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    Dragon Khan / Hurakan Condor / La Tonneure de Zeus
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    Theme Parks Coasters and Theme park's Coasters and Ride's, anything related to Theme Parks really!
  1. Bom Ting Rich!

  2. Andrew can’t make it by 2 because I and he will be doing stuff in the entrance toilets!!!
  3. It failed on me. I really wanna see this fridays show!
  4. OMG I'm so going to be there. So will Professor X (Andrew)!!! Thanks Marc for the ERS!.... lolz, Smart Guy
  5. eek! setting 6! I FEEL SO HONOURED :D that was an epic ride :')

  6. Freddy

    Yesterday was to cool!

  7. (I think It was on 6 as well)

    \/ \/ \/

  8. Samurai setting 6!

    (I think I was as well)

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