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    I enjoy the creative arts. Drawing is a passion, as well as other forms of creating. I enjoy drama and acting, but it isn't a career path I see myelf following. I prefer behind the scenes work on sets and that's where my job will be one day, hopefully. I obviously enjoy roller coasters and theme parks too! I'm very easily pleased with things; I even enjoyed DBGT and Galactica.

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    I would die for storm surge
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    towers is better but I have a love/hate relationship with thorpe

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  1. Random

    They exist....
  2. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    Yikes, mixed feelings about this one, but still looks visually stunning.
  3. Nemesis

    It looks beautiful. Unfortunately for me, these images didn't exist for me to reference for one of my GCSE art pieces, which was completed in november. My whole project was based on steel coasters, and in particular, Nemesis. Would have been nice to have had the above photos in existence for inspiration 😂 The artists here have done a fantastic job working on the station, as it looked very dreary and grey before.
  4. Rameses Revenge

    Don't ask me, I don't work for Merlin. I suppose it could be done if they got their arses into gear but it isn't gonna happen.
  5. New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    Sorry, my mistake.
  6. Random Picture Thread.

  7. New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    According to the park's instagram page, the new tigers are already on park. I do wonder where they are being kept as the new enclosure is obviously far from habitable thus far. They wouldn't be allowed to house them with the two much smaller Sumatran Tigers (provided they're still at Chessington and haven't been sold off. Then the new ones could temporarily be housed there until May?). The new Siberian / Amur Tigers are far larger and it is good that they will have a modern closure rather than the tiny things the current Tigers and lions live in. (But chessie do do a god job keeping the animals occupied in the challenging spaces)
  8. Theme Park Memes

    that doge one was painful to look at
  9. Fright Nights 2017

    Were they genuine Easter Eggs or Thorpe being cheap and reusing stuff?
  10. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    I was looking forward to Netflix's Bright, primarily because I found the concept of an urban fantasy interesting and that Bastille had done a song for it. When I heard that it had been trashed by critics, I was surprised. I've seen it a couple of times now and I've formed a few opinions. It wasn't the best movie of the year by all means, but it certainly wasn't the worst. The allegory for racism was a bit OTT, though the characters were great (Joel Edgerton's orc cop Nick Jakoby stole the show with this one). Personally, I can't wait for a sequel movie or tv series.
  11. TPM Awards 2017 - The Results!

    Not meaning to be rude, but you say 'lack of people who can be bothered to go abroad' but forget that quite a few members on this forum are minors, who can't just jet off alone, and that not everyone can afford or want the hassle of international holidays multiple times a year.
  12. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    Watched The Last Jedi on Friday. In my opinion I preferred episode VII overall, but the first third of this movie was even better. It was the middle part that let it down unfortunately. The final act was pretty good, but still a little disappointing. I've heard very mixed reviews from different people but I hope I grow to like it.
  13. Park Music

    As a fan of Thorpe's past music, I have very mixed feelings about this CD and the new music as a whole... I feel like they're patting themselves on the head and going ah yes.... leitmotifs.... we are such intellectuals... beat that disney. In general, I FAR preferred the old main thorpe theme, as barely recognised as it was. It was used in this promo video a few years back: Much preferred it to the electric pop beat we have now. It sounded a lot more Intelligent, as if the park was fun but took itself more seriously -and more British (these new soundtracks sound very manufactured and American) I was sad to see the OG Colossus and now the OG Inferno tracks go, but I think they've done an alright job with the new ones and I'm very very glad that they're similar to their predecessors. It's a bit stupid that they've essentially paid IMAScore to redo something that was already great and didn't need fixing. Does anyone also know if this CD will be available on iTunes, Amazon music and the like? My household have converted to digital music pretty much and I don't know if there are even any surviving CD players in the house. Sorry that this post is a bit of a shambles gramatically.
  14. Rameses Revenge

    The ride is just so tired and old; the best idea would be to put it out of its misery and be replaced with a newer model. And it's all very well giving your ideas for how you would make it better, but we aren't staff at Merlin Magic Making and it's not like you've actually said WHAT theming you would add. To be honest too, theming isn't what rameses lacks. It's no Talocan, but Rammy is quite nice tucked away in that little corner, with the rocky bit at the back. The high paths above make it a nice spectator event for the public. What Chessie REALLY need to sort out is getting the damn thing working, although there's not much that can be done when it's so knackered.