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  1. I'm mostly okay with rides. Used to have a problem greying out on more forceful coasters such as The Swarm but it seems to mostly have subsided. Luckily, I've never thrown up after a ride or even felt like I was going to. I know of friends that cannot ride for a couple of hours after eating, but I've not had that problem. Hope this helps!
  2. Park Music

    Well, they're a major company making a childish mistake....we're just pointing it out. I'd get it if there were mistakes over something difficult like semi-colons; not knowing the difference between 'your' and 'you're' is silly.
  3. Park Music

    God, how do they make a grammar mistake that simple? How does no one on the team that creates these videos actually say 'Hey, one of you guys made a primary school level mistake here, let's change it!' Truly stupid.
  4. The Future of Rumba Rapids!

    We don't know if it's staying with a new theme or if anything is happening at all. What most people here are guessing is that if there was to be work done on the Rumba, the park would not get rid of such a staple ride - they'd just give it some new life. And about your second point: yes, most likely will be Jungle based, seeming as it is in an area called 'The Jungle' and has been loosely themed within one. And the Rangers making a comeback is just not happening. We all need to let. It. Go. Personally also think that Thorpe should create some new mascots for the kids, but if they're anything like those terrible voodoo dolls they sell, scrap the idea immediately because they're ugly as hell.
  5. Update on Octopus garden rides post leaving Thorpe Park!

    I'm pretty sure some of the cars from a ride in Octopus Gardens were placed in the outdoor section of The Big Top. This was only in its first year, 2015, when the maze took place on the beach. They're probably in storage like the above person has written (that warehouse full of old Thorpe junk that schools go might have some). The Octopus Garden rides probably weren't worth anything at all; maybe some are still trundling about in travelling funfairs. Who knows?
  6. General Discussion

    Well, tigers don't actually live in Africa. Lions and Leopards yes. Tigers? Not so much. But Tigers do live in Asia, and there is a population in China (which is presumably where Mystic East is based on) Also, there is a year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar. The tiger species at Chessington are Amur tigers, which used to inhabit parts of China (but now have gone extinct from the area) So you could say that they're still maintaining an Asian theme. I hope they do (as long as there aren't any rude stereotypes attached). And I'm also pleased that hopefully with more up-to-date enclosures, the animals will have a better quality of life - as the current ones are very outdated (they still seem very well cared for and happy though).
  7. Thorpe Park Merchandise

    no offence, but those dolls are just..... awful. Such disregard for the actual themes of the rides; they also look terribly cheap. Towers have similar ones for several coasters too. I hate the little plastic voodoo dolls that thorpe sell as well because they're so terribly designed. If you're going to create 'mascots' for rides, at least put thought into the theme and story of the ride (if there are any) when designing them.
  8. SW8

    Despite there being signs all around the site, as well as it being clearly visible from several places, SW8 didn't seem to draw much interest from people when I was at Towers yesterday. Friends thought it was just scaffolding (towers doesn't need any more unnecessary scaffolding believe you me!!!) After explaining to my peers that it was in fact a wooden rollercoaster in construction, and yes, those are actually the supports, they thought it was a bit old fashioned. One friend was just sorely disappointed that there was no longer a log flume
  9. Park Music

    As much as I enjoy this new Colossus music and like that they've somewhat kept most of the original tune, one new melody sounds almost completely ripped off of 'Rue's Farewell' from the Hunger Games franchise. As soon as I walked into the Lost City, I was immediately reminded of it.
  10. 2017 Season General Discussion

    HUGE queues to get into park today. Apparently they changed the security check system and it's causing absolute mayhem (one long line instead of two shorter ones). I will try and upload screenshots later of the video I took, if I can. Luckily we managed to skip most of it as my mother informed a (very helpful) member of staff of my brother's disability and his inability to behave when queuing (he's an access pass user) and we were let through. It's probable that the security checks will go back to 'normal' within the next few days just seeing what a disaster they were. And even so, the checks themselves are a bit rubbish. If someone DID want to bring a knife or drugs into the park for whatever reason, it would be easy. They barely check the bags and never seem to check your pockets. I wished the staff member luck because she, and all the rest of her colleagues at the entrance, are probably in for one hell of a day.
  11. Oakwood

    Loving the knockoff Quentin Blake illustrations there
  12. Stealth

    Stealth was being incredibly well run yesterday- better than I've ever seen it at least! Well done to the staff for that.
  13. Park Music

    Queued for the Swarm yesterday and the new announcement drove me insane. It's annoying. With something like Saw, I understand why they have US-accented announcements, as it's an American franchise. But jeez, that guy repeating 'tHe SwAaAaAaRm!!!ยก1!' every thirty seconds just became somewhat of a joke between our group. It's completely over the top.
  14. Got to the second section today before the ride broke down. The first time I've experienced this on DBGT, and it was quite exciting, though my friend was annoyed because it was her first time trying ROTD. The air con came on really heavy into the carriage, and god, it was nice. Management later boarded the train and very enthusiastically handed us fast tracks while we were evacuated (better than the boredom of some staff members). It was interesting to see the ride with lights on, as it shows the train doesn't move much at all! All very interesting for me (I'm easily pleased) I missed that air con when I stepped into the glaring sun for sure!
  15. Fear on a Ride

    I don't think they allow you to choose, as far as I know. Went last July (I think) with RAP and I don't remember being allowed to go where we'd like. It probably depends how many people you're with/ how busy it is etc