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    The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror (Paris)
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    Performing Arts, Theme Parks, The Walt Disney Company.... I currently work at Disneyland Paris as a Character and Parade Performer and Character Host. Previously work at Thorpe Park for 5 seasons, most recently within Rides & Attractions. One of the original 17 members of the SAW - The Ride Team in 2009! Also a previous Coffee Specialist.
  1. BBQChris


    I'm currently working in France on a second 8 month contract and need to start looking for jobs back in the UK again soon, in case there are no permanent contracts available. However, my contract here finishes at the beginning of January, so naturally, almost "nowhere" will be looking for staff - oh the joys of being a seasonal!!
  2. You'll never guess who's randomly online!! :P

  3. LOL @ BBQ Chris being online! :o

  4. hhhmmmmm wonder who this is? :P

  5. Come back to Thorpe!

  6. Fantillusion is back soon! Can't wait!! I will second every single person about getting to Crush's Coaster ASAP. The queues are often external , everytime I've seen them!With food being a topic, if you wanted to dine "with" some characters, The Lucky Nugget in Frontierland is a great place, nice atmosphere with the band too - not sure about pricing I'm afraid! Also, Cafe Mickey in Village is also rather popular too, and it's open till late. There's a few others too sometimes
  7. BBQChris


    It's always been caled Hydration Fastrack.
  8. The bark chippings used to be an orangey red, with yellow bark protruding out from the centre, to give a lava like look. I can't seem to find any photos either! Nowadays, it's pretty much just orange bark!
  9. BBQChris


    Actually, it's both wristband and ticket, which lists all the rides you can use the Fastrack on. Both are countersigned and dated in order to validate eligibility, I should assume because it is a very expensive package!
  10. BBQChris


    You may have to save up a little longer, dude, Ultimate Fastrack is now £70!
  11. On the annual pass day 13/03/09 I was the really annoying guy that kept on saying "thank you chris" every time you let us up the steps into the station :L

  12. SAW - The Ride Fastrack is not available until around May, and as such, the only time the Fastrack Entrance will be closed is when the ride itself is closed or during a shutdown. Haha, I laugh in your face!
  13. The part with the water effect, so to speak, is based around the first film, I wouldn't think they'd plonk something random there for the fun of it! It is slightly hard to tell in normal lighting conditions though...
  14. What about a severed foot, shackled to a pipe? :)Honestly though, the attention to detail in the Bathroom scene is amazing, there is actually a lot there! You just can't appreciate it as much when on the ride as normal!
  15. The ride restrictions on the website state that "For safety reasons guests must be properly secured in the seat, which may not be possible for some guests with larger torso or thigh measurements." A selection of the biggest rides have a test seat outside them, and if you're above 1.95m and have a 51" chest, it is recommended you use the test seat provided at the entrance of these rides, as to avoid potential dissappointment prior to boarding. As far as I'm aware (do not quote me on this), the belt buckle on any of the restraints must be secured properly. However, there are some rides, such as Vortex, Samurai and SAW: The Ride that do not have seat belts, so there is a light provided which signifies whether or not the seat is able to accomodate a person of your said size (The SAW one beeps as well! )Hopefully you'll have a great day, my friend has very large legs, and an extra push on the Vortex restraints usually does the trick!I hope I've helped! ;)EDIT: Josh R beat me to post , but adding onto his point about Nemesis Inferno, the test seat outside is that of the larger modified seats, so if you fit into that, you should be fine!
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