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  1. I love it. Hope it does catch on haha.
  2. Some people have a lot of time on their hands! Someone Created A Ride In Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 That Will Outlast Our Actual Universe
  3. European Coasters Are The Best In The World!
  4. The Failure of Rockin' Space Mountain
  5. I remember making a joke to management when the original Bubbleworks was being re-themed to Imperial Leather. Something along the lines of "Go to Universal to ride the movies, go to Chessington to ride the adverts". Don't think I was too popular with management after that...
  6. How Disney Lost The Rights to Harry Potter
  7. I'm surprised they didn't opt for a full circuit layout like the one that's gone in at Legoland, allowing a 2 train operation. A friend of mine that works in the industry (not for Merlin) commented that it looks "cheap". From the various vids posted yesterday on Youtube the launch actually looks quite nippy. Still undecided on this addition.
  8. I suppose Alton could be considered 2 days if you factor in a visit to Cariba Creek- so 1 day in the park and a day/ 1/2 a day in Cariba Creek.
  9. Currently in progress. Nearly losing the will to live with adding the custom supports lol
  10. Agree with all your points there. I couldn't remember whether Nemesis was marketed as a European first, but your right, they delivered on every level with that ride.
  11. Totally agree with this. They are narrowing their product so much by having this USP issue that doesn't really make much of a difference (IMO). I was thinking the other day, with today's current Merlin management, would a rid like Nemesis even get built? It has no USP that I can think of (it wasn't a worlds first, maybe a European first?) I think the UK park industry has fallen so far behind everywhere else it is embarrassing. At one point, the Tussaud's parks were up there and comparable to the likes of Disney/Universal.
  12. Agree with this. Last time I went to the Towers was Wickerman's opening year. I found that unless your into coasters or have young children there is not that much to do there. Hex, Duel and the Rapids are the only other major non-coaster attractions I can think of that appeal to a wide audience. I think they should really be aiming to be the Disney park of the UK I.e. making attractions that appeal to everyone. They somehow seem to be stuck in a coaster war with their other coaster based property (Thorpe). Really surprised they haven't gone for installing something along the lines of Toy Story Mania/ Maus au Chocolat. Also think a Soarin over the UK type attraction would work really well there...
  13. Puy du Fou UK - Timeout.com link
  14. You're right Josh, it is easier said than done. I was part of the team that moved the Belle from its old location across the lake to where it sits now. It was extremely challenging and that was when it was fully buoyant! I would be surprised they don't demolish it in situ as that is going to be a nightmare to move
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