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  1. Voovoo can suck a fat one amirite lads
  2. Yeah I mean a loggers launch could be a winner
  3. But the lift hill was terrible I mean come on
  4. Determine what you mean by "great log flume"
  5. Although some people may disagree I really like this one :-)
  6. This one makes me want to wee in my trousers :-)
  7. probably replacment specialist parts to be made up. Who cares anyway
  8. https://hangouts.google.com/call/yhftbouoxjcbpougy2e7vjdqiye
  9. Hello David great to see a new face on the forum Hope to see you around more on the wonders of TPM kidding go die in a hole.
  10. There is a Dr Pepper purchase opportunity in the queue line.
  11. Wait what, what do you want them tu do </3
  12. I enjoyed Containment. It was a fun experiance. Entertaining, while new and fresh to the park. Would I pay for it. Once. Yes. Would not to pay to do it multiple times though. Why not bring it back? I found it fun I'm sure plenty of others did too
  13. Completely different ride type you potato *rolls eyes*
  14. Did you catch a name I would bet money on them being called Gian or Thomas
  15. High Jeans? Tight belts? Tucked in shirts? Slicked back hair? Too much tan? just as a guess lmao
  16. I pooped everywhere in the Holey Moley trial sorry xxxx
  17. Pretty poor from Thorpe Park then :/ normally can see positives with operations but this is going to leave many people pretty unhappy
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