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  1. I should be able to make any date but will need to confirm closer to the time.
  2. Was hoping to make this but two weeks off me being available. Have fun and see you July x
  3. Ill do everything listed. But only if its isn't on the 2nd December. #ultimatum
  4. You know me. Just give me a date and I will come running. Up for this or something smaller if need be,
  5. Nice work chaps! Was a gooden and one of my favs so keep up the sweet work.
  6. I would be happy to attend both parts of the events. Not sure what hotel yet...
  7. Seems there is alot of work going on here this year with millions being invested in new infrastructure, landscaping, rides and events space. Being a construction site at the moment, will be interesting to see if it is ready for opening by end of next month
  8. Haven't had the chance to look at details but looks like various rides at Pleasure Beach have been listed by Historic England including Big Dipper and Grand national. https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1436382
  9. I would be honoured to go. I would also like to attend the evening meal at the Monkey Puzzle because I really fancy a steak.
  10. I will be making an appearence, thank you.
  11. Silly me, thanks Paige. Guildford should be fun with you lot.
  12. Might as well ? I would be up for airhop, ice skating, bowling and the meal. Please put me down as LG95. Peaj and Co. thought it would be funny to abuse my user name and account, and am yet to figure out how to change it back..
  13. I would enjoy going to this very much.
  14. I am assuming they are not just using it for storage space like I believe they have done with Extremis and (Vengence?) in the past? I guess they are ok filler attractions for a year or so though it seems that area is destined for a massive overhaul; though I think we all knew that already
  15. Quantum because it gives me chills.
  16. For those still curious about the original London Dungeons; with over half of the new London Bridge concourse now open, work (hoarding) has moved to the Tooley Street side and the former Dungeons entrance is now inaccessible to walk past. Imagine this view will gradually change over the coming months as they start to pull the facade down. Bye bye Dungeons!
  17. Too early to confirm but I imagine I will be able to make this. Not sure which date I would prefer yet. Passing on 'Brave it Alone' however just because...
  18. If I can get the Friday off, I should be there for the whole weekend. Happy times!
  19. Date depending, I would be up for this much like everyone else.
  20. Big fan and follower of Dreamland so will attempt to make this one.
  21. Anyone have a picture of the repainted/replaced Vampire queue fences or know where I can see one? That flaking purple paint was always urghh; glad they have decided to sort it out.
  22. Let's just say yes and worry about the details later.
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