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  1. Whatever


    It was literally the same ride, man.
  2. Whatever


    It was literally the same ride, man.
  3. Whatever

    Logger's Leap

    On another note, I did think the illuminated loggers looked quite surreally beautiful lurking above platform 15. Some people in my group thought that it was the lift hill for nemesis inferno or saw. Odd considering neither look remotely alike.
  4. Whatever

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I went to fright nights last night, and it was an excellent trip! Defo the best FN I’ve been to (I’ve been doing it for 5 years now). I didn’t get to go on every maze as we were too busy getting multiple re rides on the coasters (did anybody say three consecutive goes on inferno?) but I felt they were all pretty decent, except for that Vulcan peak one. The only sort of actor we got was someone going past with a megaphone yelling various growls at us. I’d say we were blindfolded to avoid us realising that the maze was essentially IAC without the challenges or Ant and Dec. Or maybe it was so they could avoid accusations of racism- if we ever got to see the ‘locals’ of the jungle and not just hear them, there could be accusations not too dissimilar to those that came out after Thorpe’s portrayal of mentally ill people in Asylum but rather about stereotyping and cultural appropriation instead. Who knows. The actors doing the ‘terror at Amity High’ thing were all really good sports - my friend got to dance with them and then got fist bumps from the American football players- but they must have chosen the oldest actors they could find to play high school students! Considering that the majority of FN actors are very young, I had no idea why they’d chosen mostly people in their thirties and forties to do this one. Living Nightmare was excellent- we went on at about 8:45 and the girl playing Neegan was really good and intimidating. We literally walked straight into it too- despite the queue being advertised at 45 minutes. (The queues for Sanctum, which I did not try, looked huge though) Platform had had to be my favourite maze of the night. The bloke playing our tour guide was amazing and had some good banter with the guests in our group, who were a little disgruntled after having the maze being down for a while before we went on. The tunnel was scary as ever for me, as I don’t like confined dark spaces- and I was at the front of the conga line! We managed to get the whole group to sing the ‘baby shark’ song, which was a feat in itself. Dead Creek woods was decent, but the experience was almost the same as Blair Witch from previous years, bar the shed. Once again, the introductory actors was great, but there wasn’t much story to it. For both this and Platform, we must have queued 20 minutes maximum each. Saw was actually my first maze of the evening and had a very short and quickly moving queue. It was pretty much the same as previous year and I feel like the actors could have been better lit so we could see what they were doing more. So so an excellent evening for me! I really enjoyed it and all the main actors were great in my opinion!
  5. Whatever

    Possible Expansion

    That was sarcasm.
  6. Whatever

    Fear on a Ride

    Firstly- well done! Secondly, if you can do Rita, you can probably do Stealth, inferno and Swarm in terms of sheer scariness.
  7. Whatever

    Possible Expansion

    Loving the contrast between the rotting zombie face and the Peanuts characters there.
  8. Whatever

    Education (Exam Results)

    Pissed cos I got 2 8s, 3 7s and the rest 6s. Mostly really upset about my English because I expected at least 8s in both and I got a 7 and a 6, the same that I got in science, which is a subject I despise with a passion. All of my English teachers have said that they are confused and I’m having my paper remarked for there’s something clearly wrong.
  9. Whatever

    Rameses Revenge

    That picture itself is a dead meme dude, come on
  10. Whatever


    This is like coming face to face with the terrible incarnation of myself when I first joined this website (that I can only continue to apologise for). It’s Karma I guess. But it seriously though? Double posting, no quoting, no use of grammar... how old are you?
  11. Whatever


    That guy ‘dissed’ vortex in 2008. Ten years ago. A decade ago. You cant even remember the names of the rides at Chessington and Thorpe and you call yourself a fan of theme parks?
  12. Whatever

    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    Depite being plonked next to the gobbiest little sh!te ever on my first ride, I somewhat enjoyed it, which I didn’t think I was going to do. The queue outside in the heat was absolutely agonising as I could barely move or sit. I found the horn of the lorry to be way too loud on my ears but this could just be me for I’m a little sound sensitive. It was actually an ok revamp to X that we didn’t need nor want.
  13. Whatever

    2018 General Discussion

    Oh I'm so very sorry. Please accept my sincere apologies for pointing out that it was busy, but well organised due to there being lots of schools there on a school week. CRAZY AF!