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  1. Studio The Curse Big Top (2016-2017) Se7en
  2. 1. Terror at Amity High 16. Studio 13 8. Blair Witch (2017-present) 9. Screamplexx Cinema 4. The Curse 20. 10th anniversary roaming actors (2011) 5. Cabin in the Woods 12. Big Top (2015)
  3. So as of yesterday I'm now coming.. surprise.
  4. Thorpe Park X4 Alton Towers X1 Dreamland X1 Phantasialand X6 Heide Park X1.5 Hansa Park X1 Efteling X1 Toverland X1 Bellewaerde X1 Legendia X1 Energylandia X1 Overall not a bad year 5 New parks visited Dreamland,Energylandia,Legendia,Heide Park and Hansa Park.
  5. Nice use of IMA Scores Kanarn soundtrack.
  6. Fright Nights to say the least was interesting. Went to the meet on sunday really good fun thank you. Anyway attraction reviews. First up the Infamous Vulcan Peak. Scare Rating 1/10 Hilarity rating 8/10 I don't know if that's how the maze is meant to run with hands on shoulders. Felt around for a rope for a good half of the maze. I also don't think there were any Actors in the maze... Anyway Platform 15 7/10 This maze last year was really good fun. Still is really good fun some brilliant sections shame about the story change but the final is a big improvement and some fab scares inside the cottage section. Only downside is the uncomfy ground. wear decent shoes to events like these. Dead Creek woods. 7.5/10 this walk through was fun a bit abundant of Actors for the first half but sadly it felt rather short. I would say this was the best scare attraction at this place. It had a simple story line but sometimes that works. then Later on in the maze the Actors where very good with some great scares. Final attraction we experienced was Do or Die. 6/10 this had a very loose storyline. some good moments but most of the time felt like we were being rushed through. came out the end feeling a bit unsatisfied. This event overall was okay the rides in the dark are the highlight this year where as last year the highlight was, yep you guessed it the Big top. One issue I found at this years Frightnights is that it lacked a final big scare with the exception of Platform 15. they seem to put there best scare in the middle of the mazes most notable in Dead creek and Do or Die. so it could use some improvements, A maze with no ending feels like a film with a good beginning fantastic middle but a lacking ending making the overall film not that good or talked about because the ending is the last thing you remember after leaving the cinema. Also one thing to note is the Audio around the park is good although a little quite in areas notably in the center of Amity. The themed audio on rides like Colossus Stealth and Nemesis Inferno really stood out, Another great part of this years event is Inferno's queue line music with the chanting and deep jungle cannibalistic ambiance. Big Top Showtime was doing its thing scaring all the kids in the dome. Overall sad to say it but this year could use improvement and in my experience is the worst Fright Nights I have experienced. Hopefully they can improve for next year. Time will tell.
  7. In the dome now by the coffee shack. Having a spot of breakfast. I'm by the surf board table labelled Jungle
  8. Yeah That was an experience a good anecdote but god I am still intrigued at what may have happened if we carried on or if we were put into a group with others
  9. Phantasialand is by far one of the best Theme Parks I have ever visited it's the only park, That gets me excited knowing I'm going back there.
  10. Panorama Bahn and Monorail have just reopened - Credit Europa Street
  11. Oooo I am getting The swarm vibes from that helix and I hope it will be intense.
  12. The signage looks great. Love the idea of the area the Dock Yard. I think it fits the current Amity area over all. You have The Town the Beach now the Dock Yard.
  13. What time are you planning on getting to TGI's?
  14. What time are you planning on getting to TGI's?
  15. When the GP ride it and realise its not as good as Stealth or Rita making all enthusiasts cry.
  16. J.S217

    Wicker Man

    After looking at the Layout again if the speed keeps up it should be a fun quick ride with some pretty good themeing.
  17. Its coming to the end of the first Month of 2018, a few changes have happened. 10.Troy 9.Black Mamba 8.Th13teen 7.Heidi The Ride 6.Balder 5.Nemesis 4.Taron 3.Joris En De Draak Fire 2.Arthur 1.Wodan
  18. Well well well look who has back tracked there information.
  19. Guess I'm going to have to visit here again in 2018.
  20. How about an S&S freespin. In Slammers place....
  21. so 2 attractions to sub Loggers the only way is up right.
  22. Does this mean Saw alive will be an all year attraction again? Or would they change what opens when, so lets say one Saturday its IAC then on the following Saturday its Saw Alive?
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