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I didn't really know where to put this tbh, but seeing I couldn't find an existing/ appropriate topic, I thought I would create one.

Sad news has been announced at Universal Singapore today it's been confirmed their roller coaster Battlestar Galactica will be closed for good.

The ride, the tallest duelling coaster in the world, has been plagued with operational and technical problems since day one when it opened in 2010 and will be replaced with a new ride at the end of the year.

Full details about the article can be found here https://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/what-is-buzzing/troubled-universal-studios-singapore-ride-battlestar-galactica-closes-084334087.html

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It was closed for repairs. The article states that it is closed for good with a replacement ride expected by the end of this year.

Real shame as it looked quite good and the duelling aspect of sit down vs. Invert seemed interesting! Guess it was just far too costly to come up with a solution for it. It's been plagued with technical problemsfrom day one and has spent most of its life dormant. Oh well, seems only Disney can make decent rides with Vekoma.

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So the smallest of the Universal chain, popped out of no where really almost like Hong Kong Disneyland. Opened to only have its major coaster seriously unreliable and overall closed for what looked like they were going to remove it entirely. But, after filing to the government new documents to reopen the ride and after Vekoma have done some magic work Battlestar Galactica is now testing! The blue side (inverted) has had its trains reduced from 4 a row to 2 making the trains look horribly like an SLC on so hopefully not. The sit down side is rumoured to have only 3 a row instead of 4 (rumours say the ride was closed as it was placing far too much stress on sections of the track so much so it's had trims added and reinforced joints).

http://dejiki.com/2014/08/uss-update-2014aug/ (Great blog to keep up to date, lol at the Zamperla error as well)


Speaking of Zamperla... 






Spiral life= Volare. At a Universal park? I hope not.


At least they're covering it up.


See theming.


So this is the Puss In Boots coaster being added to Far Far Away. Doesn't look much as just a normal coaster so hopefully the majority will be enclosed. It is family orientated as well.




Enough said.

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