past swinging blades and spikes, plus the rocks and most of the themed bits are fake.I think http://www.s104638357.websitehome.co.uk/ht...lhalla_main.htm sums up Valhalla.Tomb blaster: Maybe, but because it's an interactive shooter the LSD lights all over the place ruin it.Hex- Agreed; but that's all it's designed to do, be themed, Saw isn't designed to be just a warehouse, with what is essentially a simulator at the end, it's a ride as well (And a Ride I rate above anything else in Thorpe maybe the UK)But we all have our different opinions.I guess you don't like Saw? Out of interest what would you have put outside? More than a rotating saw, TV, chains when you’re waiting to go up the lift?
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