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  1. Whatever

    Rameses Revenge

    That picture itself is a dead meme dude, come on
  2. Whatever


    This is like coming face to face with the terrible incarnation of myself when I first joined this website (that I can only continue to apologise for). It’s Karma I guess. But it seriously though? Double posting, no quoting, no use of grammar... how old are you?
  3. Whatever


    That guy ‘dissed’ vortex in 2008. Ten years ago. A decade ago. You cant even remember the names of the rides at Chessington and Thorpe and you call yourself a fan of theme parks?
  4. Whatever

    2018 General Discussion

  5. Whatever

    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    Depite being plonked next to the gobbiest little sh!te ever on my first ride, I somewhat enjoyed it, which I didn’t think I was going to do. The queue outside in the heat was absolutely agonising as I could barely move or sit. I found the horn of the lorry to be way too loud on my ears but this could just be me for I’m a little sound sensitive. It was actually an ok revamp to X that we didn’t need nor want.
  6. Whatever

    2018 General Discussion

    Oh I'm so very sorry. Please accept my sincere apologies for pointing out that it was busy, but well organised due to there being lots of schools there on a school week. CRAZY AF!
  7. Whatever

    2018 General Discussion

    Got asked along on a rewards trip from my school (despite having left weeks ago) but it turns out every other school in the planet is also here. Queues to get in are colossal but seems to be well organised so far.
  8. Whatever

    Fear on a Ride

    Speed at Oakwood is blimming boring after you’ve done Saw. The queue is agonisingly long even if it’s a few people and it’s just not a hugely thrilling experience. The loop is admittedly good considering Saw doesn’t have anything similar to it. Provided Rammy actually works when you go on it, it’s not really a big deal. You’ll get wet, ranging from splashes to a right good soaking, depending on where you sit, but it’s not too bumpy. It runs tamer than it used to though according to people that have been on it for many years.
  9. Whatever


    Not gonna lie, my inner child thought it was pretty cool that they slept in that lighthouse. But yes, he’s an idiot for doing stuff like that, but at least they weren’t breaking stuff. It was surprising how many places him and his mates could just waltz into.
  10. Whatever


    Saw some quite good marketing from Legoland yesterday at the royal wedding; they were handing out Union Jack flags for people to wave but they had a big fat advertisement for the park on the back. Nice to see many of them trampled into the ground of the Long Walk after most people had left too. Humans are so considerate.
  11. Whatever

    Your Chessington

    Sometimes I feel like I'm on another plane of existence when reading this guy's posts because I cannot even begin to comprehend what they're trying to say.
  12. Whatever

    New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    Still think that the Tigers' enclosures could have be been more lavishly furnished. They look so sparse and bare. The fences and bridges look so garish too; surely could have been done in a nicer manner.
  13. Whatever

    Your Thorpe Park

    I'm sorry, what?
  14. Whatever

    Your Thorpe Park

    What is this 'Planet Snoopy' that you've mentioned a couple of times now?
  15. Whatever

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Holy ****, that looks terrible. They seriously opened the park knowing that It looked like that?