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  1. Marc

    2019 Season

    Swarm opened last night for a couple hours - Stealth has been down a few days now I think.
  2. Even using #colossus 👀🙈
  3. Marc


    Of all the bad things merlin have done I’m not sure closing slammer is one of them, it was a maintenance nightmare it’s amazing it went on as long as it did - along with that it wasn’t overly popular! The biggest shame is it’s not been replaced yet!
  4. I got a preview of the ride before it opened and I was genuinely pretty impressed my first go - it wasn’t perfect but it was damn good - I didn’t know about what the ride did so that took me by surprise and was very impressed! The problem is it’s re-rideability and reliability I guess - I’ve had very few 100% perfect rides on it - though I do personally think when it is on form - certainly to people new to it I think they are impressed.
  5. Marc


    Saw engineers working on it today - they were doing things with the lap bars and testing it hopefully it’s not far of from reopening again!
  6. Whilst I agree - I doubt people rush back to the park for it - it’s hardly deserted forgotten - usually holds up a fairly consistent 20/25 min queue!
  7. Is it an annual pass from last year or a “season” pass from this year as I think the benefits between the 2 changed although someone maybe able to correct me!
  8. It’s possible or possibly they will do their own take on something with chainsaws - looking forward to this year!
  9. The smoke is finally fixed firing right at the train again ?
  10. Marc

    2019 Season

    I maybe wrong but do the new RAP cards not have a barcode which staff on the merge point can scan on the phones which also scan fastrack? I wonder if eventually the thing will be a lot more automated and when the card is scanned it will know how long that rides queue is and won’t scan till that time is over - possibly cutting out a lot of the abuse.
  11. If they struggle to get the budget to repaint the rides are open I’d much rather they didn’t waste money on things never returning personally!
  12. I don’t get why you’d repaint the whole boat? It’s gone, not coming back, we don’t want them to keep painting slammer to do we?! ?
  13. The hands are Ghost Train rise of the demon - only a very subtle hint in the text but it’s a start!
  14. Marc

    2019 Season

    I think the security / RAP queues are a tricky one to solve - particularly RAP - I’m guessing it was moved from Island help so that wasn’t clogged up so much in the morning so that guests with different issues were seen quicker - this should in theory have also made the RAP queue quicker as you are in a queue just for RAP rather than mixed with people with other issues. I think the whole RAP system could do with looking at - I know they’ve introduced cards to try improve it but maybe some sort of online q bot system , maybe like the reserve n ride system they used would be perfect for it. As for security it’s another thing which has sort of been rushed in and forced on them - I think the current setup is better than it was in the tents when they first had to start searching every bag but the current entrance area isn’t really designed for everyone to be bag searched. Shame to hear about rides being closed - they’ve stepped their game up this year compared to previous with ride availability - particularly with getting rides open on time and at full capacity- hopefully today was a bit of a blip in that!
  15. The Big Top will not return. Id quite like to see thrope going down more the towers route - charging per maze rather than all included - it generally means you get a better quality experience due to the fewer people being rushed through and in turn less wait time.
  16. Marc

    The Swarm

    Both water skims are back working now which is great although the fire engine one seems quite delayed hopefully easily fixed - the mist going strong from the plane wing too.
  17. A woman has been killed after the arm of a pendulum ride failed - looks awful!
  18. Problem with the merlin VIP one was it was too cheap for what you got - I expect you’d see far fewer issues with a small number of VIP passes across the parks for the same price as you’d have paid for a VIP merlin one.
  19. Marc

    2019 Season

    Weirdly, it was great to see the park busy today - the park always has a bit of a buzz to it when it’s a bit busier - especially in the sun, fingers crossed they can have a decent summer!
  20. The recent Angry Birds one for Detonator yeah!
  21. Indeed - whilst obviously I’m sure Universal wanted crowds of people turning up - a 10 hour wait is a logistical nightmare for any attraction to manage - If the ride could have ran with more trains I’m sure it would have.
  22. Noticing more and more changes recently with music at the park - Detonator platform now plays the queue line music when the rides announcements aren’t playing. Tidal Wave station finally has WWTP back playing in there (it’s been years!) Speakers at the entrance where the security queue is are also much louder now which was much needed!
  23. Marc

    Tidal Wave

    Good to see the queue line theming working again - simple effects I know but nice to see!
  24. Marc

    Tidal Wave

    Good to see the queue line theming working again - simple effects I know but nice to see!
  25. Marc

    The Swarm

    Good to see the Helicopter water skim finally working again - noticed over the past few weeks it’s been worked on slowly, the pool at the fire truck has also been cleaned out so hopefully that will be back up and running soon. Just be good to get the tower sound effect working again now and the TV’s!
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