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I have a dog who's name is Buster, he is a cross between a Labrador and a Westie (yes I know a strange cross), he was a rescue dog who was found in a box with 5 other pups, there were 6 in total but only his sister and him survived :( We've had him since he was 5 weeks and he is turning the big 5 in November, coincidentally it is the 5th of November that his birthday is.

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Sorry for double posting, but can everyone cross their fingers for Paddy?

We got him over a week ago. We thought he was just nervous and he wasn't eating. Usually a fat Saffie will eat a lot, so we were a little worried.

Then he started being sick. We went to our local vets, and they gave him anti sickness tablets, which he then threw up. The RSPCA is now agreeing to fund his treatment and he is in the vets in Woking. They diagnosed him with pancreatitis and was feeding him through a drip. He still wasn't getting better, so today they are doing exploratory surgery. Please cross your fingers for him :(. We visited him in the vets on Saturday and he is a very unhappy boy.

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On a slightly lighter note, here is my pet cabbage, Pretzel.


His diet consists of cookie and spinach, and he likes to chew plastic a bit. Recently he's been getting a bit smelly and brown, I think he needs a wash. He doesn't say much either, and he's so fat he rolls round the place, and that's only when you push him! He loves cold places so he is normally found sleeping in the fridge. Weird old sod.

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Been a bad year for me, as both of my cats passed away, Daisy in July (18), Emily only just over a week ago (16)...









HOWEVER, there's always a silver lining, as trips to Battersea were made for kittens! So now we have Florence (9 months) and Gaston (4 months), who are slowly getting used to each other... Very topsy turvy for Florence who lost a mummy cat in Emily, but at least she's well behaved, Gaston's previous owners clearly set no boundaries on him and as a result he's a very energetic and misbehaving kitten... But with time he will learn I'm sure...







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Had to get my cat Snowball (original name I know) put to sleep this morning. I knew it wouldn't be easy but it's really hard to deal with as I'm sure many of you know from experience.


Poor little thing hadn't eaten in 3 days, couldn't walk or swallow, but he still loved being next to somebody for company and cuddles! Sad to see him go after 10 whole years of fun but at least he went peacefully and with his dignity!


Miss you snowy :(





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