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  1. Certainly hope so! That said I think the park would want to know early summer at the latest so fingers crossed we are back to a more normal come Easter as is being suggested!
  2. Personally I don’t think it was their intention to completely remove it - sadly it was deemed it needed a fairly significant amount of work at a pretty bad time where budgets etc started to be cut - had it been a couple years earlier it wouldn’t surprise me if it had got the money it needed and had been saved.
  3. Ah yeah I meant what they immediately proceeded rather then their originals!
  4. Hadn’t really thought about it like that tbf but I’d say Gruffalo, Tiger Rock, Walking Dead The Ride are all good examples of a revamp improving the ride. That said I guess you could argue all 3 were better in their original form (Maybe not XNWO!) Fingers crossed Valhalla is a similar improvement!
  5. The unit has been split into 2 - fish and chips is still there although wouldn’t be surprised if it goes it never seems particularly popular at the best of times.
  6. The problem is merlin have already made it clear many pass holders are pre booking and not turning up, increasing pass holders tickets makes this problem worse and I can see why they don’t want to give pass holders too much % of the capacity they have for them not to turn up. They could introduce a higher pre book price (seems unlikely now they’ve made it free) which gives you money back when your at the park to spend. Or you could have some sort of system which gives gives priority to Those who have actually turned up and gone instead of booking and not going, problem
  7. Noticed inferno volcano last time lol too - that’s not had audio in a good 10 years maybe more. Agree about stealth - the plaza area is OK but the queue line is very quiet. Noticed colossus station has lost its automatic announcement when the train is ready to go - hopefully this can be fixed, it’s a shame that the station has lost a lot of the bass it used to have, same for Stealth but hopefully that can be fixed later on!
  8. It’s quite a mixed bag - as you mention the parks all have measures in place to try ensure the social distancing is happening and there’s plenty of sanitiser etc around the park but sadly not everyone follows it - especially in queues. Staff do try by making PA announcements, some are stricter than others for example refusing to send rides until people are distancing. I will say mask wearing has been pretty good, especially on rides where I’ve seen very few not wearing them. No idea about fright nights - will be interesting to see what they try and do with that especial
  9. I guess the problem all ultimately comes down to money, back in 09/10/11 the park was packed out on the back of Saw being an overwhelming success for the park, generally year on year numbers visiting was going up. Then come 2012 with the Swarm there was abit of an unexpected slump, could be down to external factors such as the olympics etc we will never know for sure what caused it, but I guess it’s where nerves set in, and it’s fair enough I can see why Merlin would worry about large investments if they were not confident in a return. The got through to 2016 their next “
  10. The thing is anti social behaviour and a stabbing are 2 very different things - you can have all the searches etc in the world but you’ll still get things like anti social behaviour. I don’t really think there’s a right answer - even in Orlando I think it’s only universal and maybe one Disney park (Epcot I think?) who put all guests through a x ray machine, I think there’s a fine line between checks an every day guest would expect when entering a theme park to the point where it gets too much, for example the hospital stabbing the other day I don’t think everyone will expect to be
  11. Thing is when you start thinking about things like MOS nights there’s tonnes of alcohol involved - I expect most clubs end up with numerous fights. It’s a tough one I think the parks target if anything has moved more towards family over the last few years but with the park having the thrill line up it does it will always attract more teenage guests I feel.
  12. They have never had an incident like this - hindsight is a wonderful thing. Thorpe have never searched everyone entering the park, they don’t have the facilities too and have felt they don’t need to. Blackpool’s setup is rather different, if I remember rightly Blackpool had huge issues with anti social behaviour which I assume is why their very strict security was implemented? Theres only so much they can do to mitigate risk, compared to other parks in the U.K. I’d say Thorpes security is already fairly strict and will no doubt evolve as required.
  13. You must be aware of massive terrorist incidents which resulted in massive changes to security operations within the airline industry? But I can’t agree it’s completely the parks fault - there was a stabbing in a hospital yesterday, is that the hospitals fault? As pluk said, there’s only so much they can do, You can not expect a guest visiting a theme park or any entertainment venue to go though airport standard security checks. Thankfully incidents like this are extremely rare at these places.
  14. Under account settings - clicking below when logged in should work! https://forum.maniahub.com/settings/signature/
  15. I'm not sure it does show a failure on thorpes part? Thorpe Park's security procedure (the parts which we see anyway) is IMO probably the most stringent out of all the Merlin theme parks already and will no doubt evolve again after this incident. I agree that I haven't had to walk through a scanner at thorpe other than on some special events, but the same can be said for any entertainment venue I've visited in the UK over the past couple of years. The bag search was bought in after a number of terrorist incidents. I agree if they want to search every guest to a higher standard it w
  16. The TVs sort of worked last year - the news audio track played but very few TVs worked - think the ones over in the extended queue did but that was all.
  17. Hey At which point of registration did you get the error? Just tried to register an account and it worked OK for me. thanks Marc
  18. Marc


    Yeah it did reopen later on!
  19. I agree - I’ve no idea on other Merlin parks but Thorpe did have a number of rides closed - I do not believe it all being down to budget cuts though, In general rides were staffed pretty well. For the indoor rides it seems to be a choice merlin have made across the board - as far as I know it’s the same at all merlin parks - personally at Thorpe I can see why, Ghost Train would be an awful ride to run in these times, Walking dead wouldn’t be much better with its narrow / dark corridors - then the added issue of odd numbers and couldn’t pair Odd number groups together, angry birds c
  20. So I actually had a good day today, I’ll admit after the first hour everything felt a bit weird, but after that getting more used to things I actually enjoyed it. Carrying on from above, the arcade from that angle does look bad - I’ve no idea I can only assume it had to be done very quickly for some reason or work wasn’t able to be completed due to corona - I do hope something is done to improve it as it don’t look great. On a more positive note - Firstly with the social distancing I think the park did really well - there are markers literally everywhere spaced out 2 m anyw
  21. Whilst I agree to an extent - there’s plenty to be positive about too.. The park has had a great rebrand over the winter - tonnes of signage replaced, tonnes of new stuff, it looks good, its much more professional and it needed doing. The dome has been done up more - whilst I get opinions on looks are subjective and personal opinion, it’s had work done and it’s seen improvement, along with Infinity bar which at least from the outside looks really good - it will be a huge improvement for hotel guests when social distancing measures allow some of the new bits in there too
  22. I didnt mean it as a positive, things in and around London are more expensive, its just the way it is. It wont just be capacity, it will be demand too, seeing as they've sold out within a couple of hours of opening being confirmed i guess its safe to assume its been priced it right from a business standpoint.
  23. Day tickets for open day have sold out - annual passes will be out of a different allocation but will no doubt sell out too.
  24. I’d say Chessington is a fair bit bigger bigger than Thorpe? The parks much more spread out, It has the zoo too to help distribute guests further. Of course Alton offers more but then Thorpe will always have the extra premium being within the m25, as will Chessington.
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