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Found 11 results

  1. As it was my first time at Chessington, I thought I would write a review of my first impressions of the attractions we visited. So here goes… Ride Reviews Scorpion Express I was surprised to learn it has exactly the same layout as the Flying Fish at Thorpe. Unlike the Flying Fish, the overall theming was very good. It has a very immersive queue which goes under and over the tracks in the middle of the ride area. The pyro and water effects also worked on cue for every run. To me it shows what can be done with a standard ride layout if they are consistent with the theming a
  2. Good afternoon all! I’m excited to announce the details for our annual Chessington meet! This meet has always been a fun day out to a relaxing park, it will also give us a chance to try out the new Gruffalo ride. As always, the date of the meet is voted by you, but we have set the provisional date to Saturday 22nd April. You will have 2 weeks to place your votes, with polls closing on Tuesday 28th February. Due to Easter/other commitments there isn't much choice for this weekend, which is why we are giving plenty of notice. The plan for the day is as follows: 9:30-10
  3. The Closed season is here, Christmas music and decorations are around everywhere and the sight of new year isn't far away. This means one thing, time to review 2016. This year will be a two part edition, with part one focusing on the UK and part two on the wonders abroad. The Merlin Machine/ Given the circumstances of 2015, it was fairly imminent this wasn't going to be the best year for them. With Park-wide budget cuts, ride closures and controversial decisions, there has been a fair share of negativity. However, not everything they've done has been unacceptable.
  4. Good aftermppm all of you wonderful people! I'm very excited to officially announce plans for our meet at Chessington! This is generally a good relaxed fun day out and one of our more popular meets! It means we will be able to enjoy what is left working at the park and this year I will be participating properly in Empire whilst ScaryCoasterBoy will be hosting the game . The meet is on Saturday April 16th 2016, as voted by you! The Outline of the day will be as follows: Meet outside Hocus Pocus Hall between 09:30 and 10:00 am opposite the entrance by the green. As soon as the gates for the re
  5. Hi there. A few friends and I have recently been working on a full 1:1 Chessington recreation in Minecraft and have just recently opened it! We currently have Land of the Dragons, Forbidden Kingdom, Wild Asia, Africa and some of Mexicana finished. Here are a few fancy pictures
  6. For several years now, there's been something on my theme park bucket I've always been wanting to tick off now for a long time. No, not Baron 1898 [although soon hopefully], not Europa Park either I'm afraid, however keep an eye out for MC16 which is happening soon, some hints to what this may even appear in this very blog entry. This something is of course on home soil and relatively simplistic in all honesty. It's Chessington's Howl O ween event. It's been something I've planned for over two years but until had not worked out, due to not getting chance in 2013 and absolute rotten luck in
  7. Sup ridefans, So I work for a charity where we run playschemes and respite care for disabled children up to disabled young adults, split into three groups; play (5-12), youth (12-18) and young adults (18-25); specialising in our 'non-exclusion policy', meaning any young people are welcome, no matter how severe or not severe their disability is. I work at the youth scheme near Guildford, and on Saturdays we sometimes go on day trips. So today, we went to Chessington. That was an experience. I don't know if I've ever been to Chessington on a Saturday, but it definitely has never been like this
  8. It has got to that time of year again! Same as ever: +1 and -1 each turn you must wait three turns or 24hrs before your next go, whichever is the sooner ride removed on 0 and all others reset to 5 List is the rides that are advertised on the Chessington Website to avoid over lengthy un-fun voting Will be interesting this year to see how the retheme of the Runaway Train to the Scorpion Express will put it in the rankings! Will Rattlesnake keep it's title from 2013 as the best ride at Chessington? To start us off I will be doing: +1 Zufari: Ride into Africa! -1 Sea Dragons
  9. So with 2014 not too far away, it will be interesting to see what takes place next year and whether it will be a more successful one than the last few we've seen or whether it will be another disappointing year. What we will see at Chessington in 2014/ The hotel extension (which I hope they do well) Monkey And Bird Gardens 2.0 The return of Ramesis Revenge (which hopefully won't break down big time) What we may see in 2014/ Runaway Mine train returned (either looking nice and fresh or a complete eyesore) Dragon Falls looking more impressive than recent years Plans of an apparent futu
  10. One and a half months in to the 2014 season and it was time for a visit to the world of Chessington which would be my first visit there for 2014 after last visiting April 2013. Seemingly been in neglect over the last 5-10 years (although my first visit was actually 2006) with declining upkeep, operations and overall care, I kept my expectations for the place rather low. This brings the question, has the park improved this year or is the downward spiral at the park continuing? Surely the park couldn't get any worse than it had in 2013. Alpengeist welcomes you to Chessington, who is ready
  11. Good evening all of you wonderful people! I'm very excited to officially announce plans for our meet at Chessington! This is generally a good relaxed fun day out and it means we will hopefully get to try out the new Scorpion Ride & Treehouse. The meet is on Sunday April 27th 2014. As voted by you! The Outline of the day will be as follows: Meet outside Hocus Pocus Hall between 09:30 and 10:00 am opposite the entrance by the green. As soon as the gates for the rest of the park open we will go into the park. If by any chance you happen to miss this meet point due to travel arrangements o
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