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The Future Of Neptunes Kingdom


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I wouldn't be surprised to see the area looking pretty temporary and abandoned through 2012, with a new flat there in 2013. I expect there'll be a central area fenced off, with extra path space created around both sides of it a la Storm Surge. Seems so stupid and unnecessary when the Fungle site sits empty at the back of the park, which with the approval of the MTDP at the same time as LC12's approval also became greenlit for a flat (Slightly OT, but how the hell do they propose to fit a flat between Zodiac and the start of the Saw path behind Crust!? Some of the proposed locations on the MTDP seem highly unlikely!).Silly Thorpe...

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I do think people are somewhat jumping to conclusions here... its not unusual in anyway for work to start on the construction of the mazes in September, to get rid of the beach and make it look presentable would cost a large chunk of money, I cant see that being around with The Swarm being built, so yes whilst the message could be taken as its being removed, id be more inclined to read it as they are simply getting it ready to build the Fright Night attractions...

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Thing is, they must be planning something before too long - It's the Olympics next year, and the visiting numbers are going to enormous. And to be perfectly honest, I'm sure Neptune's Kingdom would've been ideal to keep a few guests occupied for a few hours. Why would Thorpe leave Neptune's Kingdom as an out-of-bounds construction site when they could've just waited another season?

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