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  1. Does anyone know why Colossus opened at 2:45 today. I saw the train stuck on the lift hill but is that what happenend or was it like that so they could check the station?
  2. I love the 2 Madagascar films and Wall-E! Oh and just to let you know Toy Story 3 is going to be released in 2010.
  3. Yeah there were two rollbacks, my friends who went on a school trip yesterday was on both of them.
  4. Hiiii!! :D

    You have no comments?! :o

    Well, you do now!

    so yea... hiii!! xD

  5. Aarron P


    Here is a video of one of the robot arm's at legoland california.
  6. If I can remember correct Mumbo Jumbo is supposed to have something like a 125 degree beyond verticle drop.
  7. I was surpised aswell when I went on it. They could make it abit better but it's fine how it is and I feel its well themed.
  8. I heard it somewhere but can't remeber where
  9. talking about rollbacks I heard if it rollsback you get the chance to buy a t-shirt. Can anyone tell me if thats true and if so has anyone got one?
  10. Aarron P


    It would be really cool to see legoland windsor with robot arms, I think legoland california have a robot arm though
  11. Aarron P


    No I said that because we will be taking my 4 year old brother there later this year for the first time and I want to see his face on Laser Raiders and scarab bouncers.
  12. Aarron P


    Heres a video of the new land Kingdom of the Pharaohs includinging POV on Laiser Raiders I can't wait to go there later this year!
  13. Just found this on the Sun's website. WARNING this video shows some inside parts of the queue and stationhttp://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/featu...icle2315734.eceAnd here are some pictures of the queue, theming and the ride itselfhttp://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/featu...99&nSlide=1
  14. I just watched the news on bbc breakfast and it had report on SAW: The Ride. It looks brilliant, unfortunatley I have to wait until june to ride it
  15. It Says on the website on the part that says rides currently unavailable stealth and slammer so saw might be open or might not be open. Lets just see what tommorow brings.
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