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  1. Andrew H


    Yup, admittedly came on to do some shameless self promotion! But cool and sexy people listen to my music.... http://soundcloud.com/genex/edarem
  2. Andrew H


    Just came back onto this forum after god knows how long and finding that this makes a pretty interesting read.I think that the way dubstep is defiened has become less apparent as the genre has progressed. It makes me cringe when I see people using "dubstep" as a byword for any EDM with sub and low-mid range bass sounds. How is it defined anyway? 140bpm with lots of bass, UK Garage was doing that years before dubstep was coined, and the whole "Brostep" thing is such rubbish. Theres enough sub genre malarkey in Dance as there is and I haven't ever seen it used in a positive light, might as well
  3. Andrew H


    Been listen to a lot of Neurofunk and the darker side of drum and bass recently.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kuf-AlkTiJoCould listen to Noisia all day long
  4. Andrew H


    Oh Maxine, Same old dry humor!
  5. Not really a member but still worthy of a mention."Hello My Friends!"
  6. Just noticed your photo in the top right hand corner :|

  7. Andrew H


    I don't like everything they pump out either, doesn't mean to say its all full of crap though. The Friction show has introduced me to a lot of new music. They broadcast the full spectrum of Asian influenced music from all around the world , not just Punjabi music. It's appealing to more than just Asian Community's plus the show is very supportive for new unknown producers as well. The team behind that show are very nice people and someone I've met through it continues to be extremely helpful. In no way am I trying to heavily persuade people to call in if they don't like it. I only found out ab
  8. Andrew H


    Yeah this is a pleading post but whatever.Some of you might know about the connection I've had with BBC Asian Network just in the past. There has been a lot of talk about the closure of the the network for a while but now it's understood that there is 4 weeks until the final call. Please call 03700100222 & show your support towards The Asian Network. The Friction show features some fantastic music and the support the Friction team have showed me and other small producers is unbelievable.So yeah, please call 03700100222 and give the Asian Network some love. With enough short phone calls it
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