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    I enjoy the creative arts. Drawing is a passion, as well as other forms of creating. I enjoy drama and acting, but it isn't a career path I see myelf following. I prefer behind the scenes work on sets and that's where my job will be one day, hopefully. I obviously enjoy roller coasters and theme parks too! I'm very easily pleased with things; I even enjoyed DBGT and Galactica.

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    I would die for storm surge
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    towers is better but I have a love/hate relationship with thorpe

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  1. Whatever


    Saw some quite good marketing from Legoland yesterday at the royal wedding; they were handing out Union Jack flags for people to wave but they had a big fat advertisement for the park on the back. Nice to see many of them trampled into the ground of the Long Walk after most people had left too. Humans are so considerate.
  2. Whatever

    Your Chessington

    Sometimes I feel like I'm on another plane of existence when reading this guy's posts because I cannot even begin to comprehend what they're trying to say.
  3. Whatever

    New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    Still think that the Tigers' enclosures could have be been more lavishly furnished. They look so sparse and bare. The fences and bridges look so garish too; surely could have been done in a nicer manner.
  4. Whatever

    Your Thorpe Park

    I'm sorry, what?
  5. Whatever

    Your Thorpe Park

    What is this 'Planet Snoopy' that you've mentioned a couple of times now?
  6. Whatever

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Holy ****, that looks terrible. They seriously opened the park knowing that It looked like that?
  7. Whatever

    Fear on a Ride

    You won't know you don't like them until you do it. I don't like Detonator or Rush, but I know that I don't like them because I've tried them (but I'll go on them if someone dares me to bc I know I won't die) Go on the Smiler, or get someone to dare you to. That's what got me onto swarm. My mum went on Colossus 10 years ago because my cousins dared her to. She hated it but at least she knows she hates it.
  8. Whatever


    They've shut off the path between Boating School and Atlantis with big billboards advertising this madhouse either side. The city express train is also not running; it goes past that area by the looks of it. Does that mean it might close for good?
  9. Whatever

    General Discussion

    Has to be a letter from within the last twelve months now. His last one was from his diagnosis which was five years ago. I do entirely get what you mean about RAP exploitation. You can qualify for it with nearly nothing now, and no one is happy in a long queue, whether neurotypical, neurodivergent, able or disabled. I feel a lot of people wouldn't be any worse if there were no such thing as the RAP.
  10. Whatever

    General Discussion

    I don't know if this is the correct thread, but I visited the park yesterday and it was rather hellish. In the picture (at the bottom of this post) you can see the queue for guest services. It goes as far as the eye can see, not to mention also past the left side of the photo and up a ramp. We had to queue for near enough an hour with a twelve year old boy who can't queue very well to get a pass so he does not have to queue. Do you see the problem here? I'd like to mention that the staff handling the queue were very friendly and understanding, and I have the biggest respect for all of them because they were having to deal with children and annoyed parents (who were behaving worse to be honest). There were even two zookeepers bringing round a friendly goat for the children to pet which was very sweet. From the parents, I heard quite a few 'I'd like to speak to the manager please', as if we weren't all going through the same thing. I feel a lot of parents feel so entitled that they don't have to queue or respect the staff or anything. It must be a generational effect. But I understand somewhat how annoying the queue was. My mum then got pissed when we finally saw someone to get the pass, as he said my brother was no longer entitled to get one. I wasn't listening because I was embarrassed of the way both parties were speaking to one another, but it had something to do with either needing a letter from the doctor or SENCO about how my brother could not queue well (which isn't easy. What do they know specifically about his ability to queue?) He also said that there were plenty of ASD people that go in the normal queue, and I'm sure there are, and I'm sure my brother would queue for longer if he absolutely had to, but it's not my decision to make because I'm not the ASD child. It's him that knows whether he can queue or not. Yes, the way the Guest Services guy spoke to my mum was a little condescending, but I remembered that this poor bloke probably hears the same arguments day in, day out and is probably underpaid for it too. It's not even his fault; he's just at the front of it. It's another thing I can't bear about older people (sorry mum): they take out their anger at the receptionist, the cashier or the waiter, when the real problem usually lies with the men in suits higher up in the corporation. Be polite to them for god's sake. My mum also threatened to the guy to withdraw her prepayment for a new annual pass. As if it makes a difference to him. (I still want a pass because most of the time I visit with friends and go in the normal queue anyway) I'm not entirely sure where this was going and this post was all over the place but basically, I'm stuck in the middle of this and I'm not hugely siding with anyone. But step up your game Merlin, because your staff at the bottom are suffering because of it.
  11. Whatever

    New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    I saw loads from the cobra queue yesterday- most people were quite oblivious to the fact there was a HUGE tiger pacing behind them! They must have only arrived recently as all she/he seemed to do was pace and check out the area. The enclosures look very spacious, Though I thought that they weren't as nicely furnished as the Sumatran Tigers' living space in Trail of the Kings. It seemed a bit bare. The big new tiger head does look impressive and hopefully willl look even better when finished!
  12. Whatever


    Dahl was extremely strict with adaptions of his novels. He had the name of the 1971 CATCF changed to 'Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory' instead as he was disappointed with the adaption. He actively told fans not to watch The Witches and I dare say he'd be turning in his grave at what they did to Fantastic Mr Fox. It's not surprising that his estate have withdrawn the rights to these Oakwood rides. I doubt that he himself would have been a fan.
  13. Whatever

    How Busy Is It Going To Be?

    Bank holiday Monday is bound to be a nightmare but probably Sunday less so (because of religious stuff) though still busy.
  14. Whatever

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    viner Daz Black's opinion on the ride (via his instagram story): "So we just got out of Thorpe Park. We did the new Walking Dead ride. Do not bother. Honestly it is the worst **** I have ever seen and we got soaked, we were in the queue for so long-" (video cuts) "And the old ride there, No Way Out, they just stuck a few zombies on the walls and it was over in like two seconds and it was the ****test ride I've ever done" BIG MOOD have basically no expectations for this ride. Ruined X totally.
  15. Whatever

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Was on park today so here you go. Looks rubbish.