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@CharlieN so sorry for your loss - it’s so hard when a pet dies that it’s hard to explain to people who don’t have any.  Hoover is such a brilliant name for a cat and what a gorgeous boy he was.  A lot of people think cats are independent (which is true to an extent) but they are like family members.  My 2 cats are my fur babies (I call them my girls) and they’ve helped me get through some tough stuff.


I’ve also lost 2 cats - one was killed by a cat fight and the other had to be put to sleep - euthanasia is a hard decision to make but we do what is best for our pets even if it means having to let them go.

They are some great pics you have - when I lost my most recent cat I printed out pics of both cats I’ve lost and made a frame collage thing which helped and now they’re both on my wall (have lots of pics on my phone but it’s not the same as print outs).


RIP Hoover

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