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Adventure Island Official Meet - 01/03/15


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Another fantastic meet. Well done Peaj for organising this and everyone else who made it (it wouldn't have been as exciting without you all).

Highlights for me were definitely the whip, the crazy (professor drunk) spinning on the Gold Mine and generally everything.

Hi everyone,

Had a really great time and really enjoyed my first TPM event. It was definitely worth travelling for 11 hours! Cannot wait for the next one!

Someone give this Guy a medal!
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Oh my :lol:

My (lack of) reaction to Over The Hill...damn you Peaj ;)
Loved the reactions to Barnstormer ;)
And that bloody Fireball ride! They let others off first who got on after us!

Forgot to say, I uploaded my photos onto the book of face some days ago. Put them on Flickr earlier too because better quality and everyone here can see them/see what a lovely time everyone had on Dragon's Claw ;)

Guest link to album

Some highlights...

Dragon's Claw faces of pain/pleasure




Matt Creek feeling a bit queasy!


Blurry spinny times


Lift hill bant


Vortex faces



Thrilling times on Fireball!





Lighthouse Slip!



Majority of the photos are actually stills from my videos. Will probably upload them tomorrow, not sure I'll be able to make a funny one out of them like I did with the Guildford videos though :P

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Videos are up! Peeps on Dragon's Claw and Fireball, and two of Lighthouse Slip! The one of toofpikk was filmed (on a random decision) in slo-mo...watch out for the hair flip towards the end ;)


Annoyingly, the embed code for playlists doesn't work on this forum :P ...so here is the link for said playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcETUpNxdZ6wVLF6U9fa97TZUBIjXEs_C


I shall embed the Dragon's Claw video, though, because 1) It's disturbing how fast the ride spins (definitely worth watching in 60fps), and 2) Matt Creek gets interviewed (albeit briefly) at the end!



Enjoy! ^_^

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