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Minecraft Thorpe Park Recreation! NOW OPEN:

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Hello! Me and a few others have been working very hard, for over a year, on the most complete 1:1 recreation of Thorpe Park with in the game Minecraft. We are very close to finishing the whole park but everyone can come and enjoy what we currently have to offer. I'll leave a list of rides we have open and construction updates will be posted also! Feel free to drop any feedback here, it will really be appreciated! Anyone can join...


Minecraft Thorpe Park.


Twitter: @MCThorpePark

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Thorpe-Park-Minecraft/110893002316206?fref=ts




Nemesis Inferno

One of the only inverted coasters in Minecraft!


SAW: The Ride

Experience the thrill of dropping more than vertically under rotating blades, equipped with effects and thrilling near misses, this surely is a "must ride" attraction.



This 10 looping beast dominates the Lost City and provides a bone shaking experience for thrill seekers!



Ride the waves of music through the dark in this disorientating experience for families and thrill seekers alike! (Lights-On Experiences Available)


Storm Surge

Slip and slide down our multi-coloured chute!


Tidal Wave

One of the UK's tallest and most thrilling water attractions! CAUTION: You will get absolutely soaked!



The UK's fastest roller coaster... 0-80 in 1.8 seconds? Yup, we did this in Minecraft! 205ft tall too!



One of Minecraft's only winged coasters! Ride the wing of the alien... Can you brave it backwards?



Soar on this thrilling ride! Who said swings are just for kids?



Fun for thrill seekers of all ages!



Notable Rides/Attractions Under Construction/SBNO:


Detonator: Bombs Away!

We are currently working on the best possible system for this exciting drop experience.


Angry Birds 4D

More news coming soon!


King Pig's Wild Dodgems

This attraction will be opening very soon!


Loggers Leap

A fun filled water adventure!





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Just played on this server for a few minutes...and I'm just lost for words! :o


The realism of this is unbelievable (for instance the fact Colossus' roughness was perfectly matched, hence me being down to two hearts by the end of the ride :P), the rides actually operate...even Storm Surge looked better in Minecraft than in real life!


Oh, and I died riding X. :lol:


EDIT: Thought I'd take a Stealfie while I was at it. ;)


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Our guides are almost ready to take you through the adventures that lie within the jungle! Minecraft's first 1:1 recreation of the I'm a Celebrity.... GET ME OUT OF HERE! Maze!




I'm a Celebrity... GET ME OUT OF HERE! Opens Friday, 8pm (BST)


See ya there!  ;D

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