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A 12-metre-tall sculpted skull is the latest striking addition to the major new £4m family-themed attraction at Oakwood Theme Park which opens next month.

The giant skull is the centrepiece of the unique new pirate-themed water ride at the Pembrokeshire park.

As part of the ride visitors will emerge out of one of the eye sockets in boats before descending down a spectacular cascading waterfall.

Oakwood Theme Park director, Dominic Jones, said: “The new pirate-themed ride really is unique.

“It’s a combination of a log flume and a dark ride with visitors beginning their voyage on boats which lead them in to the interior of the stone-sculpted skull before emerging back into the daylight via the eye socket for the waterfall descent.

“Our team of themers and ride engineers have been hard at work painstakingly putting the sections of the skull together and I have to say it really does look extraordinary,” he added.

The pirate-themed ride also includes a

“The mix of log flume and dark ride really will make this a pretty unique family ride in the UK and I’m hoping the skull itself will become an iconic symbol of the new area,” added Dominic.

The new area which occupies over three acres in total – the equivalent of more than 10 Olympic-size swimming pools - will also feature a junior coaster, a flying experience, a pirate-themed galleon and a London Taxi ride featuring iconic sights including Big Ben, the Tower of London and Nelson’s Column.

There is also an interactive walkthrough area, outside spaces themed as London parks, a soft play zone, food and retail outlets.

Issued by Oakwood Theme Park. For more information and to arrange interview and picture/filming opportunities please contact Jessica Spooner on 01834 815170.

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One thing I find really frustrating with Oakwood is their lack of urgency, even in summer holidays. Speed was on one car for most of the day last year (bear in mind that means 8 people every two minutes or so) and megafobia on one. Actually when was the last time they used the green train on that?

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