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  1. omg this looks absolutely mad. rct3/planet coaster eat your heart out. I guess the supports can take the strain of the two coaster cars running in sync then I guess
  2. Merlin don't need to claim they are industry leaders when they LITERALLY are one of the industry leaders based on visitor figures and theme park/leisure offerings. If you go read the global attractions report for 2018, they are second, only to Disney. http://www.teaconnect.org/images/files/TEA_268_653730_180517.pdf Simply, it's painfully ironic their lack of leadership given these facts. ?
  3. Regardless whether or not people are obviously using it, it's so embarrassing from one of the apparent industry leaders. Is this a school fete? The standards are honestly so painfully low when people are justifying it with "it's better than nothing!"
  4. I always make time to criticise thorpe x
  5. I don't think I've had a decent cycle on samurai in about 5 years
  6. 10 years of SAW... wow.
  7. To me, it really serves home-made backyard coaster. They look like utter ****e but they are fun, can't deny. When they have versions is when they look particularly bad with the disgusting metal box supports but I guess it's necessary. Hope they find a way in the future to make them look more aesthetically pleasing because they're ugly as sin still.
  8. Hopefully they've relocated their two junior drop towers and Magma get's relocated to their jurassic themed area rather than just situated on its own. Especially as seeing as they have enough drop towers as is ? But guess we'll see!
  9. 30 rides a day when, without fast track, you're lucky to get about 5 in at Thorpe on a busy day. Europa always raising the standard but what's new?
  10. You would think continuous merlin’s attempts for actor led attractions would make them realise that they don’t last more than a year or two before something’s cut - baffling
  11. It still looks kinda slow but I'm sure its hard to tell from footage like any coaster. It's so pretty!
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