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  1. lewumbrajumbos

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    What a disgrace
  2. lewumbrajumbos

    TPM Awards 2016

    Voovoo can suck a fat one amirite lads
  3. lewumbrajumbos

    Logger's Leap

    Yeah I mean a loggers launch could be a winner
  4. lewumbrajumbos

    Logger's Leap

    But the lift hill was terrible I mean come on
  5. lewumbrajumbos

    Logger's Leap

    Determine what you mean by "great log flume"
  6. lewumbrajumbos

    Logger's Leap

    was it tho
  7. lewumbrajumbos

    Your Favourite Ride Sign

    Although some people may disagree I really like this one :-)
  8. lewumbrajumbos

    Your Favourite Ride Sign

    This one makes me want to wee in my trousers :-)
  9. lewumbrajumbos

    Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon

    why is everyone so salty
  10. lewumbrajumbos

    SAW: The Ride

    probably replacment specialist parts to be made up. Who cares anyway
  11. lewumbrajumbos

    Introduce Yourself

    sorry Thomas
  12. lewumbrajumbos

    Chessington Music

  13. lewumbrajumbos

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello David great to see a new face on the forum Hope to see you around more on the wonders of TPM kidding go die in a hole.
  14. lewumbrajumbos

    Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon

    There is a Dr Pepper purchase opportunity in the queue line.