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    I enjoy the creative arts. Drawing is a passion, as well as other forms of creating. I enjoy drama and acting, but it isn't a career path I see myelf following. I prefer behind the scenes work on sets and that's where my job will be one day, hopefully. I obviously enjoy roller coasters and theme parks too! I'm very easily pleased with things; I even enjoyed DBGT and Galactica.

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  1. Park Music

    As a fan of Thorpe's past music, I have very mixed feelings about this CD and the new music as a whole... I feel like they're patting themselves on the head and going ah yes.... leitmotifs.... we are such intellectuals... beat that disney. In general, I FAR preferred the old main thorpe theme, as barely recognised as it was. It was used in this promo video a few years back: Much preferred it to the electric pop beat we have now. It sounded a lot more Intelligent, as if the park was fun but took itself more seriously -and more British (these new soundtracks sound very manufactured and American) I was sad to see the OG Colossus and now the OG Inferno tracks go, but I think they've done an alright job with the new ones and I'm very very glad that they're similar to their predecessors. It's a bit stupid that they've essentially paid IMAScore to redo something that was already great and didn't need fixing. Does anyone also know if this CD will be available on iTunes, Amazon music and the like? My household have converted to digital music pretty much and I don't know if there are even any surviving CD players in the house. Sorry that this post is a bit of a shambles gramatically.
  2. Rameses Revenge

    The ride is just so tired and old; the best idea would be to put it out of its misery and be replaced with a newer model. And it's all very well giving your ideas for how you would make it better, but we aren't staff at Merlin Magic Making and it's not like you've actually said WHAT theming you would add. To be honest too, theming isn't what rameses lacks. It's no Talocan, but Rammy is quite nice tucked away in that little corner, with the rocky bit at the back. The high paths above make it a nice spectator event for the public. What Chessie REALLY need to sort out is getting the damn thing working, although there's not much that can be done when it's so knackered.
  3. New for 2018

    This news has been making the rounds at school at the moment, and most people are annoyed about the change, even TWD fans. It could be interesting how they incorporate the coaster itself into the attraction - could the maze be the first section, and the ride a form of 'escape' from zombies? I haven't watched the show; do any fans know of something that would fit? It is obviously annoying that they're taking an innocent enjoyable ride away and replacing it with some more scary, abandonded crap... maybe the park looking like this is a metaphor for my will to live abandoning me whenever I hear about Thorpe's new attractions. But I'm also just intruiged on how they're gonna pull this off (probably badly tbh).
  4. New for 2018

    It doesn’t really make a difference to be honest.... Undoubtedly, Saw Alive May be popular over fright nights (aren’t all the mazes?), but simply plopping a ‘Jig’ over the front of ‘Saw’ won’t add anything to its queues. They are long enough anyway. Pretty sure that Saw VII came out after the Ride’s opening. Were there people demanding the change of the ride back then? Theres not much they can change though- in terms of any films, the first is clearly the most ‘iconic’ and they’re going to use imagery from that. Does Jigsaw have the puppet? Check. So does Thorpe (albeit a more bedraggled and shat-on version). Are there swinging hammers and various torture devices in that movie? Probably. The ride already has them. I think you get my gist. I can can just imagine the uproar from enthusiasts if Thorpe had the audacity to scribble ‘Jig’ onto all the Saw branding but overall, not changing much about the ride at all. ‘Jigsaw’ is part of the ‘Saw’ franchise anyway, and those in the GP who are not as familiar with the new film may wonder why ‘The Saw one’ has become ‘Puzzle: the ride’.
  5. New for 2018

    I was in year seven when I first went on The Swarm, my first big ride. I was a HUGE wimp. It took me literally walking away from the queue several times for friends to forcibly take me on the damn thing. And after that... it’s like the fear has been ironed out of you. Okay, there are still some creases in the fabric - I’m still nervous before stealth, for example - but I have tried every ride at Thorpe. Those that I didn’t like, I didn’t ride again (but will sometimes brave for a challenge). I still have a fear of heights, but no longer in the context of a coaster. It takes one go, one deep breath, and lots of bullying from friends and family. You’ve been on this forum for around two years; next season is your time to shine with these rides!
  6. SW8

    Is that? Shrek 2: the ride confirmed. The wicker man figure in the plans has yet to be painted green- it’s actually a shrine to the ogre. On a more serious note, this ride just seems full of recycled ideas. Unoriginal. We once again have hooded mysterious figures (th13teen) in some sort of cult or group (The Smiler). Theyre paying homage to something (pretty sure Nemesis in a promotional video had some hooded figures ‘drawn’ to its site) and there’s some sort of ancient runes and ideology to do with it (once again, Nemesis)
  7. New for 2018

    Swarm VR, are they having a laugh? No thanks.
  8. Fright Nights 2017

    I just.....
  9. Fright Nights 2017

    @themeparkadict Here's the post, do you want me to put it more clearly? I've even taken the trouble to highlight the key words in bold for you, just in case you couldn't pick them out.
  10. Fright Nights 2017

    You literally quoted and replied to one of my posts yesterday where I described IN DETAIL what checks I went through. In August it was probably different for you because ding ding! Fright Nights isn't on in August! Is this account a troll or for real? Tell me I'm not being wound up here.
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    Uh because it's fright night and there is a high risk of immaturity and unruliness during this event, so a higher potential amount of drugs or weapons being taken onto park. I get why they have these checks, but I'd rather they find a system that actually works. It's laughable to see their entrance plaza look so dated and old and have to be divided using those little metal barriers. My dad, who was going to drop me off and then come into the park with my younger brother, took one look at the queue and headed to chessington for the day instead.
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    Nearly an hour. 25 minutes in a queue that was constantly being pushed into for the metal detector. There were two queues because there were two detectors, but then they merged because it turned out only one was working. Then at least another twenty to get our bags checked, which then led to another detecting thing and then a sniffer dog. Brownie points to the staff for still being so friendly today. They really do have a hard job.
  13. Fright Nights 2017

    On park, so far: •waited nearly an hour for security checks which weren't even working fully • Colossus and stealth are closed as well as multiple other rides (I know they can't help the weather) •queued for zodiac- it closed :/ • queue times board says that ALL rides are closing at 4pm???? This is t normal is it or have I missed something?
  14. I'm mostly okay with rides. Used to have a problem greying out on more forceful coasters such as The Swarm but it seems to mostly have subsided. Luckily, I've never thrown up after a ride or even felt like I was going to. I know of friends that cannot ride for a couple of hours after eating, but I've not had that problem. Hope this helps!
  15. Park Music

    Well, they're a major company making a childish mistake....we're just pointing it out. I'd get it if there were mistakes over something difficult like semi-colons; not knowing the difference between 'your' and 'you're' is silly.