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  1. Credit where credit is due, I think this a great pick. Merges well with the existing lands and shows a bit of effort put in. Good job Thorpe.
  2. Oh for sure! It's just surprising given all their setbacks. If this actually happens I'll be over the moon!
  3. Just when I think this project is dead, it crawls out of the woodwork, once again! It's hard to fathom that this could actually be happening now. When was this meant to be opening again? Wasn't it 2016? 😂
  4. I'm developing slight envy for your future 2021 plans. I've just about just made it to a Lidl thus far.
  5. That day I saw you Samurai was running RIDICULOUSLY. I was expecting it's half assed cycle but that was a big fat nope! It was the best ride on Samurai I've had from memory. Honestly insane.
  6. I need to relive this in person because it's just so satisfying. Glad you had a great trip Mark! I'm hoping to go back maybe this year or 2021 but guess we'll see...
  7. alexander

    2020 Season

    Take the queue times with a pinch of salt! If it says 60, it's probably less which I found with my experience the other week. Bag checking and temperature check was really seamless. Took no time at all. Go to Nemesis Inferno or Colossus first! Have a lovely day!
  8. alexander

    2020 Season

    Anyone know if Queue Times is remotely accurate? Am trying to gauge it since schools have returned but it's been saying the last few days Inferno / Colossus / Stealth have been on 90 mins - most coasters are reporting 60-80 minutes today. If that's gonna be the case I just want to prepare myself next week, but to anyone who has been during the week, does anyone know otherwise? Apologies as I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago (thanks @JoshC.)
  9. alexander

    2020 Season

    Thank you very much Josh! I'm planning to go on a weekday so hopefully that'll have a positive impact also. I'm actually quite looking forward to it!
  10. We were spoilt with all the investments which garnered an audience of always expecting the "next best thing". Then when that didn't deliver (The Swarm), that "fan base" went elsewhere. Then there was further collateral damage with Derren Brown's Ghost Trainwreck.
  11. I always had a soft-spot for Rameses but to be honest, it hasn't really fit in Chessie for a long time and the common problem with Top Spins is they get more audience than ridership it seems. This seems like it would be a really nice addition, especially if the theming elements go in with it.
  12. alexander

    2020 Season

    Hoping to visit Thorpe for the first time in like 2-3 years next month. Anyone got any idea what the operations have been like? Factoring in the cleaning procedures and such.
  13. Can't quite believe that you wrote this Matt but I'm glad you did and thoroughly enjoyed the humour/sad realities throughout.
  14. Universal last year if I remember rightly registered the name "Velocicoaster" and below you can see the predicted layout from AmusementInsider. This thing is going to be an absolute beast.
  15. As much as I am not a huge fan of IP's this will be a huge hit for the park. His books are huge.
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