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  1. Indeed - whilst obviously I’m sure Universal wanted crowds of people turning up - a 10 hour wait is a logistical nightmare for any attraction to manage - If the ride could have ran with more trains I’m sure it would have.
  2. Noticing more and more changes recently with music at the park - Detonator platform now plays the queue line music when the rides announcements aren’t playing. Tidal Wave station finally has WWTP back playing in there (it’s been years!) Speakers at the entrance where the security queue is are also much louder now which was much needed!
  3. Marc

    Tidal Wave

    Good to see the queue line theming working again - simple effects I know but nice to see!
  4. Marc

    Tidal Wave

    Good to see the queue line theming working again - simple effects I know but nice to see!
  5. Marc

    The Swarm

    Good to see the Helicopter water skim finally working again - noticed over the past few weeks it’s been worked on slowly, the pool at the fire truck has also been cleaned out so hopefully that will be back up and running soon. Just be good to get the tower sound effect working again now and the TV’s!
  6. Marc


    I’ve noticed it’s been on this setting for a few weeks now, it’s quite odd I can only assume there’s some sort of issue meaning they have to use that setting as it’s pretty awful to ride!
  7. I don’t think they told people who were in the queue to go away did they? Dont believe it soft opened. It’s open now with an advertised 8 hour wait 👀
  8. Marc

    2019 Season

    Is this not the one which has been open since start of season? Maybe wrong!
  9. Noticed that on detonator - a couple of years ago they replaced the Bose speakers at the top with cheaper emergency like speakers (no idea on the proper term!) which are very loud - the loud sound effect noise as it drops probably travels and gets complaints so they cut it just before that. I’m pretty sure before the angry birds music was added the platform and top of tower were split into left and right channels so only the countdown played at the top avoiding that issue!
  10. Zodiac has queue audio back too for the first time in a while, The dome is also playing its proper track now as is shark hotel which is good to hear! The entrance is still playing a strange short edit of the full version of track - missing out most of the different areas tracks which is a shame, Lost City is also playing a short version of its full track.
  11. Bouncezilla had a full queue today at about 35 mins - it’s good to see the GP enjoying this for what it is even if it’s not the most liked thing among people on here!
  12. Im no expert on costs of things but I don’t think should look too much into the costs of bouncezilla to the park - it has a sponsorship to start with which probably covered most / all the cost to buy it - I doubt any money spent would much much dent in a cost of a ride.
  13. Bouncezilla hasn’t replaced any ride, it’s taken up a space what would otherwise be empty. Whilst I can see why some don’t like it the feedback has been incredibly positive - only have to scroll through Facebook posts about it!
  14. That is nothing to do with bouncezilla at Thorpe.. completely different !
  15. The course was designed by MMM and custom made with the features they wanted for the space they had.. hence their involvement! As for the soundtrack - again its cheese and fun by design - fits in with the whole thing really!
  16. Don’t mind the soundtrack actually - it’s loud and fun like the whole attraction I guess - nice to include the imascore X in there and the most subtle hint to big top too!
  17. Really great fun - the thing is insanely tiring - don’t look bad from outside but it’s a pretty challenging course. Think it will go down well - I get what people say it’s big, loud but it is only temporary and it’s well worth a go!
  18. Used to happen on fish before it’s new PLC too - there’s very little room for error and if you go too far it has to go round again - or of course they could have just been feeling nice!
  19. Marc

    2019 Season

    Popped in for abit today - good to see the park continuing to run well - quiet day, rides running full capacity with minimal queues - Inferno team in particular were running it well with trains not staking.
  20. Be interesting to see how popular this proves to be - I actually think it will do pretty well - can see why it’s not everyone’s cup of of tea but do think it will appeal to the GP.
  21. Marc


    Was running well on 2 trains today - good to see the smoke working too!
  22. Marc


    It’s been more built every time I’ve visited so don’t think it will end up like that - from the looks of it it mostly just needed the theming added now.
  23. Marc

    2019 Season

    Fins definitely were open for lunch a few weeks ago - the menu was limited but they were open..
  24. I guess if it’s beyond repair we could see a new one? Unlike the loggers situation it would be relatively inexpensive to replace... hopefully !
  25. Marc

    Logger's Leap

    Loggers didn’t closed because it was in disrepair though - it was more because im guessing they didn’t get the budget to make all the modifications which falls has seen. I do fully believe at its time of closing the plan was genuinely to reopen it.
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