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  1. I had low expectations, but **** me 😂
  2. Ryan

    Monks walk

    No the upload date was 3rd Feb.
  3. I’ll likely be there for the morning 😊
  4. Ryan

    2019 Season

    I disagree with this. The large collection of consoles, retro gaming and virtual reality experiences on offer won't be found in any home across the country, making this a unique experience that many people can't do at home.
  5. Thorpe better than Europa Park and Disney? I personally think the idea of an Annual fastrack ticket is pretty ridiculous, but if people will buy it then Thorpe will sell it!
  6. Orlando parks in September 😍
  7. The Holiday Club has been around for a while now.
  8. Ryan

    2019 Season

    Looks like this Fortnite based gaming event will be one of the events Thorpe are hosting this year. Could be a bit of fun and gives guests something different to do. I can imagine it will bring in a fair few people too. Looking forward to see what else they have planned!
  9. Ryan

    Logger's Leap

    Yep. I was hoping they were delaying the announcement until they were ready to announce it's replacement, quite disappointing.
  10. Ryan

    Logger's Leap

    More info here - Loggers Leap closure confirmed
  11. Noice, count me in. As a student I get 20% off total bill at F&B's so that sounds good to me 😋
  12. Count me in for the Sunday!
  13. Reading this last page has convinced me to play next year, and I will be voting for the superior Thorpe ride Nemesis Inferno at every opportunity!
  14. I've always wanted to do Phantasialand. I'm a maybe for now!
  15. I look forward to seeing updates from Fin’s Bar.
  16. ‘Negan’ was there when I went through on Saturday.
  17. Ryan

    Top 10's

    One way back from my first BPB trip, new top 10 UK coasters: 1) Grand National 2) Big Dipper 3) Nemesis 4) Stealth 5) Icon 6) Smiler 7) Wickerman 8 ) Nemesis Inferno 9) Oblivion 10) Th13teen
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