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    I'm planning to go to on friday but I'm having second thoughts. The youngest in the group is me (17), and I'm starting to think, if it's a bit young, maybe thorpe or Chessington would be better?
  2. As far as I know there isnt any. There's sound effects that add atmosphere, but I don't remember hearing any music .
  3. Lol, the vampire's famous! Definately scarier than saw .
  4. They said that to me too. Considering the fuss they seem to be making of it they aren't very well organised.
  5. Has anyone noticed how the timer on the website counts down to 12 AM?
  6. Zebraman


    Chicken Casserole with loads of vegetables too.
  7. Not long now, at least its less than a month. I like the vamp, in some ways it better than the thorpe coasters although noone else seems to agree with me .
  8. I think mines around 17,000ish. It seems that you get more points when its emptier, although thats probly because there are less people shooting so more free targets.
  9. Its a good ride but it hurts a lot, especially when you dont know whats coming.
  10. I dont think it will do very well. From what I have heard the zoo isnt doing so great, so the sealife centre will only be busy for a couple of months. Althoug its not permenant so maybe theyve taken his into consideraton think that it will bring people into the zoo.
  11. No offense to people who operate the rides, because without you guys there'd be no theme parks, But ive always thought it must be kind of boring to do ride operating.
  12. You dont go to cwoa and not get on the vamp, it wouldnt be right. I think if they were to consider removing it the majority of cwoa fans would be against it.
  13. Millenium Force for me. its got everything a (normal) rollercoaster could want, except a loop but they just make you feel sick.
  14. Wow, quite a few people hate Drayton Manor, it’s kind of surprising. I like it myself, the overall atmospheres good, the ride quality (Apocalypse & Maelstrom) is good. Its generally just fun!
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