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    2021 Season

    I would love to see Thorpe have a proper go at doing themed areas again, I first visited when they were starting to lose any sense of direction but there was still a nice infrastructure there. Over a decade later and I don't think it would be as quick or simple to go back into themed areas again (if you want them cohesive and done well). I would really expect them to go down the themed route properly and commit to it, but the current trend of IP attractions and the nature of said IPs makes me wonder if it is something that could really work any time soon. I think Angry Birds land really dampens some of the parks potential seeing as it replaced Amity and now you kind of have Tidal Wave and Stealth with similar theming but kind of not together. I'm not sure when the IP for Angry Birds is due to end though, it must be soon unless they are extending it, but I feel like it is kind of running its course now. I think if Amity was redone with the dodgems, detonator and the cinema as well as Tidal Wave and Stealth it has potential to be really good and perhaps the nicest area of the park... Of course, maybe there is a way in which themed areas can be done nice and properly again, maybe I am just being a bit too fussy lol
  2. Oh yes this is happening Depth Charge (3)Detonator: Bomb's Away (3)Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (2)Nemesis Inferno (3)Quantum (3)Rumba Rapids (2)Rush (3)Samurai (3)Stealth (4)Storm in a Teacup (3)The Swarm (4)Tidal Wave (3)Vortex (3) Mr Monkey's - Stealth ❤️ +
  3. I think Stealth is definitely the best coaster at Thorpe by a fair bit, when I was younger I used to LOVE Inferno but as I've gotten older I have just realised I like Stealth a lot more. It might be a bit grumpy and temperamental at times (same lol) but for me it is the best Thorpe has to offer! It's ironic as Inferno has just been leaving me dizzy and light headed when I come off it but I can cope with Stealth's launch several times in a row, old age is treating me well hahaha
  4. Wow, I joined this forum almost six years ago and after a two year long hiatus I am back, maybe? In true me style my laptop died as I went to start writing this post x starting as I intend to go on I am now a perpetually stressed chemistry student but I still like the rolling coasters, and unlike me 4 years ago, I have been to Alton Towers. I have actually been to Alton Towers several times this year and haven't visited Thorpe once HAHA!! It's funny how I mentioned trying to get my friends into theme parks, I took my flatmate to Alton Towers along with ScARyCoAStErBoY (lol) and she said Hex was boring, but it is progress. BUT HI GUYSSS, looking forward to annoying you all with my wrong opinions again when I find the time 😙✌️
  5. BUMP!!! don’t forget the polls for this meet close on Monday (providing I’m able to remember in my exhausted state) get voting !!
  6. Thank you all again! I ended up trawling through this topic a bit later than intended, but so far what you're all saying is matching up with what I'm finding however I've found a few interesting points that are raising questions for me to look into. It is much appreciated
  7. helix is meh balder is better club for LIFE
  8. Thank you for all of the responses I've received to this so far, it's proving to be a huge help already! I intend on properly checking through and reviewing the topic on Wednesday 25th October as that's when I'll (hopefully) be coming to the end of my research period so I'll be looking to consolidate any of my findings. If anyone might have any interest in my final findings I may make some mention of it somewhere on the forums... Can't guarantee it'll be the most interesting of reads though
  9. hello pals, to cut a long story short but still quite long as this is me, I'm currently carrying out a research project that's basically looking at motion sickness on theme park rides (as well as how and why any treatments work by looking at how they react with the body on a molecular level... did you know the nhs suggests antihistamines to help?? ok I'll stop, I wont bore you with that nonsense) and before I can begin even thinking about trying to write up the dissertation, I need to do my research. for the whole cause and effect aspect of it I need to be able to ramble on about what triggers such adverse symptoms and I'm hoping to contact some parks and potentially ride manufacturers as I need to at least attempt to expand my research beyond books and the internet, but I don't want to go in totally blind or with such a small idea of what perhaps makes myself of those I know feel a bit iffy. so what I'm looking for from you, my dearest frequenters of such rides is simply do you get sick? not just nauseous, but do you ever come off a ride feeling faint/dizzy etc.? can you tell me any ride types you absolutely avoid as you know you'll come off feeling the wrong way? do you know anyone who gets especially sick? ever been on a ride that you're often more than able to handle and come off feeling less than okay on some off chance? if you have, or know someone who has, let me know! any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys love u all PS: I will be having to include screenshots of any relevant responses in a research log, if you wish to have your usename and profile picture obscured let me know, but if I like your post then I will be including a screenshot of your post in my notes and that by giving me your response, you are permitting me to include it in my research log
  10. what has happened to valhalla?? I know a lot of the effects tend to get turned off but it was the worst I’ve seen it. if it wasn’t for the fact the queue moved quickly and o was fairly chilly as it was I’d have been more disappointed. also, bpb really needs to expand their crepe supply
  11. paige

    Towers Meet 2017

    hex is SO GOOD. so good. I love it
  12. so as those of you who know me will know, I am normally running around with my phone in my hand taking photos of everything, the weekend was no exception really. I've mashed together a little montage of the clips I have because I think it would be nice for those who went to look back on, also I think alton towers is a really, reeeaaally pretty park so had to showcase some nice shots of the towers in there. I know it looks like we only went on three rides lol and some of the clips are quite shaky but its hard to hold a camera steady with a limp and I felt a bit iffy for some of the time but I TRIED OK GUYS enjoy (you will more than likely have to be on a desktop to watch this because copyright stuffs)
  13. thank you to everyone who came this weekend, even though it was horrifically warm!! I think that a special thanks is in order to ryan. all I did for this meet was write up the initial post and start the thread, since then I have taken a bit of a step back from organising to focus on my exams so ryan completely stepped up and totally organised the legoland meet and also went about sorting rooms, transport and the cash involved for everyone who needed it in this meet. if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have had a bed to sleep in and I for one appreciate all that he's managed to do for the past couple of months! our next meet is in just over a month for minster of sound. if you're over 18 and attend the MoS even itself, don't forget to book your ticket as soon as possible and let myself or ryan know if you would like help with booking a room. just please make sure you bring some factor 50 and a lot of water... my umbrella can only provide shade for so many people at a time (ha ha haha) I hope everyone manages to stay cool as the coming week is supposed to be even more scorching, see you in july!
  14. so as you all probably know by now, the tickets for MoS have indeed been released you can get some more information on the event itself and book your tickets HERE, remember to select Saturday, 22nd July otherwise you'll be all by yourself (even though some might prefer that it kind of defeats the purpose but sure each to their own) if you want to attending the MoS aspect of the meet you must be OVER 18, but feel free to just join us during the day if you're under 18 or simply don't fancy attending the evening event, just ensure you let either myself or @Ryan know so we have an idea of who will be where! people who will be attending MoS tend to make their own arrangements with booking hotel rooms for the saturday night, so it would be suuper helpful if you could make it known if you'd like to be involved in that too for the sake of the members who need someone to split the costs of a room with
  15. so glad that there's no real footage of me screaming my head off after that drop on pirate's falls lol thanks for a nice meet to those who came, I decided very last minute to pop along and I'm glad I did! there were a few bumps throughout the day *points at ryan who didn't turn up until midday* however a lovely time was still had with our small group! we look forward to seeing those who'll be coming to the towers meet in a few weeks, and dont forget that the ministry of sound meet is coming up in july too!
  16. I'm afraid you'll have to book your own room Jack as we have no spaces!
  17. BUMP just a reminder that you have THREE DAYS to inform either myself or @Ryan if you wish to stay with us at the travelodge for this meet, we will not be assuming your attendance if you've simply voted in the poll or said you were a maybe when this topic was first created!
  18. ***PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN STAYING OVERNIGHT IN THE TRAVELODGE*** hey guys, this is just a friendly reminder that you have LESS THANK ONE WEEK to confirm whether or not you'd like to stay a night or two for this meet. I will not be chasing people up. You must let myself or @Ryan know by 9pm on SATURDAY, 13th MAY and state whether you wish to stay for one or two nights. I cannot stress enough that we will NOT be chasing any of you up. If you've voted in the poll we will not be assuming that you're attending, you will need to personally post in this very topic or let one of us know. Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions as we will be pricing up the room the next day and shall be collecting payments over the course of the following week. If we haven't received your payment by SUNDAY, 21st MAY then we will be unable to include you in our bookings. By all means if you miss any miss any of these deadlines you're still more than welcome to come, you shall just have to book your own room if you wish to stay the night, and you can always just join us for the day parts if you don't even wish to spend the night (and you're local enough) anyway! Also if you have any any specific preferences as to who you'd like to share with I would strongly advise booking your own room regardless as we can't guarantee we'll be able to satisfy all requests. I shall be messaging those who have confirmed next sunday just to double check and then we'll be one step closer to the Towers meet happening! woo etc.
  19. the polls are now CLOSED, we shall be visiting alton towers on both days, you have until Sunday, 14th May to let either myself or @Ryan know whether you wish to have a place in a hotel room which shall be at Newcastle-Under-Lyme Travelodge, be prepared to pay your share within a week of that date otherwise we will be unable to book for you! feel free to continue to vote to let us know whether you'd like to visit the waterpark or not! See you there
  20. the only new park I'm going to get to this year is liseberg, which isn't really much to complain about! it's been a goal of mine to get myself to a new park every year for the past three years, and now coming into the fourth it's proving to be a reasonable one also I am excited to find an ikea
  21. Helloo my dears, It is with some degree of delight that I am here to FINALLY present you with the details of the official Alton Towers meet 2017! The current plan is to visit Alton Towers on both days, however I have heard whispers that some may like to visit Drayton Manor once again too, however they are expected to get a big thing in 2018 so it could be worth the wait! As ever though, that's for you forum lot to decide! Due to it being a weekend trip, the date for this weekend is remaining fixed at Saturday 17th June and Sunday 18th June. The plans for this weekend shall be as follows: *SATURDAY* (Alton Towers) 09:30 meet underneath the corkscrew sculpture thing whatever you may call it, the park is due to open at 10am according to the website so this is the time we'll be aiming to get into the park for 10:00-13:00/13:30 we shall be simply going about riding what others wish to ride until we get a bit peckish, at which point we'll split off for lunch, which should last for about an hour 14:00/14:30-17:00/18:00 we'll get back to those rides until park close, some may wish to do the waterpark as has been the case for the past few years, this is stated to be open until 6pm, so please mention in the poll if this tickles your fancy, as then we can get a group of sorts to head off a bit earlier to fit some swimming in, us non-swimmers can find ourselves partaking in a game of mini golf or can hang about the hotel bar area.... I'll definitely be playing golf because I have a mild obsession for it all thanks to a few of the members on this very forum 18:00 onwards we'll probably go off for a bite to eat, this will be an UNOFFICIAL part of the meet and will most likely consist of those who are staying the night before we head back to wherever we'll be staying *SUNDAY* (probably Alton Towers again) Should you all vote for us to have two days of Alton Towers, the structure of the Sunday will look very similar to the structure of the Saturday bar the swimming, golf and meal in the evening as people will most likely want to head straight home after park close. If, however, you all decide you'd like us to visit DRAYTON MANOR instead, this is what that day might look like... disclaimer: I've never been to Drayton before so it's a very rough estimate ok 10:00 meet by the park entrance, the park is said to open at this time however rides don't open until 10:30 so we'll have plenty of time! 10:30-13:00/13:30 it'll be time to get on all the rides that people may choose to ride until yet again we all get peckish and we'll go off for lunch for an ho- you know what I'm going to say I'll stop boring you 14:00/14:30-17:00 we'll get back to those rides after lunch and continue going until park close/everyone gets tired and decides its time to go home. It'll be then time for us all to part ways and head home, it's more than likely people will be simply grabbing a bite to eat at a service station on the way home so there again shall be no organised meal on the sunday a few little notes for the meet... -if you are late, we will NOT wait! Even we've been left behind before, it simply isn't fair on those who make the effort to be there on time, if you're running a bit late or are Marc then we will meet you when you arrive, whether it'll be you finding the group as we stand in a specific place for you or someone running off to fetch you... you will find us eventually, we promise! ** the polls on this topic for where we'll be headed will close in one week, at 10pm on Thursday, 20th April 2017** please read ahead if you are interested in staying over night, be it on either the Friday night, Saturday night, or both (STRICTLY OVER 18s ONLY, we CANNOT take responsibility for any under 18s overnight, but you are more than welcome to join us for the day parts!!) **from this point, you will have EXACTLY ONE MONTH to confirm your attendance to either myself or @Ryan, so you must have given us a definite yes or no by 9pm on SATURDAY, 13TH MAY 2017, otherwise you will NOT be included in the numbers as we try to work out the pricing for the hotel, location is TBC as we will be trying to find the best deal, but you will know after this date (it's always been the Newcastle-Under-Lyme Travelodge and this likely won't change, but it's worth a look ) **we will then price up the rooms and let you all know how much you will be owing if you wish to stay with us on SUNDAY, 14TH MAY 2017, you will then have ONE WEEK to transfer the amount to tpm's paypal, so the payment from you must have been received by us by 9pm on SUNDAY, 21ST MAY 2017, allowing us to make the booking ASAP as neither Ryan nor myself will be able to foot the bill unfortunately **if you don't get back to us in time, you'll have to book your own room, likewise if you have any specific preferences for who you may like to share with, or if you'd even have another hotel in mind! Once the booking has all gone through we'll let you know, there will be a dedicated group chat to keep you all in the loop as I know this is a lot of information to process. If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to ask. Sadly I may not be able to get back to you ASAP as exam season is well and truly here so I'll only be about to update meet topics, but I'll try my best! The Towers meet is always a good one, and this will be no different who's coming?? BaronC. Doc >Marc >Mattgwise Martin.C Mitchada04 >Mer Mr Fish paige Ryan he who shall not be named terrortomb (maybe) Timber Creek (maybe)
  22. still not over the fact that alex thought he'd be clever and eat with his spoon before just losing it
  23. paige


    Currently queuing for X, I feel like I'm back in one of my primary school's discos omg tracks plate have included and aren't limited to: -toxic -a fight for this love remix -disco (dizzee rascal did this one) I'm not mad, just confused
  24. If you intend on coming to the meet AND would like to have some pizza, please drop either myself or @Ryan a message by 21:00 on this Saturday, 4th March so that we may get the table all booked nice and early on Sunday. If you don't let us know you're coming by then we will assume you don't wish to eat with us so you won't be accounted for when we do the booking, so please make sure you do! Thanks
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