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    I enjoy drawing, although I don’t have much of a talent for it any more. I try to write in my spare time and I would love to be part of the uk film and television industry some day.

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  1. Perhaps I misheard. Either way, this has left lots of people in a bad way. How much is Merlin worth again?
  2. Got a mate at the park on a 50 hour contract who suddenly had it cut down to 0 hour so he doesn’t have to be paid now. Fun.
  3. I’m gonna be pretty sad if the music changes. I actually really liked it. Brings back a lot of good memories.
  4. I should probably add this because of the message above: children aren’t really being affected by the virus as a whole. yeah, they can catch it, but it rarely kills them. the real threat is to the elderly and those with preexisting conditions.
  5. Don’t know whether this has been posted elsewhere, as I haven’t been on the forum for months, but heard from a friend of mine that while Legoland is staying open for the time being, no face painting, temporary tattoos or hair wraps will be available.
  6. Whatever


    The Legoland Express train held up quite a lot of visitors yesterday as it stopped just metres from the station, meaning the automatic barriers (which it had cleared) were still down. People trying to get to other parts of the park were held up and advised to go under the bridge and around Lego city, which is quite a detour. The train, after much visible confusion from the staff, had to reverse back into the station, which I’ve never seen happen before! I left that part of the park shortly after, but it could have been something to do with the part of the tracks which intersect the laser raiders queue. I’m not sure. Either way, an interesting thing to have witnessed!
  7. Personally, being at Thorpe with no friends was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was a school trip last year to reward all the good kids at school (no idea how I got in) and as the only year eleven on the coach, I realised there was literally no one to go on the rides with. I ended up going on about three rides, then sat in the dome for a while until the time came to go home. Never again. I felt humiliated in front of the younger, cooler students and the pitiful teachers. I like having someone to talk to in the queues. That said, even though I felt it’s not for me, it doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy going alone! There’s a boy at my college now who goes afterwards near enough every day, and he seems to love it! Bring a book or some music for the queues and you should be set!
  8. I heard that staff found a massive crack in the supports/structure and that’s why it can’t open.
  9. Apparently even Varney hated this attraction when he tested it, which kinda says a lot.
  10. I haven’t actually seen one in real life; are the doors clear? Do they overlook a piece of countryside on a hill where the sky is large at night? Or were the marketing execs at Alton even mode high than when they decided adding a dungeon to the park was a good idea?
  11. seriously about to end it all
  12. The little GCSE geography knowledge that I have retained inside me just said that this ain’t it, chief.
  13. Those aren’t even memes, they’re abominations. Generally, the ‘when X happens’ followed by a photo of someone making a face ‘meme’ has about as much comedic quality as Amy Schumer taking a ****.
  14. I’m surprised they’re not even adding it on as an option - I really enjoyed it to be honest. It wasn’t needed, it didn’t help the queue times, but I still liked it. Unfortunate.
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