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  1. X

    Currently queuing for X, I feel like I'm back in one of my primary school's discos omg tracks plate have included and aren't limited to: -toxic -a fight for this love remix -disco (dizzee rascal did this one) I'm not mad, just confused
  2. If you intend on coming to the meet AND would like to have some pizza, please drop either myself or @Ryan a message by 21:00 on this Saturday, 4th March so that we may get the table all booked nice and early on Sunday. If you don't let us know you're coming by then we will assume you don't wish to eat with us so you won't be accounted for when we do the booking, so please make sure you do! Thanks
  3. They stopped the Waltzers for Dean, but I was the one who was a collapsing mess afterwards hahahaha!!
  4. The votes have indeed closed. I did literally close them at 9pm last night, however I haven't had the opportunity to make any sort of post confirming everything as I've been running around trying to organise the final details for the Adventure Island meet next week (plug) as well as honouring other commitments I have and trying to revise for the unholy number of exams that've started today for me, so apologies! So I can confirm that the meet will be taking place on Saturday, 25th March 2017, and for those who will be after a bite to eat and a chat afterwards, we shall be heading to Pizza Hut, which I believe is in Staines centre. and of course, Ryan and I aren't ones to be wanting to break any tradition, so there will be some spooning (minimal violence this year though pls) If you can definitely attend this meet, and would like to hang about for the meal (and creams!), please do let myself or Ryan know SEE YOU IN MARCH XOXO
  5. With regards to the meal, I have decided to take us all to Pizza Express instead. This is because this was the second most popular vote, and a number of people mentioned not wanting to visit the original winner, so I shall be booking us a table this weekend. I am assuming that everyone who is attending the meet WILL be attending the meal, so if you have no intentions on going to the meal, please let me know by Saturday! Thanks
  6. Don't book anything yourself just yet, I am trying to sort something out for everyone, you will all know by Wednesday evening what the situation is, but you will not be paying the full price either way with any luck, but there is no kind of set time limit on when you will and won't get the online price incase all else fails! I'll drop you a pm as soon as I know what's happening wristband wise, which will be some time after 6pm Wednesday), that goes for everyone else who doesn't have facebook but is going to or shown an interest in the meet
  7. There's only two weeks until this meet!! If you aren't coming and spontaneously decide that you're totally up for this, you're more than welcome just get in touch with me so I can know you'll be popping along
  8. I do plan on looking into/sorting that closer to the time when I set up a group chat, just so everyone will know what's happening at once!
  9. I'm glad you can both make it after our chat the other day! See you on Time Machine Han
  10. Sorry if the restaurant choices aren't up to everyone's liking- as you all know I do not live local to the park at all so I used the internet/what other people suggested. I am sure it'll be lovely either way!
  11. Indeed they are! I genuinely just ended up snorting some tea
  12. Indeed they are!
  13. Hello my fellow keen beans, At long last, I am here to start the topic for the Thorpe Park Open Season Meet 2017! The provisional date for this meet is currently Saturday, 25th March 2017, however you may vote otherwise if you wish, unfortunately the dates aren't especially flexible this time round simply because this is the first and only 'normal' weekend in March, so apologies for that! You will have two weeks to place your votes, and the polls will close on Thursday, 2nd February at 9pm! Should you decide to come out with us to the Island Like No Other, this is what we could be doing... 09:30- meet in the usual place by the AP entrance/cash machine, so we can promptly enter the park for 10 10:00 onwards- we will just be dithering about the park, going on what people want to ride until people get peckish (or hangry) 13:00-13:30- it'll be time for lunch! the group may split to go and have whatever tickles their fancy, or we might all fancy the same thing which would work out nicely 14:00/14:30 - park close- we'll all go back to getting on those rides until it's time to head off for the post-meet social! like we've done with the previous couple of meets, where we eat is all down to you forum lot, and there's always room for creams... I know that there will be a fair few rides that people won't want to/can't do (I am a veteran at scoping out benches myself by now!), you will of course be able to go off and do your own thing whilst you wait, but try to make sure you don't lose the group entirely There will again be no specific 'extra' meet points throughout the day for the sake of ease and simplicity so those latecomers can come to the group, as Ryan and I will both be running this meet I am sure either one of us would be able to come and fetch you if you're a bit lost! but remember, if you are late you will be left behind! If you are up for this meet, feel free to contact myself or @Ryan to let us know, and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below! Hope to see you there ***** Who's coming?? CWOAFanMalcolm (might be working, definitely coming for meal) (plus meal) Daniel.S312 (plus meal) David B (plus meal) Doc (plus meal) Duncanc Felicity (plus meal) Han30 (plus meal) Luke_A (maybe) Marc (plus meal) Martin C (plus meal) Martin Doyle Matt Creek (meal only) mattgwise Mer (plus meal) mrmonkey (maybe) Mitchada04 (plus meal) Paige (plus meal) he who shall not be named (plus meal) Roodie (plus meal) Ryan (plus meal) StevenVig Stuntman707 (plus meal) special guest (plus meal) TallGuyDom terrortomb (plus meal) Weronika (plus meal) welgoo (maybe) total: 23 (20 plus fooood)
  14. (soz for double post) I contacted Adventure Island the other day in the hope of securing some kind of deal in terms of tickets, and in order for them to look into anything they need exact numbers. I know it's a month away but if you actually know that you will definitely be attending can you please get in touch with me either through this very forum or whatever social media you might have me on that'll suit you best. Please don't assume that I just know you're coming because you might have voted for the date that has won or something! If no one seems to get back to me then I will start chasing people but if you can't confirm to me within the next week then you're potentially missing out on a deal with tickets! Thanks
  15. We have no intention to scrap the summer Towers weekend altogether as that has proven to be a popular meet, however it more than likely will involve a day at Drayton as it will have been two years since that last happened. For those mentioning other parks, the Oakwood weekender in August can be moved elsewhere if people wish, I have heard that people have wanted to do Lightwaver Valley and Flamingo Land, so that could be a possibility. If anyone does have any ideas or suggestions for where they might like to go August time please do let me know as I'll be taking that meet because I'm leaving poor Ryan to lug you lot to Port Aventura in September! Also Matt- feel free to arrange your own non-forum trip to Europa, but that won't be happening this year