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  1. Nope I went tuesday and the queue was pretty much like that all day long.
  2. This is the perfect kind of queue.
  3. Sheikra is my second favourite ride, it is truly amazing and 1 ride I will make the effort to go on again ;)Of course stealth is still better
  4. That first drop is better than the straight down on Colossus, it is the most amazing drop I ever encountered, Kraken makes my top 5
  5. Does anyone here have a full list of the wwtp songs from wwtp radio?
  6. It just gives some very sad people here a feeling of supremacy
  7. If you are looking for 2007 fright night music just look in audio section under fright night 2006 music and there you will find it EXACTLY the same.Well done on minimum input Thorpe.
  8. Did anyone not know that?
  9. This years audio is atrocious (sp) putting it bluntly, lets just hope this years fright night themes are not as much of a shambles.
  10. Thanks for that Marc, I never really took time to listen to quantums music and I have only been on it once in 4 years as it is that boring but the theme tune is great
  11. I was at TP last week and I realised that there seemed to be an extra track added on at the end of the entrance theme. I just wondered if anyone had an updated version of the entrance theme, The 1 I have is a copy I got years ago. The version I have is 10 mins 21 seconds, how long is everyone elses?
  12. I did notice that the wwtp radio recording was not on TPM so I wonder if anyone wants to post it!
  13. Or you could just ask Joe for the actual wwtp radio recording
  14. Tuesday 21st August,Finally got to TP at 11 and locked the keys in the car and had to wait round the car for an hour to get the spare keys, Ride reliability was good but queues are too much so next visit is during school times. Only Quantum closed as well.Stealth - 2Rush - 1Vortex - 1Zodiac - 1Inferno - 1Lowest ride count on any day I have ever been
  15. I started going to Thorpe in 2004 and I have to say ever since then the music is going down and down in quality,Detonator music has got worse, Inferno station has been completely ruined and X interior 2006 was alot better. The only thing that could go wrong now is they could change the Colossus theme which IMO would ruin Thorpe music 100%
  16. I am the old age of 20 on Monday 9th julyDoes that make me 2nd oldest here to mardy?
  17. I know this is nothing to do with thorpe park but imagine how wicked this would be.http://uk.wrs.yahoo.com/_ylt=A86.OR9CoIxGB...dstuck_2005.htm
  18. Dandare


    Has anyone ever been o this sit and read it?http://www.rideaccidents.com/
  19. Yes its Tiesto - Adagio For StringsThe original and better version was by William Orbit
  20. this ride really is the daddy, a million times better than Colossus, as I remember someone saying a while ago it makes Colossus look like and feel like nothing in comparison
  21. I know it will spoil TP for me alot, It is hard to understand unless you have actually been to Florida yourself but in general it is a much better day out than a day at TP. The rides are done with class to them and the water rides are so well themed. But as said there is alot more to do than rides there are shows and 4D attractions an safaris and stuff like that. Also if you go to Florida I suggest Discovery Cove which is an amazing day out swimming with dolphins if thats your kind of thing but I loved it.1 thing I was surprised to see though was that the same pirates 4D show was showing at Busch Gardens, exactly the same show with exactly the same characters but there are alot more water effects and there are a few extras on the show which have been cut out in TP's version.Oh and also Sheikra is an un-missable ride
  22. Just been to Florida for 2 weeks and I am not sure if I will ever enjoy TP as much as I used to. Had an amazing 2 weeks and got to do lots of rides an attractions and the general theming of the parks is 100% better than any park in England. It makes me realise how tacky places like TP are in comparison to parks in Florida. I understand that parks in Florida probably have a higher budget but what they have done is simple and I am sure Thorpe could do the same with maybe a bit more effort. I was told before I went that I would feel different about TP when I come back and I am sure most people here would feel the same. Ride Count -:Sea WorldKraken - 5Journey to Atlantis - 5Islands of AdventureHulk - 1Spiderman - 1Jurassic Park River Rapids - 1Duelling Dragons - 2 (Fire + Ice)(I felt ill that day so I went home early)Universal StudiosShrek - 1ET - 1T2 3D - 1Jaws - 1Mummy Ride - 1Twister - 1Busch Gardens: Tampa BaySheikra - 1Kumba - 1Log Flume - 1Pirates 4D (Yes the TP Pirates 4D) - 1(All rides were closed most of the day due to crappy weather)With queues being so long, it is hard to do a lot of rides. If anyone has been to these theme parks they will understand there is a lot more to do than just rides. If you have not been, you are missing a lot. I suggest you get your botty there soon!
  23. Does anyone have this years new music yet, like -Colossus station theme-inferno station theme-the new theme that was playing when I left the park on the bridge. Someone must know what I am on about lol ;)Preferably un-recorded, It sounds much better un-recorded.If not does anyone know when it will be available?
  24. I am a shy person and would you of known who I was anyway?
  25. Went to thorpe today, was alot busier than I bargained for it seems you cannot even go in quiet times and find it quiet anymore which is a shame but still had a great day, I saw joe an james in the rush queue (well at least I think it was them anyway) looks like them from the pics. I would say hi but you probably don't know me and I am too shy as well. The new Colossus station music is amazing apart from the stupid guy that speaks very proper in the announcement. The most heard phrase around the park was brap brap, It was all I heard all day. 1 more little thing to complain about, surely thorpe know with school bookings the park will be busy and still only 1 train op on stealth and inferno, If the trains were away for maintenance I apologise but I am sure they were not. It just creates un-necessary long queues when the park is more than busy enough for 2 train ops. I don't like complaining though so I will shut up now It was still a good day, Almost got my first rollback on stealth in the morning and got on front row straight away. Glad to see rush operating on 2 swings though still. The only ride closed was detonator. Ride Count -:Stealth - 4 (2 Front & 2 Back Row)Rush - 4Vortex- 1 (Bottom swing so boring)Colossus - 1 (Front Row)Loggers - 1Inferno - 1Rapids - 1Pirates 4D - 1Tidal Wave - 1Storm In A Teacup - 1Still don't like that stupid music playing in the inferno station
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