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  1. Look for indirect flights to USA...stopping over in iceland can cost you a day but save you £200-300
  2. So basically the summer has come, and with that University has ended. I have decided that this summer (in order to keep up the writing mood), I will be selling my services on Fiverr. (Before you ask...not as a prostitute!) Simply pay $5 and I will write 500 words towards an article, blog post or review for you. Its a long shot that anyone will do it but it will keep me writing if people do it.
  3. I look forward to see what they offer us in the very near future!
  4. I guess if it is their passion they do it
  5. I know of people who commute a lot further than Guildford...I know someone who commutes from Haslemere (about 40 miles) which can take 90 mins on a bad commuting day...
  6. Lots of students, post graduates, school leavers, college leavers...real mixed bag! And obviously there is the Thorpe Park Bus which connects with Staines but a lot do drive I guess
  7. On the info boards for tidal it states that no bags/loose belongings can be taken on the ride...you used to be able to but you most certainly cannot now. Rumba's boards state that you must take all loose belongings on with you, the exception I have seen whilst on Rumba is that people tend to leave teddy bears (the ones they have won) on the stationary platform.
  8. Search Mondial on Ride Traders and Samurai comes up...could this mean it is leaving or do you think someones "borrowed" their pictures??? http://www.ridetraders.com/ViewItems.aspx
  9. Loggers you need to take you bag on with you (as far as I know), Rumba you need to take your bag on with you, unsure about Storm Surge. Tidal Wave has large buckets (like big planters) to put bags in and X has a bag room as you enter the pyramid.
  10. Being able to speak Italian and English can only come as a positive if your working in London as there are so many tourists.
  11. I had no idea about the Vekoma SLC either although when you think of it it does make sense. Wonder what the park would be like if it happened and if it would have lasted till now like Detonator.
  12. Has everyone read this...well worth a read with some information I did not know at all... http://thecview.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/the-story-behind-detonator/
  13. Does anyone know of any "cheap and cheerful" accommodation near BPB? Looking to go at the end of May
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