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  • 10 months later...

After retheming their rapids last year, and announcing a Paw Patrol area for this Spring, Movie Park have also announced they're updating their boat dark ride Bermuda Triangle for the summer! 




Bermuda Triangle is a really weird / WTF ride, but really damn fun. It is showing it's age and there were some rumours they were considering removing it. Instead, it will be rethemed to a 1950s style Area 51 story, called Area 51 - Top Secret.


Pretty great to see the park continually invest!

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  • 4 months later...

The Bermuda Triangle retheme, Area 51, has soft opened this week..



Bermuda Triangle achieved an almost cult-level following in many ways, but was very much getting on and needed a lot of TLC, which this retheme now brings. Given that before this happened there were a lot of rumours going round that this was for the chopping block, it's very nice to see it get the deserved attention.

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  • 2 months later...

Visited here last week, primarily for their Halloween event (which I've covered here), but a couple of words of Area 51 and Excalibur.


Both of these are fantastic rethemes of their rides. They don't try and reinvent the wheel or go crazy; they've just spruced up what was there and added extras to make it a whole experience.


Excalibur has awesome extra effects which are unusual for a rapids ride, and really makes it feel like a complete experience. I have one niggle - when the ride re-enters the building, there's still no attempt at hiding the building, which really stands out compared to the rest of the ride. A bit disappointing.


Area 51 has just fixed up and modernised the old Bermuda Triangle sets and given it a new lease of life. For those who have ridden it in the past, don't worry: it's still as wacky as ever. And those who haven't, if you ever get the chance to ride it, you'll end up understanding why it's reached a cult status of praise. Annoyingly, the park has put in a pre show in the queue. It's themed very well, but effectively acts as a list of restrictions for the ride. Fortunately they don't bother with it when the ride is very quiet, but the need for it at all is questionable.


So yeah, the park have done a fantastic job with these rethemes. Their new Paw Patrol area is decent for what it is too. Along with Star Trek in 2017 (which, admittedly, I'm not that big a fan of, but appreciate people enjoy), the park have had some absolute winners of investments lately. Hopefully they can keep it up!

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  • 4 months later...

Movie Park continues to see strange (for a Parque Reunidos park at least) amounts of investment...


During this season, the park will see the following:

-A retheme of their SLC, to Lucky Luke, making it fit in with its western surroundings

-An extension to their Paw Patrol area, which opened last year

-The removal of their Walking Dead maze, which will be replaced by an upcharge laser gun walkthrough attraction

-A Dunkin Donuts outlet introduced


And for 2021, the park will be opening something new in the former Ice Age ride building. The ride was closed a few years ago, and for the past couple of years was home to their biggest Halloween attraction, Wrong Turn. They've started social meida teasers too:



The building itself is huge (almost 4000sqm), which is the second largest building on park (just behind the building the holds Van Helsing). For some comparison, that's about 1.5x the size of the likes of Duel, and about twice the size as the likes of Derren Brown and Tomb Blaster.  For some context for those who have been to Phantasialand, it's similar in size to the floor space of Wuze Town (including back of house and queue areas).


In other words, the space is HUGE!


There's no indication what could go in there. The Ice Age ride was an indoor boat ride, hence why it took up such a huge space. Current rumours suggest that the through is being removed; whether that's for a replacement or not in unclear.


MPG have a few indoor rides, but the main one they lack of a shooter of some sorts. That would be top of my list for the park as well to be honest, even over a new coaster. So fingers crossed...

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  • 5 months later...

So the park have given more details on what to expect next year...




The new attraction will be an Intamin Multi Dimensional Roller Coaster. What's one of them I hear you ask? Well, Intamin's website now list their drop track coasters (a la Th13teen) as one. They also have Escape from Gringotts (where Intamin were the turnkey provider) listed. So it's basically a coaster with trick track elements and the like.


Some stats:

-532m long

-Max speed 37mph

-3 trains of 12 people, with a throughput of 900pph

-Rotating platforms

-Multiple launches

-Forwards and backwards sections 

-Lots of multimedia effects, including large screens, onboard audio and 4D effects


The ride will be almost entirely indoors, in the old Ice Age boat ride building, as mentioned earlier. 


It sounds almost like Movie Park's take on Gringotts in my opinion! So I'm very much expecting a dark ride experience with coaster sections, rather than an indoor coaster (which they already have in Van Helsing). That also makes sense given the low speed and short track length.


Construction of track is due to start in October and the ride will open next Spring. 


The theme is being kept secret for now. The park obviously have a lot of IPs, with their last major ride being the Star Trek coaster. They also recently opened some Paw Patrol rides. However, two of large water rides have been rethemed over the past couple of years and have been original concepts, so it's 50/50 whether we'll see an IP or not!


Movie Park is a decent all round park and their indoor attractions are particular highlights, so this should definitely be one to watch!

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  • 2 months later...

So a fair few updates here to rattle through:


Track was completed end of January:



The park also shared images of the trains, which arrived a couple of weeks back:



The trains are in fact heavily inspired by the vehicle used from the old Tram Tour experience the park had, which closed in 2007:


(credit to @Eftelflags on Twitter)


IMA Score recently recorded the soundtrack:

A 63 piece orchestra and 40 person choir were involved.


The ride will include onboard audio, and will also feature a new character which the park hope to utilise beyond the ride from what I understand.


Assuming local restrictions allow it, the ride should be open by the beginning of June (which is the park's standard opening period for larger new investments).


Personally, I very much expect this to be more akin to a dark ride with coaster sections, rather than a coaster with dark ride sections. Not that that's a problem (if anything, I think that's what the park needs)


I'm not sure when I'll get out to try this, but I'm really looking forward to seeing to final product!

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  • 2 months later...

Work is very much still carrying on with this. This latest update comes with a spoiler warning:




As said in previous, it very much seems to be a 'dark ride with coaster section', as opposed to a 'coaster with dark ride section' as some may have first thought. 


Hard to say whether this is still on track to be ready for early June. In any case, the German parks still don't have a reopening date, and they may only open with outdoor rides, so it'll be a while before this opens I reckon.

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